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Never Fall in Love with a Girl
(who doesn’t love you)

By Shenoba Ray (USA)

(An Excerpt)

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My name is Keonn Merritt, but my friends call me Sir Keonn. They say the ladies seem to think I’m their knight in shining armor. I must admit, I’ve heard ladies say things to that effect and I’ve even had some to come on to me, but their advances really didn’t faze me. See, I’m a one woman man, but my friends didn’t understand that part of my life. They have always told me that women come a dime a dozen and I should have more than one; however, I begged to differ. I’ve always felt that women are God’s gift to man. Little did I know that I would come to believe that there might be some truth in what my friends were telling me. Let me tell you a little about them:
MacArthur is a ladies’ man; we call him Mo. Now he is a cut brother; he hits the gym every chance he gets. He’s 5’10”, dark skinned, and a smooth talker. Whenever he turns a corner, the ladies seem to do a 180 ­degree turn with him. What’s up with that?
Then there’s Leroy, a ladies’ man also, but a little more low ­key than Mo. The difference between the two - Mo doesn’t care if his girls know about each other, but Leroy does. I always tell both of them, “One day yall’s sins are going to catch up with you.” T. Kelly fancies himself as a baller and just loves to flash his cash, especially in front of the ladies. He often ends up broke, but only for a little while. You know what they say, “A fool and his money…” I have to hand it to T. Kelly, he makes good money and whatever he loses,he doesn’t miss.
Then there’s Nate. His real name is Nathan. As I, he too is a one­ woman man and thinks the world is just one big STD, so he always tries to avoid getting “burned”. Nate is 6’7” and built proportionate with his height. He works out also. He’s caramel­ colored with curly, black hair. The women just love him, but he won’t give them the time of day unless it’s someone that he really has an eye for, which is not too many. All of us went to college together. There wasn’t too much that we didn’t know about each other. I must add, when we’re together, the ladies’ heads do turn. So now that you’ve met the crew, on with my story…  

We were at our favorite club for happy hour, one Thursday night,, checking the ladies out, and getting our “mack” on. Well, at least they were. Now I wasn’t a big drinker, but since we were having such a good time, I decided to have a couple of drinks with the fellows. After those couple of drinks, I started feeling a little tipsy. In fact, I was feeling so good that I decided to get on the dance floor. Mo asked me was I going to dance by myself. I asked him, “Why not?” He told me that it would look a little weird. “Man why don’t you ask one of these fine ladies to dance with you?” he asked. The problem with that was I didn’t want to get close to any other woman right now, whether it’s dancing or anything else. See, I had a serious relationship with my girl, Jill. We had been together for three years. That was until eight months ago. That’s how long it took me to find out about her cheating on me with a guy named Carl. It was ironic and almost theatre-worthy how I found out. I was doing a late night workout. When I finished, I went to the locker room to shower. As I was drying off, I overheard two guys talking. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversation until I heard one of the guys, Carl, talking about his girl, Jill. As the conversation continued, he mentioned where his girl lived and the kind of car she drove. It can’t be my Jill, I thought. I shrugged it off. The deal breaker was when the boy mentioned my name, yes, my name, not realizing I was standing right by him. I wanted to knock him unconscious, but instead I chilled and followed the rest of the chatter. He was actually giving his friend the run down on how long Jill and I had been together. He even mentioned our favorite restaurants and to make the matter worse, he even knew about our sex life. What was Jill thinking when she told him all of our personal business or just discussing anything about us with him, at all? Carl’s friend told him that he was crazy and he even asked him why would he consider messing with another man’s woman, especially when he knew about the other man. Carl’s answer was, “Because she let me.” He said that she was just as guilty because she knew she had a man. I continued to listen to the conversation, until this dude said that he and Jill have been together for two years and how unhappy she has been with me. His friend told him if she was that unhappy she would have left a long time ago. I came from around that corner before I knew it….

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