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 The Queen Turned Back


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPN)


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The Queen Turned Back

It’s hard to believe
As it is to live…!
Even worsen for life
Like a body without arms
No hugs just tears and cries
When the Queen has turned back!


No servant in the Royal Palace
No white horse around
The White Castle is disgusting
No taste, no smell of roses
No red carpet in front of doors
When the Queen has turned back!


The green garden became yellow
All trees’ leaves fell like snow
No longer flowers like before
I have no courage no energy to arose
I have no place to stay in the Castle
When the Queen has turned back!


I ran far away into the  jungle
Trying with all means like Rambo
Now the same weight as a flamingo
Because I ran behind my rainbow
As is my last pillar and elbow
When the Queen has turned back!


While returned home in the mist
Without hope nor sight
Thousand wishes at a time
The only hope will be peace
When peace will regain,
The Queen will be back!

All grass will arise again
All fruits trees will flourish
Every single bird will be singing
New chants will be whispering
The Castle will be shining
While peace corps will be marching.
-May peace prevail – lasting longer than it is today!


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