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Literature Discussion -


The Tishbite
The Untold Story of Elijah

By Kurt W. Schuller (USA)


Chapter 22

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This manuscript (currently titled "the tishbite" but I am considering "A Man of God") is unfinished This Is a fictional account of the life of Elijah. It is raw and powerful reflecting the actual state of life at the time.It has a strong sexual theme which is necessary because of the story it tells. It is both inspirational as well as entertaining. It was written to entertain the reader first.` Your feedback is welcome I hope you enjoy.

Part one: A Man Of God

Chapter Twenty-two

Chapter 22

It had now been nearly six weeks since he confronted Ahab in Samaria. The ravens continued to come every day with food. He had spent the time digging out a shelter in the side of the mountain, though why he had done it he was unsure. Without any rain there was not much need for cover. It could make for a good hiding place, should such a thing be needed, and he did need something to occupy himself.
 His hair and beard had never been this long before, or this clean. Miriam must have packed a years worth of soap. No wonder she looked as well scrubbed as she did.  He had gotten used to the cold water and had gotten into the habit of bathing daily. Between climbing up and down the trail that led to his camp and the digging he had done each day Elijah found himself in the best physical shape that he had ever been in. And with two square meals a day courtesy of God he was gaining weight, almost all of it as muscle.
And then there was the subject of his drinking. His nightly habit had been so much a part of his life he had not realized the price it was costing him. Now that wine was unavailable to him he was amazed to find out how much more energy he woke with each day; and he had never felt this great. His senses were all sharpened to heights Elijah had not thought possible. Yet Elijah tried not to think about all of this because it fed his nagging guilt- an emotion he was trying desperately to starve out of existence. He was prospering and growing stronger, while all the land and people around him were trapped in a slow death spiral. Yet, because of his solitude, each day it grew easier to push it out of his mind, especially since the nightmares had stopped their nightly torment.
Only once had they been seen any visitors. The most traveled trail was nearly two miles to the south. The mountain was an obstacle to most travelers so they had no reason to come here. The brook flowed near the trail as it wound toward the Jordan. Yet just yesterday, the voices of men and the bleating of sheep awakened him. He stayed hidden on his plateau and watched them carefully. They were not soldiers, just a few seemingly lost shepherds.  They argued among themselves in some language unfamiliar to him and then doubled back to pick up the trail. The ravens did not bring their food until after his surprise visitors had left.
Every morning for the last two weeks Elijah had watched storm clouds form over the mountains, only to disappear as the sun rose higher.
There was something else that he noticed too.
The water level of the brook was starting to drop.

Continued Next Week

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