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Literature Discussion -


The Tishbite
The Untold Story of Elijah

By Kurt W. Schuller (USA)


Chapter 27

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This manuscript (currently titled "the Tishbite" but I am considering "A Man of God") is unfinished This Is a fictional account of the life of Elijah. It is raw and powerful reflecting the actual state of life at the time.It has a strong sexual theme which is necessary because of the story it tells. It is both inspirational as well as entertaining. It was written to entertain the reader first.` Your feedback is welcome I hope you enjoy.

Part one: A Man Of God

Chapter Twenty-seven

Chapter 27
Obadiah was disappointed.
Benjamin had fulfilled his part of the bargain. Obadiah now had a much clearer picture of who Elijah was.
And that was why he was disappointed.
He was apparently, one screwed up individual.
He was an introverted loner who had no friends, at least that would admit to it. He was careless about his appearance to the point of slovenliness.  As a merchant he had pretty much been a complete failure. Benjamin had been surprised by the number of customers that would come in the shop and say how glad they were that he was gone.
“He just wasn’t very likable, I guess. Especially since someone like me was considered an improvement.” Benjamin laughed.
“But why?” 
“Piety.  People in these parts didn’t care for his “no other Gods” stance. ‘Religious tolerance’; wasn’t that the term Jeroboam coined?  Perhaps if he had been handsome and athletic or charismatic and outgoing, they might have over looked his pontificating But he was none of those things, so all they saw was a religious zealot; a rather unappealing one at that.”
Obadiah thought back over the years. On so many occasions he had let others deride and ridicule Jehovah, without as much as a raised eyebrow of protest. That was not the way you succeeded in this world. He had always thought of himself as strong, but now he felt ashamed. Elijah had done what he had been unable to; stand up for his faith.
A flurry of rationalizations ran through his mind. Elijah had nothing to lose and I have so much; The good that I have managed to do behind the scenes outweighed my silence;  In my high profile position such behavior would have been fatal.
Then his heart talked back.
What on this earth has more value than the love of God? What good could you have done by setting an example of faith? You could have left the palace behind for a simpler life but you liked being so important.
“Did you hear me?”
Benjamin’s question brought the pensive Obadiah out of his thoughts. “What did you say? Sorry- I was distracted.”
“I said why so glum. Not what you wanted to hear eh. Israel’s latest prophet is a loser with a capital L.” Benjamin narrowed his eyes as his nostrils flared.  “I hope you’re not thinking of reneging.”
Obadiah smiled and sighed. “Benjamin Benjamin. You may be street smart and saavy but you know little of the Almighty and His ways. Don’t fret. I never go back on my word.” “Besides” He exclaimed as he patted Benjamin’s back. “I’ve decided to make you my next project. Since you are a captive audience I am going to work on convincing you how wrong you are about God.”
Benjamin’s face turned dark. “ Don’t bother with that. You’d be wasting your time. There are things that you don’t know- a history that- well, lets just say that wall is too high to climb.”
“It’s my time to waste and I am the one paying you.”
Benjamin shrugged and shook of his somberness. “Pulling rank is one of the perks so- heh, suit yourself- you were warned. Anyway. Where to next?”
“ Samaria.”

Continued Next Week

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