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The Shoes

By Phillip Ghee (USA)
Part 3


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Alisa braced herself in preparation for the stand. When she finally arose it was if she was ascending the heavens. She watched as the world around grew increasingly smaller as she embraced her new stature. Her visible world now seemed foreign. Her community was now dominated by her towering presence. Her sleeping children appeared no larger than cuddly house pets. Her beautiful garden became even more beautiful and its shrunken state. And finally, the already trollish Giacoppo was now reduced to a childish imp even less threatening than his former jester-ed self had allowed. Towering over the landscape, she feltpowerful and confident as she surveyed this new Lilliputian world and her inferior subjects. Still she had yet to move.
    The movement came about; it was abrupt yet crisp and clear. There was no unsteadiness or hesitation in her sensuous walk down the patio's pathway. She knew that this movement or even the first step was not truly upon her own accord. It was if the shoes had a mind and motion of their own, yet she surrendered herself completely to the influences. Her body now possessed a natural gyration, as fluid as an ice dancer, as rhythmic as fine flowers playing a summer's breeze. At the end of the patio she halted and held her ground a few minutes. She allowed the anticipation to build before turning around to face the direction where an entranced Giacoppo stood. Even at this distance she could hear his labored breathing and she took great delight in inflicting him with such a condition.  She then turned and walked a slow serpentine walk back towards a shamelessly excited Giacoppo .
    She walked right up to him, allowing practically no separation between herself and the accomplished barber and shoemaker. She dwarfed the man to such a degree that her plentiful bosom nearly tipped his hat off backwards. Giacoppo delightedly removed the hat in order to bear the full brunt of any ambient contact. She looked down at him with a regal gaze so prominent that he doubted even if his former master, The Baroness Sophia Marie Calena, could have delivered. He wondered how the majestic lady was now coming along in her new home, The Nunnery of the Sisters of Saint Catherine of Florence.  Then his thoughts returned to the matter at hand. His mind filled with a multitude of thoughts that even shamed him. The protruding bosoms served as canon guns, strategically mounted to protect Alisa, his new noble lady, from the swollen tongue and protruding lips of the little man. She detected a single tear that made its way down his Mediterranean mask.  Alisa, now the theater master, she twirled a small handful of her bountiful  auburn locks. The pendulum had swung back into her court and was fully locked into her dimension of control. She had no problem using it as such.
            " Now what Giacoppo? Do you just expect me to stand here, so you can have your dirty little pleasures and impure thoughts?" she spoke through intentionally full and pouted lips. She tracked the path of the single tear as she spoke. The little man looked embarrassed, but in his humble state he said nothing.
         " I want you to remove these stockings and shoes," she commanded and turned to regain her seated post. "Only my husband should see me in such," she added as she gracefully moved to her seat. When she turned once again to face Giacoppo, she was surprised to find that he had not moved. He just stood there, now without the attraction of the looming bosoms. His head hung low.
            "Well take them off." She hiked up her dress and  boldly extended a leg in his direction. 

             " Are you now as deaf as you were were blind?" She mocked. " I'm waiting." She spoke as if she was
baiting a child.
            He finally managed the courage to speak, yet with a trembling voice.
             "You can do it yourself. They now belong to you; you are their master". G. said in resignation.
             " But what if I were to run the stocking?" She was struck with a horrifying reality.
             " Just remove them slowly Senora. They won't run; they will obey you." He turned to leave the premises. " I only hope your husband enjoys them as much as I do." He disappeared

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