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Literature Discussion -


Stephen Agboratang Makes his Dream

Chapter Five

By Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon)


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Chapter Five - Stephen Agboratang’s High School Life

                 Stephen Agboratang and John Peters separate in high School as he obtains admission in a Government High School Kakkola. Based on his fantastic grades he is admitted into the S3 and had to do the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. This according to him is no big deal as he keeps his pace and conviction as high as ever.  He beats with a flare unmatched all his mates in the first, second and third terms and obtains a brilliant promotion to the Upper sixth class
                          The upper sixth class is with the same spirit and overwhelming drive to hit the twenty-five point mark. He reads and works as if he were to defend but thesis in a University for a Masters Degree accreditation. This pays like nothing else and he comes out over all first in the whole Republic and wins the Presidents award and a Scholarship to study Medicine in the University of London.   A dream nursed and nurtured has grown and today is as real as anything else.


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