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A Cautionary Fable

By Phillip Ghee (IUSA)


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A Cautionary Fable
The story thus far:
    Adam and Eve, the parents of U.S. have been expelled from their Edenic guardian because they had been compelled to eat of the Taxing Tree of Good and Evil. A serpent had convinced Eve that she had been unfairly tread-ed upon, being subjugated to such restriction. They had been for warned by the Lord that if they ate from the Taxing Tree of Good and Evil that in their naivite they might just choose evil. They did eat and they eventually did choose evil. After firstly accepting the goodness of freedom of worship, in their secession from the guardian; they alternately chose to accompany it with a great evil, that of slavery.
    The Lord had nevertheless blessed them, even in their sin, they had brought forth two children out of that very sin. Eve proclaimed.
          “The Lord has given us two parties, sons to U.S. "
The younger son was an exuberant fellow. He was a Sheppard, a keeper of the sheep. He took great pleasure and commitment to his task. He was always searching for greener pastures for the sheep to graze. He was honestly concerned about the future and well-being of the sheep. He not only provided for them but so concerned was he with their health and prosperity that he would at times put their safety ahead of even his own. This worried his parents for even they were not sure if the sheep was worth all the fuss. But with his can-do attitude and always looking for innovated solutions; the parents were proud to have named him Abel because he surely was.
    The Older son was more conservative. He was more experienced in the, at often, harness of the land. There had been a drought in the land. The older son proclaimed that since he was a true tiller of the soil that his experience with shovel-ready jobs was far greater than that of his inexperienced brother. He cited that Abel had tried to address the problem earlier to no avail.  He contended that he had worked the land for years and that Abel's methods were untested. He convinced other farmers in the land to side with him.
             " What good is a Sheppard, can't a good sheep dog do the same?" They often ridiculed.
    One day the Lord came to visit and asked of the sons an offering. Abel modestly pointed to the sheep and extolled how healthy and well feed, rich and abundant, they were. Now in those days the people of means did not feast upon the sheep. They benefited only from their wool and milk. The older son mocked the impotence of his brother's sacrifice.
    The older brother offered God the Father the finest fruits of his labor. He did lay out for the Lord the golden brown of the wheat of the land. It was topped with luscious vegetables, forbidden meats and a bounty of other toppings. For reason best left to the Lord, God took no account of his offering but favored Abel's instead.
  The older brother was maliciously sore. While out in the fields one day in the Heartland, he invited his brother to join him in a cup of tea.
             " My brother." He intoned. " Why come, let us tea and party together, lest you think I am jealous of thine offering."
While his brother's hands were full trying to maintain hold of the boiling hot cup of tea, he slew is brother with a poll that he had furnished out of fallen wood.
    The Lord called down and asked.
                               "Where is thy brother?"
     The older brother responded.
             ”Am I my brother's keeper? Should he not have the option to
                look after his own whereabouts and health-care?"
     For such indolence the Lord rebuked the older brother.
             “Because you always raise cane, both figuratively and literally,
                from this day forward  you shall be known as Cain."
The Lord then chased Cain out from primary boundaries of the Heartland. But the Lord proclaimed that no man should totally diss Cain. In keeping with that he placed a business trademark on the back of Cain's balding scalp. If any man should see it, he should not
totally diss Cain but discern what things of value he may bring to the table. Cain however was still convinced that his and only his offering was the best bet and he was will to sacrifice any farm to prove as much. He was proud of the trade mark stamped on the back of his head yet when he tried to view it, through a mirror, it appeared as 999.
    Thus Cain went forth from the land boldly proclaiming 999 to be the one and only mark of excellence.
By Phillip Ghee

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