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The Belt

By Maria Storfjord (Norway)

Editing and Introduced by Dr.Claude Shema-Rutagengwa


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                                                            The Belt

-By Maria Storfjord editing and introduced by Dr.Claude Shema-Rutagengwa


She was sitting in her room, a little girl of 5 years old.

"I'm all alone in the whole world." She thought.

Her daddy had just moved out, and she felt all alone.

Even though her daddy wasn't and ain't nice, she still loves him.

She's crying like a baby, but nobody hears her.

She's thinking: Should I?, or shouldn’t I?

She decides to do it.She grabs the belt, she put out.

The belt is very small, because she can reach around her waist, with just her own hands.

She thinks trough it again, and comes to the same conclusion: She has to do it, maybe, if she does it, it will get better? Maybe daddy has never been bad to mommy, if she did it?

Maybe her sister would be much better off without her? She has often heard daddy say:

You were born a few minutes too early, little girl.

And she has heard her mommy say:

If you had been born a few minutes later, you would have been dead born.

She should have been dead, now, and things might have been different.

Daddy said that it's her fault that he beats her mommy, and her.

She believes him, because she grew up believing that parents  don't lie to they're children.

She's crying while she's fastening the belt to the door handle, and fastening the other end to her neck, so that if someone open  the door, the belt is gonna tighten, and she will be in no more pain.

She is exhausted, now. Haven't slept without nightmares, as long as she can remember.

Many years later, she will realize that her nightmares are visions that comes true.

She can't get the thoughts out of her mind.

The thoughts that everything would have been better without her. She has fastened the belt to the door handle now, and sits there and waits. Mommy's coming to open  the door, and finds her there with the belt around her neck. She had forgotten that the door went towards her, and not away from her...Never again, will she forget that...

Never again, will she try to kill herself on that door...

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