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Claude's Peace of Mind


German Workers & Green Ink

By Claude Shema-Rutagengwa (Norway)


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During the great depression,two German workers considered emigrating into the workers' paradise, the Soviet Union. But they were not sure if what they have heard was true or only propaganda.So they decided that one of them would go first and then write to his
friend how it really was over there. If he could write freely without censorship, he would write in blue ink. But if the mail was censored and he could not tell the truth, he would write with green ink.

His friend was anxiously waiting for the letter. Finally, after three months, a letter arrived, written in blue ink.

It said, "My dear friend, it is wonderful here. I urge you to come and join me at once.
Every worker has a housemaid, a washing machine, and a car, and you get two months vacation plus a fabulous salary. The stores are packed full of goods - everything you could only imagine. The only thing they don't sell here is green ink."


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