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Tears of the Dead

By Nelly Essien (Nigeria)

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“My Lord, you sent for me”. Kadet Said.
“Oh, yes my beloved Princess. I am very proud of you my child. You have protected my Kingdom. Ask of anything and I will give you from the depth of my heart”. The king said, as he weakly held her right hand.
            Princess Kadet smiled smugly at the King’s statement and kept quiet for a while. “Father, I don’t need any other thing but the throne and the entire kingdom. I wish to take over the empire; I wish to be in control of the land. I no longer wish to be under you. I pray you grant my request”. Kadet said, as she watched the king curiously whose countenance had fallen. The king quickly removed his hand from hers’ and started coughing heavily.
“No, that’s not possible. You cannot take away my throne when am still alive. Ask of something else, Kadet, and am ready to give it to you”. He said, persuasively.
Princess Kadet quickly stood up from where she sat and faced the wall. “Father, you asked me of what I wish to get from you. Why turn your back on me right now?” Kadet asked, innocently.
“But i…. i… i can’t hand over the throne to you when I’m still alive”. He stammered.
“You have refused to die. For ages you have been on this sick bed refusing to die. How long would I wait for you to die, father?”
The king was shocked at the Princess’s words. “So this is what the Priestess meant when she appeared beside my sick bed. My throne is gradually taken away from me”. The king said within himself.
“Am I having the throne or not?” She asked in authority.
“Listen to me Kadet, Guvwra cannot be ruled by…by… a woman”. The king stuttered as he began to cough painfully.
“Father, why are you selfish? Who said I can’t rule this entire kingdom? You have seen my wisdom, courage and braveness. Why can’t I be the first woman to rule this kingdom your highness? Why not hand over the crown to me before the face of the entire world?” She said angrily as she paced up and down, restlessly.
“Am I having the throne or not?” She asked in contempt.
“No, you won’t take my throne away from me”. He said with a faint voice, as he managed to talk.
“Then I will take it by force, for I have made my request and you must stick to your promise to fulfill it”. She dashed out of the Chamber angrily.

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