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Hat Sellers and Monkeys

By Dr.Claude Shema-Rutagengwa


GLPN (Great Lakes Peace Network)

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A hat-seller who was passing by a forest decided to take a nap under one of the trees,
so he left his whole basket of hats by his side. A few hours later, he woke up and realized that all his hats were gone. He looked up and, to his surprise, the tree was full of monkeys that had taken all his hats.
The hat seller sat down and thought of how he could get the hats down.
While thinking, he started to scratch his head. The next moment, the monkeys were doing the same. Next, he took off his own hat and the monkeys did exactly the same. An
idea came to his mind. He took his hat and threw it on the floor and the monkeys did that
too. So he finally managed to get all his hats back.

…Fifty years later, his grandson, Sukhwinder, also became a hat-seller and had heard this monkey story from his grandfather. One day, just like his grandfather, he passed by the same forest. It was very hot, and he took a nap under the same tree and left the hats on the ground.
He woke up and realized that all his hats had been taken by the monkeys on the tree.
He remembered his grandfather's words and started scratching his head. The monkeys followed suit.
He took off  his hat and fanned himself, Again the monkeys followed. Now, very convinced of his grandfather's idea, Sukhwinder threw his hat on the floor. Hut to his surprise, the monkeys still held on to all the hats.
Then one monkey climbed down the tree, grabbed the hat Sukhwinder had thrown down, and gave him a slap.

Guess!!! What did he say??.....

He said, "So, you think you are the only one with a grandfather!!!???"

(In other words, we all have grandfathers to teach us as well….:) )

Laughlin end!!!





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