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The Tishbite
The Untold Story of Elijah

By Kurt W. Schuller (USA)


Chapter 10

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This manuscript (currently titled "the tishbite" but I am considering "A Man of God") is unfinished This Is a fictional account of the life of Elijah. It is raw and powerful reflecting the actual state of life at the time.It has a strong sexual theme which is necessary because of the story it tells. It is both inspirational as well as entertaining. It was written to entertain the reader first.` Your feedback is welcome I hope you enjoy.

Part one: A Man Of God

Chapter Ten

Chapter 10
As the reality of his situation began to sink in Elijah was growing more frightened. When he was still 10 miles away he did not have to think about what it would be like to stand defiant before Ahab. Now, thanks to the hand of God, he was here, and he was terrified
With the butterflies in his stomach working overtime, he tied the donkey and made his way toward the palace. He passed by many people, all going about their business and not giving him a second look. As he approached the palace entrance his heart about jumped out of his chest. Guards were stopping everyone, searching them and asking them their business. He froze and then turned around and walked quickly away. He turned down a quiet alley and knelt to pray.
“ I need courage Lord! Take my fear away and give me your strength. I will do what you ask and more, just please help me- the fear is crushing me!”
He thought back to that day in his shop, when he heard God call his name and remembered how he had felt. It was just now dawning on him why he had felt so energized, why he had stopped breathing. He was in the presence of the Lord, and in that presence he needed nothing, not even oxygen.
“Give me just a tenth of your presence Lord” he prayed earnestly.
He continued to pray this over and over. The uneven stone surface of the alley was compressing the flesh of his knees and growing increasingly painful. Yet he continued his petitions.
It was then that a raven landed on his shoulder, startling him.
Elijah flinched a bit and instinctively raised his hand to protect his eyes. The bird made no aggressive movements and after a brief moment Elijah relaxed.
“Are you the answer to my prayers?”
The bird turned his head toward him and defecated on his shoulder.
Elijah closed his eyes and sighed. He waved weakly at the bird to scare it off his shoulder. The bird jumped off but returned as quickly as he had left.
“ I should just go and do it, shouldn’t I?”
The raven squawked.
“And you are going with me?”
The Raven squawked once more.
He got to his feet and turned back to the palace entrance.
When it came his turn to stand before the guards Elijah could not believe what was happening,
 The guard wrinkled his nose at the bird droppings on Elijah’s shoulder and looked at him with disgust.
 “You can go in.” Barked the guard as he waved Elijah along.
Elijah just stood and stared.
The guard poked him in the stomach and yelled, “ Birdman, Are you deaf? I said you can go in!”
The raven squawked and pecked gently at Elijah’ ear.
Alright, I’m going” he muttered angrily looking at the raven. As he moved down the massive hallway he saw passage after passage. It dawned on him that he had no idea of which way he should go, and after what happened with the guard he didn’t think going back and asking directions would be a very good idea.
“I don’t suppose you know the way?” he asked the raven jokingly.
The bird flew from his shoulder and landed by an ornate entryway, gilded in gold leaf and ruby clusters. It was also where most of the people coming and going were passing through.
The bird flew back and returned to its perch on his shoulder.
Elijah stared at the bird and narrowed his eyes. “You guessed, didn’t you?”
The bird shook its head vigorously.
“I would have figured it out on my own, you know.” He said under his breath as he headed for the entrance.
Once again the bird defecated on his shoulder.
Elijah wrinkled his face. “Can we stop this now?”
Morbid curiosity caused him to examine the bird’s droppings. It was a slimy yellow-green color.
Elijah looked up into the bird’s eyes. “What have you been eating anyway?”
As the pair headed down the entry hall, the sound of a crowd was beginning to grow. There was music, laughter and yelling. Elijah entered the large chamber and his senses were overwhelmed. The smell of rare perfumes filled his nostrils, the gyration of scantily clad dancers filled his eyes, the exotic music filled his ears. He fought to regain his purpose and tried to focus on the throne in front of him. This was it. The moment that would forever change his life, and the lives of countless tens of thousands. His heart pounded in his chest and his mouth was cotton dry.
“Where are you Lord?” he whispered as he trembled.
 Ahab was drinking from a large gold goblet when he just happened to see Elijah out of the corner of his eye.
 “What is this?” He laughed. He put down his glass and examined this strange man in his throne room; dirty cloak with some kind of green and yellow stain on his shoulder, large black bird perched on his shoulder and standing before him trembling out of apparent fear.
“How did you get in here?”
Elijah open his mouth to speak but could not get any words out, at least that Ahab was able to understand.
“Do you have a death wish?”
“No more time” Elijah’s voice broke as spoke with what little force he could muster.
Ahab laughed and cupped his hand to his ear.
“ No more what? Did Jezebel send you here for my amusement?”
Elijah fought to gain control. He took a deep breath in and started to exhale it very slowly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something that took his breath away, as if all the air had been instantaneously sucked out of the room. Two men were carrying the body of a young girl. Following close behind was Rabah. He had long angry red scratches across his baldhead and face. As they reached some stone steps the jostling caused some kind of silver charm to fall from around the girls neck. It hung from a leather strap.
“Miriam!” Elijah screamed, forgetting his fear and everything else. He ran over to her and grabbed her away from the men carrying her. He fell to the floor with her and rocked her in his arms.
“Miriam” he cried softly, tears flowing like rain.
The young girls eyes slowly opened. They were dull and cloudy. Elijah’s hand, which had been supporting the back of her neck, began to feel damp with her blood.
“What is this foolishness!” demanded Ahab.
Elijah turned toward him, eyes blazing and screamed. “You will be silent.”
The room full of people, bustling only moments earlier was now an eerie graveyard quiet.
Elijah turned back to Miriam.
She looked up at him and then at the raven, smiling weakly.
“See Elijah- ebony.” she whispered.
Coughing, a small trickle of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.
Her eyes grew more vacant and a look of fear came across her face. “Elijah, I can’t see you.”
“I am with you Miriam,” He held her close to him and sobbed, “Go to Him child.”
 The raven flew into the air and through an open window. The fear left her face and she turned to him and whispered.
“Elijah, It is so beautiful here.”
He put his ear next to her lips so that he could hear her last words.
“  Elisha.
With that her spirit was gone, the light in her eyes completely extinguished. 
Elijah buried his face against her lifeless form and cried uncontrollably. He began to repeat something over and over. It could not be understood because Miriam’s body muffled his voice. As he slowly released the dead girl it began to be a little clearer- and louder.
“No more time- no more time - NO MORE TIME”
He jumped to his feet with such force that those around him fell back out of fear.
“No more time for you idolater!” He screamed, pointing an accusing finger at Ahab.
Elijah’s words seemed to take on physical presence, knocking Ahab back as he stumbled into his throne.

“What is the meaning of this!” Screamed the king leaning back against his throne. “Who are you to come into my palace and point your finger at me.”
“As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there will not be any rain, there will not even be any dew upon this land of idolaters, until I, Elijah, the messenger of Jehova call upon God to send the rains once again.”
There was a moment of silence and then Rabah began to laugh. Soon everyone was laughing as well. Elijah just stared defiantly at him. Rabah threw out his hands to silence the crowd..
“Baal is the master of the rains, you fool. What kind of God sends one such as you to confront a great and powerful king? You are dirty-” Rabah sniffed “And you smell.”
Again the room erupted in laughter. Elijah waited patiently for it to subside.
“And what kind of god has a cold blooded killer of children speak for him?” Elijah turned to him, eyes narrowed in a righteous rage.
“Her death is her own fault, she should not of refused me. As the chief priest of Baal it was my right to take her. She should have never scratched me.”
Elijah’s face grew calm but his stare remained locked on Miriam’s killer.
“I will watch you die, chief priest of Baal.”
“The name is Rabah.” he sniffed sarcastically. “And I will watch you die- right now”
The Priest motioned to two nearby guards who drew their swords and came at Elijah.
“STOP.” Yelled a voice from across the room.
It was Jezebel, Ahab’s lover and chief priestess of Baal. Elijah had heard of her beauty but none of what he had heard even began to describe her. She was tall with oval piercing eyes and a perfectly symmetrical face. Her lips were full and moist and her skin was smooth and soft; its color a soft and creamy light brown. Her jet-black hair was the final ingredient in this picture of female perfection.
“You say that it will not rain again until you tell it to.” the priestess purred softly.
She walked over to him and put her finger on Elijah’s face. Gently, she wiped away the last of his tears for Miriam. Then she placed her damp finger on his chest near the breastbone, and drew it slowly downward to dry it. Elijah shivered reflexively as she neared his navel and grabbed her hand to stop her from going any further. Two guards started quickly toward them, alarmed by Elijah’s movements. Jezebel raised her free hand to stop them. Elijah released his grip and she removed her hand from him.
“Are you a god?” She stood before him and pouted. “Should I be your priestess?”
“My Lord, before whom I stand today, will stay the rain from falling. I am simply his key, and when the time is right he will use me to unlock the rains.”
Jezebel bent down over Miriam’s lifeless body and stroked her hair.
“What a tragedy.” She said with real sincerity. “The poor child did not understand what Baal wanted from her. It is the act of making love that gives homage and praise to him and he rewards us with his tears of life giving rain. And as long as this Jehovah worship remains here in this land we will never reach our full potential to receive his blessings.”
She turned to Ahab and spoke with determination. “My king, we must let this man live. We must show him to be the fool that he is. All of Israel will know that Jehovah is a not God as soon as the rains fall and prove this prophet to be false.”
She turned back to Elijah and smiled. “Tishbite. I want to thank you. You have given me the method by which I will grind your God into the dust.” She spoke without malice or sarcasm, as if she was genuinely thankful.
Elijah looked down at Miriam. “Since you are so grateful, will you grant me a favor? Let me take her with me so that I can bury her according to our Gods command.”
“Of course” she smiled. “ It matters little to me, for soon, your God will be as dead as this poor sweet child.”
Elijah smiled back confidently. “We will see, priestess.”
Something about his smiled unnerved Jezebel. But no one but Elijah saw the brief moment of doubt that her eyes betrayed.
As Elijah carried Miriam out of the chamber, Jezebel called after him. “ You know Elijah, when it does rain, I will have to send men to kill you. Nothing personal you know.”
Elijah did not stop. He had heard her threat but it mattered little to him. He was too full of grief for Miriam to care for his own life.
He made his way back to the donkey and laid her body gently across the animals back.
The raven landed on the ground in front of him.
“Is that the way we should go?” He asked softly
The raven shook its tail feathers and flew south. Elijah took the donkey's reigns and headed in the same direction.

Continued Next Week

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