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Who's Cat? Who's Mouse?

By Dr.Claude Shema-Rutagengwa


GLPN (Great Lakes Peace Network)

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It is important in life to decide what a man wants or to stand for. But sometimes is not easy, depending on circumstances, context and interest.

Once upon a time, in a country called “No man’s Land,” general elections were coming up soon. Many of the local political figures decided to join the ruling party and they lined up behind the ongoing president who was a powerful candidate as well.

They did this to survive, because that president was a very violent and bloody dictator, and could harass or even kill anyone who tried to oppose him and his ideology.

Nevertheless, Mr. Jeff Barnet took a stand as a prominent opponent of the ongoing president, and was expected to win.

In his mind, Mr. Jeff Barnet knew he could not win due to the power of the ongoing president who had all power in his hand. So he decided to approach his rival to negotiate some power sharing.

“Your excellence, Mr. President, thanks a lot for accepting my meeting proposal,” Mr. Jeff Barnet said. “The reason for this meeting is to sort out our differences. There is no reason to keep playing a game of ‘cat and mouse.’ The time has come for you and me to put aside our differences and build for common ground in the interest of our people.”

Then the President adjusted his tie and asked with arrogance. “Mr. Jeff Barnet: Who is a cat?”

 “Me, Sir!” Mr. Jeff replied with fear.

“And who is a mouse then Me?”The President angrily responded.

“The mouse? Euhhhh…Me also.” Mr. Jeff Barnet replied.

Actually he could not say that president was a mouse or a cat, so he had to swallow the notion that he himself was both a cat and a mouse.

The President bitter had the last word. Rather than solving the problem, he said, “If you are a cat and mouse at the same time, you are hunter and fugitive at the same time. Out of my office, silly boy!”

Comment: How often do we come under fire like that? And how often can we stand for truth and fight for our right in such a difficult situation?








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