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My Dad’s Footprints

By Dr. Claude Shema R. (Canada)


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My Dad’s Footprints

Walking on the country-side pathways in African warm summer, side by side with my father in his 40’s, enjoying the ornithomancy  of most adorable sub Saharan birds. Surprisingly, my father asked me to walk behind him, while usually we used to walk side by side, listening carefully to his important words.

I was curious and scared, because since my childhood I used to walk in front of him instead, and I was feeling so secure because his walking behind me was, to me, like a protection. But then, I asked him: Dad, don’t you think that I may fall into the wild animals jaw if you let me behind your sight?”

Oh no poor boy! No worries! The hyenas or any other ferocious wild animals won’t touch you. You are no longer a child to be taken by those stupid animals. You are half way to adulthood, and it is time to stand on your own legs and fly with your own wings my son.

However, I want you to follow my foot prints.

Dad explained meticulously….

It was my first time to see my father explaining to me that way. He was so calm and concentrated on matters.

Dad, I did not get your point. Could you explain more? (Politely asked him).

Look. Your footprint is smaller than mine, yes. But you have to start now and follow mine. If you step out of my footprint, you may step on the snakes or you may also fall down, because, if you step into my footprints, it means that the pathway has been paved and cleared  from any danger. If you do contrary, you may face danger like stepping on venomous snakes or scorpions hidden in this dust . In other words, it is time to be wise, following me and observing, even adopting my experience, because we learn better from old experiences, as the elders have said. Time to be strong, think twice before you act, and be responsible for what you do, and in so doing, please be careful and learn from my experience. You will be a Wiseman… So am I!


Dr.Claude Shema R.
 Author-"Peace of mind,Reflect,smile and laugh"
ISBN# 978-0-557-67303-2
Just published and available @ and soon on

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