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Literature Discussion -


The Tishbite
The Untold Story of Elijah

By Kurt W. Schuller (USA)


Chapter 19

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This manuscript (currently titled "the tishbite" but I am considering "A Man of God") is unfinished This Is a fictional account of the life of Elijah. It is raw and powerful reflecting the actual state of life at the time.It has a strong sexual theme which is necessary because of the story it tells. It is both inspirational as well as entertaining. It was written to entertain the reader first.` Your feedback is welcome I hope you enjoy.

Part one: A Man Of God

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 19
After nearly 4 weeks of travel, Obadiah arrived in Gilead. This small city was what passed for the urban center of a region known as Tishbe. Actually, it was the only city, as most of the rest of the territory was sparsely populated by people who scratched out a meager living from the land. As the crow flies it was only seven days travel from Samaria, but Obadiah had crisscrossed from city to city along the way to sound his warning and to recruit others to spread the word as well. Rabah had failed to suspect anything, because every report he sent him had him chasing down false information on Elijah. He was feeling very optimistic because he had yet to send out anyone that understood his cryptic warning. If he was to return and find his wife and family still alive then it was imperative that secrecy be maintained.
As he did with all of the other towns he had visited he sought out the local temple first.
Arriving, he began to walk up the stairs that led to the entryway when a familiar voice stopped him.
“Bless me.” A voice rang out from the shadowed doorway. “Is that the great Obadiah?”
Obadiah paused and tried to peer through the doorway. “Joseph?”
A man about Obadiah’s age walked out of the darkened doorway and into the light at the top of the steps. “Of Tizrah, yes that’s me.”
Obadiah ran up the remaining steps and bear hugged the man. “What are you doing all the way up here old friend? I sent Josiah to look for you in Tizrah, when did you come here?”
“They must keep you busy at that palace. I have been the priest here for nearly nine years, just after you started working on the palace at Samaria. How is Ruth?”
“She is wonderful, they are all wonderful- my family. God has been very good to me.”
Joseph smiled and patted his friend on the back. “That is good news. My Sarah-”
The priest’s eyes began to tear and his throat grew tight. “My Sarah, has gone on to God.” He said voice breaking.
Obadiah pulled him close and hugged him. “She was a wonderful women. I will pray for her and you.”
Joseph withdrew from Obadiah’s embrace and looked down to the ground, nodding his head. He wiped the tears from his eyes and regained his composure.
“So, my old friend, have you come about the prophet?”
Obadiah looked surprised. “Yes- and no. You have heard of what happened in Samaria?”
“Are you kidding?” Exclaimed Joseph eyes wide. “ Did you think that one of these people’s own could face down Ahab the king and they would not hear of it? There is tremendous pride here in Tishbe; Elijah is the talk of the whole region.”
Joseph hesitated for a moment and then continued almost as if he were talking to himself. “I wouldn’t have thought that the boy had it in him; always so quiet and to himself most of the time. Who would have thought it?”
“You know him?”
“Of course, him and his Father came here to make their sacrifices. I only saw his mother a few times and we never spoke. Anyway about 7 years ago he left to open a shop in Peniel. Always wondered how the boy had done; he just didn’t seem the type to be successful as a shopkeeper. Too honest- and not outgoing enough if you ask me.”
“Can you tell me anything else?”
Joseph scratched his beard. “He liked his wine, or so I have been told, but I never saw him drunk. Like I said, he kept mostly to himself. He was still unmarried when he left.
His father died a few years ago but his mother is still alive. She lives about two days from here. I can take you to her if you like.”
Obadiah was reminded of why he had come in the first place.
“Tell me how to find her and I will go myself. Like I said when you asked me if the prophet was why I came here. Yes and no. I came here to warn the priest, not knowing it was going to be you. Jezebel has gotten permission from Ahab to murder all the priests of Jehovah. I found out about it and am trying to save as many as I can. You have to leave right away, I don’t think there is much time left before they start.”
Joseph’s jaw tightened. “I will not go anywhere. I am ready to die for the Lord.”
Obadiah put his hand on Joseph’s shoulder. “I know how much you must miss Sarah, Joseph and I’m sure that you are ready to die for the Lord. But are you ready to live for him? Big changes are coming and wise counselors such as you will be needed to help in the days to come. Right now, one man stands alone with the God of our fathers against a corrupt and unholy alliance. Don’t you want be a witness to history? Don’t you want to see our nation return to God?”
Joseph’s stone face began to soften a bit and he nodded.
“Where do I go?”
Obadiah smiled  “Seek salvation within the withered hand.”

Continued Next Week

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