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Literature Discussion -


The Tishbite
The Untold Story of Elijah

By Kurt W. Schuller (USA)


Chapter 30

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This manuscript (currently titled "the Tishbite" but I am considering "A Man of God") is unfinished This Is a fictional account of the life of Elijah. It is raw and powerful reflecting the actual state of life at the time.It has a strong sexual theme which is necessary because of the story it tells. It is both inspirational as well as entertaining. It was written to entertain the reader first.` Your feedback is welcome I hope you enjoy.

Part one: A Man Of God

Chapter Thirty

Chapter 30
Obadiah waited until Benjamin was long asleep before making his way to the hidden cave. He had told him nothing of the priests or his secret shelter because he knew that, if it came down to saving his life, Benjamin would give them all up in a heartbeat. Benjamin was seemingly convinced that Obadiah was somehow stealing from the royal treasury, and Obadiah said nothing to steer him away from that theory. Every time the subject came up Obadiah would just smile knowingly and shake his head.
As his heart and lungs strained to keep up with his feet, he was both excited and apprehensive at the same time as he pondered on who he might see once he got there. There was one face in particular that he was hoping to see.
He stood outside the caves entrance and caught his breath when the wind shifted and blew the smoke from his lantern into his eyes and up his nose. He coughed, squeezing his irritated eyes tightly together to clear the tears. He dropped the torch reflexively and brought his hands to his eyes to rub them. After several unsuccessful attempts at opening his eyes he was finally able to open then into narrow slits. Obadiah jumped back in shock. A figure before him had picked up his torch and now stood before him.
“You haven’t done much sneaking around in your life, have you?” said a familiar voice.
“Joseph?” Obadiah exclaimed, tears of joy replacing the smoke induced tears.
“ Yes old friend, it’s me.” Joseph held the torch up to illuminate his face.
“The others were afraid that Ahab had found us. But I told them not to worry. Assassins would never make so much noise.”
Obadiah motioned toward the cave “Lets not tempt fate any longer. There are a lot of grateful men in there that want to say thank you.”
They got down on all fours and crawled into the caves entrance. Joseph led the way.
“How many?”
“How many of you made it?”
“Ninety nine-and a half.”
 As the passage grew larger he and Obadiah got to their feet.
 Obadiah put his hand on Joseph’s shoulder. “Did you say half?”
Joseph smiled. “Yes. You’ll see in a moment.”
Obadiah could see light pouring out of the opening up ahead. Entering the room he saw them. They move forward to greet him and shake his hand. As one after another reached out their hand in gratitude. Obadiah moved quickly from man to man, but stopped suddenly when he found a small child’s hand thrust into his. Looking down he saw Sarah’s smile beaming up at him. Obadiah’s jaw dropped.
“Thank you for saving us.” She said quietly with a slight bow.
Obadiah looked up at Joseph whose hand was stifling a laugh.
Looking back down he regained his composure.
“It was my distinct pleasure, young lady. Now who do I have the honor of saving?”
“I’m Sarah.”
“And who do you belong to?”
Sarah pointed at Joseph, who simply shrugged at Obadiah’s raised eyebrows.
Obadiah patted her head gently. “ You should be in bed- Sarah.”
Sarah nodded and walked over to her bedroll. She knelt down and said her prayers and the crawled under the covers.
Obadiah looked around at the priest’s faces. Some smiled, some were fearful, many were concerned. He could see the question on their faces.
“You probably are wondering how long you will have to stay here.” he said, raising his voice so that all could hear.
The cave fell silent.
 “I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. But here is what I do know. God’s plan has been put in motion. We just need to trust in Him and have patience. Elijah, wielding God’s power, will someday put an end to this tyranny. And when that day comes you will again be able to come out of hiding and return to serve Him and your people. Until then, I pledge to keep you here, safe from harm.”
Obadiah stood up tall and squared his shoulders. “As for me and my house”- He cried out in a loud voice.
We will serve the Lord!” The priests answered back in unison.
When the excitement had died down and all were done greeting him, Obadiah walked over to Joseph and put his hand on his shoulder. “Come. I’ll show you where you can get food.”
He led them to the brick wall that had covered the cave opening. He had marked the loose stone with a knife and felt the walls surface to find the right one.
“This is it.” He said as his fingers felt the mark. “Be discreet. Go only in the middle of the night and take only as much as is absolutely necessary.”
“You can count on me Obadiah. I won’t let you down.”
Obadiah smiled but then his face grew serious.“About Sarah-“
Joseph raised his hand to interrupt him.
“I know, I know. I should not have brought her. But listen to me.”
Joseph went on to tell him how she had come into his life.
When he had finished Obadiah thought for a moment, rubbing his hand across his face.
“This cave is no place for her”-
Joseph got up excited. “ I ‘m so glad that you see that. I knew you would do what’s right and take her with you.”
“Take her with. . .” Obadiah began to sputter. “I can’t”-
“Of course you can old friend. Ruth is wonderful with children and Sarah is just a joy to be around. She will be no trouble, I guarantee it.”
“But- but I have a guest staying with me already.”
“She’s small, takes up almost no room at all- and she eats less than a bird, besides”-
Joseph pulled close to Obadiah, put his hand on his shoulder and with a look of pleading desperation he whispered.
“I love her Obadiah”
Obadiah was speechless. All he could do was nod as he watched Joseph smile and wipe away barely noticeable tears.
The two men walked over to where she slept. She was deep in sleep.
“I’ll have to leave now, while it’s still dark.”
Joseph nodded his head. “I’ll carry her outside for you.”
He bent over and picked her up, gently kissing her cheek as he held her close. She opened her eyes and smiled.
“Is it morning already?”
Joseph eyes began to water. “No Sarah. Obadiah is going to take you to his house and he will take care of you for now.”
She frowned. “But will I see you again?”
Obadiah reached over and took her from Joseph’s arms, putting her down on the ground.
“I will bring you back here with me again Sarah, I promise.”
Obadiah held out his hand to her and smiled. “ Now come along. We have to get back before the sun rises.”
Sarah turned and wrapped her arms around Joseph’s legs.
“I’m afraid” she sobbed, her voice muffled by his robe.
He patted the back of her head. “You know Sarah, I believe that Obadiah might have a puppy or two running around his house.”
He winked at a confused looking Obadiah.
“Isn’t that right, Obadiah?”
Sarah stopped crying and turned her head slightly towards Obadiah and peered up at him with one eye, waiting to hear his answer.
Obadiah stammered for a few moments. “MMM. . . yes I do. They are at my son’s right now but are due to return soon. Would you take care of them for me Sarah, when they come back home?”
Sarah smiled, let go of Joseph and went over to Obadiah shaking her head yes.
Joseph was relieved. “ I will see you soon sweet.”
Obadiah took her hand and they headed out of the cave. They emerged into the cool of the night air, stars shining brightly in the clear dark evening.
“You must say nothing about Joseph or this cave Sarah. Do you understand?
She nodded.
“I have to think of how I am going to explain you.”
Obadiah scratched his head.
“Sarah” he said with a smile. “Do you know what an actor does?”
Sarah shrugged.
“They play make believe. Can you do that?”
“Make believe is my favorite” she said excitedly. “I like being a princess.”
“I’m afraid a princess won’t do. I want you to make believe that you can’t speak or understand other people. People who have suffered as you sometimes are not themselves for a long time.  Sometimes they act as if they are alone, even when there are others around them, almost as if they are in their own little world. This will keep you from having to answer any embarrassing questions. Do you think you can do that?”
Sarah looked all around the sky but not at Obadiah. Then she sat down on a rock and started to fiddle with her hair.
“Sarah. I asked you a question.”
She looked up at him and grinned from ear to ear.
“Was that good?”
Obadiah chuckled. “Perfect.
Sarah looked very concerned. “But what about the puppies? Do I have to make believe they’re not there?”
“No sweet, just around people you don’t know. I guess were ready to go back now.”
They started down the trail back to the city.
Obadiah had one concern.
I wonder how Ruth feels about puppies?

As Joseph reentered the main cave one of the priests approached him.
“That girl who left with Obadiah, was her name Sarah?”
Josephs expression gave him his answer.
“I thought so. Did she say anything about her father?”
“Her father is dead.”
The priests eyes fell and the blood drained from his face.
“How can one family suffer so much tragedy?” he whispered to himself.
“What do you know ?”
“I was their priest, have been since her father was born. Its been one misfortune after another for him. His mother died giving him birth. His father never got over his wife’s death and actually seemed to blame the boy. Eventually His father ran off and left him an orphan. Hard for a young man to grow up straight with so much misfortune so it was not unexpected when he kept getting himself into trouble.  I thought that when he married that would settle him and for a while it did. Then tragedy struck again and his wife- Sarah’s mother died unexpectedly. After that he sank back into old habits. He kept bringing Sarah to temple but he would always wait outside. Whenever I tried to talk to him he would just shrug me off.”
The priest looked up at Joseph with sadness.
“Ever wonder why- why one family suffers so much while another lives long happy lives.”
The priests lip began to quiver.
“He asked me that, you know. I guess he got tired of me pestering him so one day he didn’t shrug me off. Instead he turned and starred at me. 
‘Just tell me one thing, Rabbi. Why me?’ 
The priest voice trailed off.. He seemed a little lost.
“What about you?” the priest look up at Joseph. “ Any of your tabernacle ever ask you that question?”
“All the time.” Joseph answered.
“And what did you tell them?”
“That we don’t know why.”
The priest smiled at Joseph and started to walk away. “And how did that work out for you?”
Joseph felt relieved as he  watched the priest walk away, apparently uninterested in hearing his answer.
Because he didn’t have one.




Benjamin was dreaming. He was lying down on a soft couch, draped in fine silk. Several gorgeous women fussed over him. Some were massaging his shoulders while the others waited on him hand an foot. And then, the prettiest among them walked over to where his feet protruded from the couch. She kneeled down and removed his sandals and began to sensuously lick his feet. Benjamin was in heaven as she deftly moved her tongue quickly in out and between his toes. The she stopped and smiled. She opened her mouth as if to speak but instead she-.
With that Benjamin opened his eyes, awakened by a barking puppy, his toes still wet from the dogs tongue.
“Where did you come from?” he said with amusement.
The puppy barked and ran across the room to the other guest bed, jumping into the arms of a little girl.
Benjamin smiled. “Now I see where you came from, but where has your sweet little mistress from?”
The dog licked the smiling girls face. She seemed oblivious to his presence and his question.
Benjamin got up from bed, still wearing the clothes he had worn yesterday. He never slept without clothes. One never knew when a quick getaway would be necessary.
He walked over to her bed. “My name is Benjamin. What is yours?”
The girl paid no attention to him.
“It’s rude to . . .”
He stopped because he looked out the window and saw how high the sun was. Obadiah had never let him sleep this late before.
“ . . . ignore someone, unless they did something to make you mad.”
The girl seemed to look right past him, as if he was not there.
Benjamin walked over to her and waved his hand in front of her face. She displayed no reaction.
“That’s Sarah” Obadiah’s voice came from behind Benjamin. “Her father was murdered in front of her and she’s been like this ever since.”
“A relative of yours?”
“No. Someone just dropped her and the puppy on our doorstep early this morning with a note explaining her condition.”
“And this is your problem because. . .”
“With the drought going into its eighth month people are really starting to hurt. I am one of the few people in the kingdom that still has the ability to help.”
Benjamin looked at Obadiah with incredulity. “So I am to expect more of these charity cases in the months ahead?”
“I wish I could, but between you and her, I’ve run out of guest space. No, there will be no more surprise houseguests, I promise you that.”
Benjamin sat down on her bed and watched her and the puppy play.
“Well, she is kinda cute after all.”
The little girl turned towards him and a smile began to form. Just as quickly it left her and she turned her attention back to the puppy.
“Did you see that? For a second she seemed to understand me.”
What Benjamin had not seen was the look that Obadiah gave Sarah when she started to smile.
“The note says she comes and goes, I wouldn’t get too excited.”
Sarah muffled a giggle
“Yes, well. I hope her presence here doesn’t affect our bargain.”
Obadiah shook his head “If anything, I need you even more, now that I have her to care for. I’ll bet you’re good with kids.”
 Benjamin chuckled. “Based upon my past performance, you’d lose that bet.”
For the first time since he had met her Benjamin looked at her carefully. She was beautiful. He began to feel something strange the longer he looked at her.
Obadiah put his hand on Benjamin’s shoulder. “We have to go. It’s late. I shouldn’t have let you sleep in for so long.”
The two men walked towards the doorway. Obadiah looked back at Sarah, who winked at him from her bed. He smiled and winked back at her.
“You know.” Obadiah said absentmindedly. “She looks a lot like you.”
“ Don’t see how that’s possible. Last time I was with a woman in that way was much too long ago to be relevant to her creation.”
Obadiah protested. “I didn’t mean to suggest”-
“Forget it. Bit of a knee jerk reaction. Blame it on too much sleep.”
 But Obadiah could not forget it. “Lots of people resemble others, that doesn’t mean they’re related.”
“Fine.” Benjamin said tersely. “What’s on today’s agenda? Are you going to let me in on the con?”
“I never promised you anything other than employment.” Obadiah said looking slightly annoyed. “ Speaking of which it is time we put you to work.”
Benjamin’s eyes opened so wide, Obadiah feared his forehead might split open.
“Work!” said Benjamin weakly, his voice breaking like an adolescent.
“Yes, work. ” Said Obadiah, lips curled in self-satisfied grin.
“Will this be a- you know- administrative type position?” Benjamin said with a hopeful smile nodding his head up and down as if to affect Obadiah’s answer.
Obadiah smiled back and began to nod his head as well.
“No” he said as he stopped nodding. “More like a- you know- janitorial type position”
“But why?” Benjamin sputtered his protestation.
“Remember when I first met you?  Obadiah said, “You had a broom in your hand.”
Benjamin paused and thought back. Meanwhile Obadiah kept walking.
Benjamin called after Obadiah who was now several paces ahead of him
 “That was the first time I had swept that store since I got it from Elijah.”
“Believe me, I noticed,” Obadiah said without looking back or breaking stride. “Keep up with me please. We are already late.”
Benjamin hurried to catch up with him. “If you realized what a terrible housekeeper I was why are you making me a janitor?”
“Because that’s where everybody starts. I don’t play favorites or make exceptions.”
“But I thought I was your personal assistant?” whined Benjamin
“But you are!” said Obadiah with evident sarcasm. “ That’s why I want you to start personally assisting me in keeping the palace bathrooms clean. This drought could last for years and I am not going to let you lie around my house getting fat-” Obadiah glanced quickly at Benjamin’s protruding belly.
“or- fatter.”
Benjamin began to mutter something unintelligible yet unmistakingly angry under his breath, when Obadiah reached out his arm to stop them both.
“You are free to go at anytime. You are not my slave you know.”
The anger left Benjamin’s face. He had heard of the misery growing outside of the city and his instinct for survival took over his pride.
 “How bad can it be?” he said with a shrug.
“Remember Benjamin, when it comes to work, doesn’t matter what kind of work it is, attitude is not only everything, it’s the only thing.”
“At-ti-tude” Benjamin parroted. “Got it.  The only thing.”
Inside his head Benjamin was thinking of bags of gold because to him, that was the only thing. And then, for no reason he could name, he began to think of the little girl in his room that morning. He shrugged these thoughts off, replacing them with the memory of his dream that morning. He let his imagination loose, allowing it to fantasize what would have happened had he not woke up so soon.
Obadiah noticed the smile growing on Benjamin’s face.
“You’ve got it.” He exclaimed. “Just keep that up. A positive attitude will make everything seem better.”
In his fantasy the girl had begun to wrap her arms around his body, sliding her hands sensuously across his chest.
“You are so right, Obadiah. I feel better already.”

End of part one.


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