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Falling in Love with my Savior

By Claude Shema-Rutagengwa (Norway)


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It is my second day at the bed in hospital. I do not remember exactly why I am here. But according to my sister Betty Ken, I was seriously ill with Malaria, and I collapsed suddenly. Then the ambulance was called to take me to the hospital.

My eyes are still too weak to look onto the light or the sun.

It is now in the morning; a tall and handsome medical doctor in his white medical jacket is coming to the room and greets me with a lovely smile that I could not resist!

-  “Good morning. How do you feel now? Better I guess? Right?”

- “ I am doing better. Thanks Doc!” I replied with smile. He continued his examination.

Despite the presence of certain nurses and other medical personnel in the room, accompanying the doctor, I cannot see them as well, just my eyes and my mind are following the skilled hands of the doctor doing his consultation. The more he does something on me, the more romantic are my feelings.

He continues asking me some more questions, just searching for any other abnormality, if any. The more he checks me, the stronger my feelings of love.

He is so kind and handsome!

His long fingers and soft hands while examining me become like a soft oily massage I missed when I was in Lisbon Portugal or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last summer.

His angelic voice takes me in paradisiacal thoughts, I cannot think about anything else. Even my new husband is no longer in my mind, for my savior’s hand is my strength and my light in that darkness of illusion and strange love.

Whatever he is saying, I understand nothing, except his lips murmuring, and some gestures with his assistant nurses in white coats! And I always reply YES to whatever he says, even when it is a question.

This is how I fell in love with my savior, just because of his passionate love  and sympathy took my mind forever. His care cured me from that day on, and now we  happily live together as a happy couple with our two beautiful kids…

                                                         Happy End!

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