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Literature Discussion -


Stephen Agboratang Makes his Dream


By Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon)


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The synopsis of the story

Stephan Agboratang, like any other child in his local village, walked barefooted to and from school. His school was close to six miles and he had to do other household chores before dashing to school.  To be able to be present in school and on time, he strategized his timing and drew a timetable that gave him enough time. In the afternoons after school, he would eat, check his goats from the fields and move home to eat and take his nap. After napping, he would get up to eat and read before going to bed.
One of his dreams was to become a medical doctor so that he could give better health services to his pears and his community. Though from a very average background, he never allowed his not so fine financial status to go to his head. He knew that determination plus handwork was the hallmark to success. He equally had a philosophy in his life which guided him and this was his philosophy. “Where there is hope, there is conviction and where there is conviction there are prospects’’
This dynamo made him more dynamic and a workaholic for his dreams to materialize. Like most tall dreams that have to be backed by some financial money bag, Agboratang’s was no different. Aboratangs’ were a family of twelve and lived an average life without having so much to spare. His father Agboratang Bismarck had two wives and Agboratang’s mother was his most senior and the most respectful. She was a converted Christian of the Catholic Church of Akonakang.  Her mate was so jealous of her for her children were intelligent and purposeful in life.
His mother’s name is Martha Akokah Agboratang. Gracia Agbor Agboratang was Mrs. Martha Akokah’s mate. As second wife to Martha she was never happy for she vainly thought that Martha was going to be asked to go packing for her to remain as the only wife. This acrimony she harbored got extended right to the children of her senior mate. This was always minimized by Stephen’s mother, who saw very little of that trash to make her kids come to know of it.  Stephen Agboratang had five juniors and their ages were seven, five, three, one and six months while he was ten. The shock of Agboratang’s life came when the father died of diabetes and hypertension and six months latter his mother died of stroke. Agboratang now had to become a father and a mother to himself and the younger ones. 
Then he realized the full colours of her step mother. Her step mother brought in lawyers who thought it was going to be so easy seizing documents of his father and pouring salt on injury. Agboratang swore that by the Almighty God in which his mother introduced him to, he was going to win. In Court, though without any Lawyer, a very young vibrant legal gigged -nut came up from the blues and settled to pick up his case. His new lawyer Sylvanus Quinoso took over his case file with a lot of smiles.  The case was as usual long and tiring, just like most cases in Akonakang.  The magistrates, Judges, Court clerks and lawyers were sharpening their teeth to eat fat from the case. As usual “chop I chop” had become the order of the day in Akonakang.
“What?” The young smart legal gigged-nut asked in dejection and shock. He still being fresh and more of a revolutionary wanted to usher in a chance for justice and equity.  He did not wallow in the gutters of corruption and neither did he allow himself to be bought like cows in the market of servitude. He won his case clean and clear, thus writing his name on the annuals of history. Stephen Agboratang could not believe his ears or his eyes. The court gave Sylvanus Quinoso, Stephen Agboratang’s lawyer, his documents and thanked him for bringing sweet smiles on the face of a poor orphan whose sleep had gone dry immediately after the burial of his parents.  
Agboratang Stephen’s dream to become a medical doctor at the service of humanity never died though he stumbled  through life’s obstacles like time bombs.  His brilliant academic records give him a straight path and he strode through with triumph at every examination he sat for. From primary, Secondary, High School and the University where he studied medicine, all was success padded and sunshine of joy. His brilliance attracted to him the support of his out of the blues legal gigged-nut, cum friend; Sylvanus Quinoso. Sylvanus Quinoso decided to take him as a junior brother and gave him all the sponsorship that he could have granted to his own blood brothers or relation.  This choice was so rare and unparallel in Akonakang, it became the talk of the town as gossip paddled it across the length and width. It did not fail to raise dust as the Parish Priest steps in to congratulate Esq. Barrister Sylvanus Quinoso. This is done during a Pontifical High Mass as the chief celebrant deplores all in Church that morning to emulate the example of Barrister Silvanus Quinoso by helping the orphans and widows around them. Bringing assistance to orphans and widows, the priest says, will help curb prostitution, arm robbery and delinquency amongst this unfortunate class of our society.

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