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A Thorn in Her Life

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)

Chapter 1


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The August sunlight flitted through the blind silently like a thief in the night as Maria slept on the bed. Later she woke up and opened her eyes for some minutes. She stared at blank spaces. Then, when she couldn’t sleep again, she took a magazine on her bed and perused it. She was so engrossed in the magazine that she didn’t see her mother when she entered the room.
   Mrs. Anderson got out of the room when Maria didn’t see her, but Maria caught a glimpse of her as she left. She smiled and continued to read the magazine. As the day whizzed past like desert wind and the weather turned cloudy and made the environment looked sad like a grandma who lost her kitten, Maria left the bed and dropped the magazine on the rug beside her bed. She stood up and walked to the wardrobe. She checked her wardrobe and brought out her hair cream, opening it and rubbing the oily cream on her hair. Then she went to a mirror beside the window and cleaned her face with a cotton wool and a jar of Ten-O-Six.
   Maria had inherited her father’s genes. She was six foot tall in her stocking feet. She had long beautiful tapestry legs; her long dark hair hung down over her slender shoulder like that of a mermaid. She was twenty three, lively and young.
   When she had cleaned her face she tidied her room and then she got tired. She went to the window and as she stood there she felt a breath of fresh air. As she looked outside from the window, Maria saw an egret taking a worm from the soil; she looked at the egret and thought about Paul.

      Paul was the love of her life. As she thought about him, she suddenly remembered that they would had dinner together at a cosy restaurant down town. Then she left the window and rummaged through her wardrobe, looking for the best outfit that she would wear to the restaurant.

      She saw one of her gowns and she smiled. It been long she wore it but it was new. She laid it on the bed and was ready to iron it. As she tried to straighten it, suddenly a picture fell on the floor from inside the cloth. She bent down and picked it up. When she looked at it, she discovered that the picture belonged to her former boyfriend, Bath.

   Maria wanted to forget everything about Bath in her life so she put the picture on the bed and covered it with the bedspread. Many pictures that belong to Bath were in her dust bin of history. She didn’t want to see him again; his face connoted sadness and pain, Bath was a sore tooth in her mouth but much as she tried to forget about him, her memories wandered, raced and drifted back to the day she met him. It was a day she prayed never to remember again, but it kept haunting her like a scary ghost. It became heightened whenever she saw Bath pictures. She could still remember the day vividly like the back of her hand…

     It was a cold day in July. The night was dark and some bats flew to the summit of the church building. The harsh wind shook the boughless tree in front of the Bruce’s restaurant. Maria came down from within the taxi and walked to the cinema. She paid for the ticket; she went inside the cinema and sat between two old couples. Maria was full of smile. Her face was on the screen. She really enjoyed the film about two lovers who died in the Second World War. Two hours later, when the film ended, she left the cinema hall; because she was so thirsty she went to the Bruce restaurant and ordered a bottle of Coke and a sausage. As she ate and drank inside the restaurant she yawned and rested her back on the chair. She was so tired she fell asleep as she sat in her chair. Because she wore dark glasses, the workers in the restaurant didn’t know that she was fast asleep. None of the staff members woke her. When she eventually woke up and then checked her wrist-watch, she discovered that she had spent an hour asleep inside the restaurant. It was half past ten in the night when she stood up from the chair and took her handbag on the table. The cinema was deserted and there were only a few people inside the restaurant.

     Maria walked to the bus-stop without trepidation that she wouldn’t get a taxi to take her home but unfortunately for her, just when she got to the bus stop, she saw the tail of the last taxi down the road. The bus- stop was deserted. There was not a single soul in there so she stood alone at the bus stop like a lonely tower by the sea side. Fears crept into her heart as she expected other passengers to join her with the same faith, but none really came. She stood at the bus-stop and was in panic because when she checked her wrist –watch again she discovered that time was eleven in the night. When she didn’t see any cars along the road and no passengers at the bus-stop; she made up her mind to trek home.

      Maria was tired as she walked along the deserted road. Except for the traffic light, the whole place looked like a ghost town. The shops and the offices were closed, gone were the heavy vehicular traffics and noises, except for some few cars with very hot and heart broken speed down the road. The whole place was silent like a graveyard. Maria waved at the cars as they whizzed passed along the road but none stopped for her.

      As she walked home, she had no trepidation that someone was behind her. The fellows tailed her like a lion after a prey. In her mind she knew that it was quite dangerous to walk alone in the night in Victoria Island. She had read a lot of tales of how innocent girls were sometimes kidnapped and taken away by some group of young men until the police would rescue them. She walked briskly with deep fear across her heart; she walked faster without a backward glanced. Maria had nowhere to hide. Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, she heard footsteps behind her.

      When the footsteps became louder and got closed to her, she didn’t look at her back but she ran toward a storeyed building, the building was tall and had a massive gate in front of it. When she got to the building, she banged at the gate, hitting the gate many times with her strength but nobody came to her rescue. When she glanced back, she saw two men with a long dark coat; the men walked toward her their malevolent eyes capacious in the dim light of the moon. As she hid behind the flower she lost sight of the men. Suddenly like a bolt from the blue the two men appeared behind her, Maria was frozen to death when one of the men pointed a glistening knife at her and threatened her with it. Maria yelled and screamed in agony. The men eyes were dark and impolite she couldn’t look at them in the face.    

      Maria handed her bag to the two men; the bag contained several amount of money, her cell phone and her jewellery.

“Whoa, this girl is rich, Tim collect the bracelet fast, we have got no pretty time,” shouted the tall guy; his voice thick like the bark of a wood.

“Please I beg you, don’t kill me.” Maria shouted and pleaded with the two men to let her go.

“Give me that stuff in your wrist.” Tim barked like a mad dog, Maria removed her bracelets and handed them to him.

      The moon left the dark cloud as the two men took Maria to a bush beside the road. After they walked for some minutes they got to an open space. The men made Maria sit on the grass with them; she shook nervously like a withered plant as she sat on the meadow with the men. As they sat on the grass the two men discussed between themselves, Maria cotton on all what the men said and becoming afraid. Maria became restless like soldiers’ ants as she sat with the two men. After a lot of toing and froing the two men made up their mind to take her along with them as they wandered across the bush and the forest on the island.

“Please do spare my life, I beg of you,” Maria cried and wailed in agony. One of the men stood up and walked to her; he held her by the neck and spoke angrily into her ear.

“I am going to spare your life, if you co-operate with us,” the man shouted. Maria used her hands to cover her ear, shrieking with fear as the man left her and went back to meet his fellows.

      As they sat on the grass, Maria later got to know the men’s names. The tall guy was Andrew, his face looking like that of a ghoul in the dim light of the moon, Tim was very short; he laughed like kookaburra.

      Maria told Tim her name. When he heard it he laughed like a ghoul, then gave Maria a bottle of wine which she rejected. Tim lit a cigarette and allowed the smoke to drift into the sky, Andrew coughed and stood up from the grass. Then he checked his wrist-watch and discovered that he had little time left. He went to Maria and dragged her up.

“Get up bitch, be fast, I have got no pretty time,” Andrew shouted and Maria nearly fell as she made an attempt to stand up.

“I can’t go with you please.” Maria said she was very weak as she made an attempt to stand up.

      Andrew had a strange habit of stroking his nose whenever he got angry. Now he played with his nose, gripping Maria on the arm. His arm on her flesh was as firm as a rock. He dragged her along the narrow path that led deep into the bush. Tim walked in a shamble behind them, carrying a heavy bag that contained guns and other equipment on his back. Maria wailed and cried as Andrew dragged her along in the bush. The moon lit up the sky and illuminated the path that snaked around the bush.

      Meanwhile, Bath was searching for his dog Bingo. The dog had strayed into the bush a night before, sneaking stealthily out of the compound without the knowledge of the guards. Bath and the two guards divided themselves into two and went in searched of the dog. Bath followed a narrow path behind the compound, he walked along inside the bush then he heard a girl’s voice. When he switched on his torchlight he saw the men and a girl and then he hid behind a tree. The leaves swayed as the men walked along the path. Bath switched off his torchlight and the men didn’t see him. Bath saw the two men and a girl in their midst. Suddenly he came out from where he had hidden himself. When he switched on his torchlight, the two men and the lady stood along the path fixedly. They tried to cover their faces with their hands as the illuminated light of the torch flooded their faces.

      The men were transfixed. The sudden appearance of Bath baffled them and sent cold shivers down their spine. They hadn’t expected anyone to disturb them in their business. Nobody had ever crossed their path before, as a plough furrows the land, so Bath walked toward them, Bath knew the men were kidnappers and he was ready for them. He lowered the light and brought out his pistol, he covered the men with his gun. Bath stood in front of them like a lion; the two men were shocked when they saw him for they didn’t have the slightest idea that someone would obstruct their path in the middle of the night. Tim wanted to bring out his gun but Bath saw him and shouted at him.

“Don’t try it fella,” Bath shouted and pointed the gun at Tim’s forehead. Later he told the two men to raise their hands. Tim dropped his bag and put up his hands and Andrew followed suit.

      Maria wanted to say something but nothing came out of her mouth. Her face was white with fear, looking white like a white robed Muslim salaaming in the afternoon. She felt a curious mixture of fear and diluted happiness. She watched the two men become nervous when they saw the strange man.

“Leave your hold on the girl.” Bath shouted and Maria walked toward him.

      Andrew and Tim were angry but there was nothing they could do, Bath went to the men and searched their bag. He saw many things inside the bag they carried, including guns, Maria‘s money, phone, her jewellery and other things which the men had collected from her then he told the two men to run along inside the bush. Andrew got angry. He stood up suddenly and wanted to attack Bath but Bath saw him and was prepared for him. He hit Andrew hard on the face as he came toward him with the butt of the gun, he fell down and rolled on the ground. Tim got up and shouted.

“Who are you anyway?” Tim said and grumbled.

“My name is Bath. My father owns this land, I wonder what the two of you are doing on a private property.”

      Tim couldn’t talk; he went to Andrew and cleaned his bruised and bloodied nose.

“Get up and run along; be fast men.” Bath shouted to the two men. He shot twice into the air and the two men ran deep into the bush like leverets.

      Maria saw a good opportunity to escape. She dashed forward, but in her haste to run away she tripped over a tree branch and fell and her face was covered with mud from the head to the toe. Bath went to her; he lifted her up her feet and then helped to clean her body. Bath told her that he hadn’t come to hurt her. He held her hand. She walked in fear behind him.

      Maria followed Bath through a narrow path; they cut through the undergrowth, the dry leaves crumbling under their feet as they walked along the path that led to Bath’s house. As they walked along the narrow path, Maria couldn’t say anything, Maria was in shock. She couldn’t even say a word to thank the man that rescued her from the kidnappers. The pain and agony she went through in the hand of the two men would forever be in her mind. Then, through a gap in the tree, she saw a small river in the distance. Maria was afraid when she saw the river and she released her hand from Bath’s grip, Bath knew that she was afraid; he tried to reassure her that they wouldn’t swim across the river but rather they would take a path that snaked beside it.

      Maria couldn’t utter a word; she only followed after Bath like a lamb led to the slab. Later they got to a small gate at the back of a building, Bath opened the small gate; they went into a compound. The compound was very large. In the middle of the compound was a large house. The lightning in front of the duplex was beautiful and well decorated; many exotic flowers were planted in the front and around it.

“Welcome to my world.” Bath said and smiled as they got to the front door. Thick Dark clouds gathered in the sky.

      Maria was afraid to enter the house but later she changed her mind. When she entered the living room, she looked around then her eyes caught the portrait of a man and a woman on the wall beside the ormolu clock. The living room was beautifully furnished and the furniture was well set. The house had a large living room and a long staircase. Bath went into one of the room downstairs. Maria stared at the portraits on the wall. As she looked at the portraits the rain started to fall. She watched as the rain ran down on the window pane. Bath came out of the room when Maria walked to the chair and sat down.

“I am coming please,” Bath hollered, he dropped some keys on the centre table and went upstairs.

      Bath soon came back. He went into the bathroom and ran the bath for Maria. Then he went upstairs. Upon his return he held a towel and a lady’s clothes in his hands. He threw the towel to Maria and lay the clothes on the sofa inside the living room.

“Here take; I have run the bath for you,” Bath said and pointed toward the bathroom downstairs. Maria was nervous as she collected the towel from him and walked slowly toward the bathroom. When she looked at her back Bath stood rooted in the living room and watched her; she made sure she didn’t miss the way to the bathroom.

      Maria came out from the bathroom ten minutes later; the big towel covering her waist and her chest. Bath had gone upstairs. She was stupefied by Bath’s generosity but reluctant to wear  the clothes that Bath had placed on the chair. Later she shook her head and wore it, struggling to wear the tight-fitted jeans trouser. As she was about to wear the blue T-shirt, she saw Bath. Bath stood at the top of the staircase and watched over her like a guardian angel.

“Did you like the clothes; I bought them for my cousin,” Bath said and descended from the staircase.

“Maybe I should remove them,” Maria spoke gently; Bath heard her voice for the first time.

“No, no, no, I mean no harm, I brought them for her when she came on holiday but she told me she didn’t want them. Meg is a randy girl,” Bath said and apologized for his statement.

“Thanks for your generousity,” Maria said, Bath accepted her apology. He nodded his head, looking at her for some seconds and later he went to the kitchen.

      Bath made two cups of coffee and gave her one. Later he went into the kitchen and brought a plate of noodles.

“You must be hungry; I cooked these noodles for you,” Bath said and looked into her eyes.

“I am not hungry; a cup of tea is enough for me,” Maria said nervously. She was livid with fear.

      Maria sipped the tea with one eye and watched Bath with the other. Bath exercised caution, knowing she feared him, so he didn’t engage her in any conversation, but he knew he needed to tell her that he meant no harm. As Bath poured more hot tea into the tea cup the rain became heavier. Bath was about to pour more coffee into Maria’s tea cup when their eyes met and he told her who he was.

“My name is Bartholomew Benson. I am an accountant and I worked in Benson’s shipping company as a manager. Anyway my father is the owner of this house.,” Bath said and Maria listened with rapt attention.
When Bath told her who he was, he implored Maria to tell him about herself. Maria was hesitant but later she rubbed her face with her finger and spoke.

“My name is Maria, Maria Anderson, I am a student, I was coming back from the cinema when the men accosted me and kidnapped me.” Maria smiled and thanked Bath for rescuing her from the hand of the kidnappers.

“Don’t mention. Well I don’t live in this place but I usually come here to relax, I lost my dog.” Bath said.

      Maria nodded her head in pity. She looked at the wall clock inside the living room and discovered that time was quarter past three in the midnight. She felt drowsy as she sipped the tea.

“Look you can go upstairs; there are plenty of rooms up there,” Bath said.

“Thanks, I think I will be comfortable sleeping in the living room.” Maria said and yawned.

“Okay suit yourself.” Bath said and went upstairs. As he climbed the staircase Bath stood midway, Maria suddenly became alert like a ferret when she saw Bath turn back and come down from the staircase. He went to meet her and suddenly he held her hand.

      He held her hand for some minutes and finally he spoke.

“I love you Maria,” Bath whimpered, allowing the word to sink in. Maria didn’t know what to say. Bath climbed the staircase and minutes later Maria heard the door of his room close.

      As she lay on the couch Maria thought about Bath’s word. It been so long since someone whispered such a sweet word to her. Maria couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t watch the television either, so she took her phone and called her mother. When her mother heard her voice, she shouted and was terribly shocked. She wondered where she was but when Maria related her encounter with the two men and how Bath had rescued her, her jaw dropped. Maria deeply feared her father would want to come and pick her up, but she told him that she was fine. Later, as she thought about what Bath said to her, her eyes became heavier and she fell asleep. It was late before she woke up the next day. Bath took her home. Later Bath became a regular visitor in Maria’s house.

      Maria fell in love with Bath. They loved each other so much that they planned to marry but suddenly Bath eloped with her best friend, Rebecca. Maria was the one who had introduced Rebecca to Bath, Rebecca was her best friend, but unknown to her, Rebecca was in love with Bath and the couple had both engaged in a discreet affair. Now Rebecca had stabbed her in the back and before she knew what happened Bath proposed to Rebecca. When Bath married Rebecca, Maria’s life crashed down. Her life was torn apart like a jigsaw puzzle. She was just nineteen and her heart was too fragile. She couldn’t stand a broken heart. She found herself in trouble and she stayed inside her room all day long and began to live in utter isolation.

      Everyday she did nothing but cry. Because of Bath, she couldn’t go to school and she lost her admission at the University. Every day she thought of nothing but suicide. She was in a state of mental despair and agony when she met Paul at the hospital. Paul took care of her and helped her psychologically. He turned her life around; he was the light that illuminated her dark side. Later she fell in love with Paul. She loved Paul with all her heart.

      Maria was deep in thought when her phone rang on the bed and woke her from her deep reveries. She didn’t pick up the call. She looked at Bath’s picture again and then she tore it and dropped it into a bin. She searched inside her wardrobe for Bath pictures but when she couldn’t find any, she was so angry that she left for the bathroom.

                                             X        X          X         X

      Paul felt the hot sun on his back as he entered the car and drove very fast to James street Victoria Island. When he got there, he parked his car in front of a storeyed building. He got out and went to the gate of the building, which was not lock, Paul entered the compound and walked straight to the front door and then knocked. A corpulent woman of around fifty-five years of age came to open the door. The woman who opened the door and shouted in surprise.. They exchanged pleasantries; the woman was full of smiles as she led him into the living room.

“Paul, long time, where have you been all this while?” the woman said.

“I have been very busy Mrs. Graham.” Paul said.

      Paul saw a picture on the wall, it was the picture of Ada, his former girlfriend. Mrs. Graham wanted to cry when she saw Paul as he looked at the picture. Ada had died three years ago in a plane crash at Port-Harcourt. Ada was her beloved daughter, Ada’s death became Paul’s Calvary. Her death struck his heart like a train that crashed into an empty Chinese vase.

      Mrs. Graham left for the kitchen after talking with Paul. Paul saw a silver frame on the shelf, a frame belong to Ada. It was the gift he gave her when he celebrated her birthday a week before she left for Port- Harcourt. Inside the frame she looked as if she was still alive, a beautiful smile crossing her lips and long hair framing her happy face. Paul stood up; he took the frame and gazed at it. The thought that she had died flashed across his mind like a terrible thunder at night. As he looked at the picture, Mrs. Graham came out of the kitchen and saw him, then tears ran down her face. She couldn’t enter the living room; instead she went back and walked very fast to her room. Paul didn’t see her; he put the frame back on the shelf and went to sit down. Mr. Graham came out from his room. When he looked at Paul; he was very surprised to see him. Paul stood up and greeted him.

“Doctor Paul, how are you?”

“I am fine sir.”

“It‘s good to see you after all this while.”

“Sir I was busy at the hospital.”

“It is alright; have your seat.”

      Mrs. Graham came back into the living room with a tray of wine and glass cups; she put the tray on the centre table.

      Paul and Mr. Graham discussed, politics and the economy. Later Mr. Graham took an excuse and went into the room to join his wife. Mr. Graham told Paul they were going somewhere and they were probably late. Later when Mr. Graham and his wife came out, they wore partying clothes; Paul saw the haste on their faces.

“I am so sorry Paul; we are going to the birthday party of one of our friend.” Mrs Graham apologized.

“Mr. Graham tells me, let me be on way then” Paul said and stood up but Mrs. Graham stopped him.

“No, no Paul; Ruth is at home, she will keep you company, I will tell her to prepare a delicious meal for you.” Mrs. Graham said and went to meet Ruth. Paul sat down and waited patiently for Ruth to come out of her cubicle.

      Mr. and Mrs. Graham left the living room after they apologised to Paul. Later Ruth came into the living room. She wore short knickers and used a small towel to cover her breast. Ada was older than Ruth and Mike was the eldest, Mike lived in Atlanta with his wife.

“Hello Paul, what a long time,” Ruth said as she was surprised to see Paul. She combed her hair and moved around the living room like a remote control robot.

“Ruth, it is good to see you after all this while, how are you?”

“I am fine and okay.” Ruth said and smiled then she went to the sofa and sat down.

“Ruth it’s so sad you didn’t even bother to ask of me.”

“Not as you think. I came to the hospital many times to ask of you but I was told that you had been transferred. I tried to locate you but …”

“I am so sorry Ruth.” Paul said and looked into her eyes.

“It is okay.” Ruth said. She excused herself and went into her room.

      Later Ruth went into the kitchen. When she came back into the living room, she wore a black jeans skirt and a blue T-shirt, her hair loose over her shoulder. She had heavy make up on her face; her lips were crimson with lipstick. On her neck was a golden neck chain. Over the years Ruth had grown up to be a beautiful lady. At twenty one with a good height, she looked older than her age.

      Ruth and Paul discussed inside the living room and later she went into the kitchen. Then she came back into the living room and brought a plate of rice and stew. She put the food on the dining table and signaled to Paul; Paul stood from the couch and went to join her.

“What have you been doing all this while, Ruth?”

“I work in Cat designers shop, I am a model, remember?”

“Yeah, you have got a nice job, a good job for a beautiful girl like you,” Paul said as Ruth shared the food. As they ate they discussed many things.

      Ruth was full and she stood up; she took her plates into the kitchen. Paul didn’t have the slightest idea that Ruth could prepare such a delicious meal. He knew she hardly stayed at home; she was always on the move. Ada was more domesticated than her. Ruth came back into the living room, went to the dining area and cleaned it. She took the plates into the kitchen and then she came back and sat beside Paul on the couch. Paul dipped her hand inside his blazer and brought out his business card.

“Here, this is my business card; you can check me at the hospital anytime.” Paul said and gave the card to her.

“I will come and pay you a visit one of these days.” Ruth said perusing the card. Later she stood up and went to the kitchen; she came back into the living room with two cans of Coca Cola.

“Paul, I am inviting you to a birthday party.” Ruth said and gave him an invitation card. Paul read the card.

“Who is Tony?” Paul said and looked at Ruth eyes.

“He is my boyfriend, a very nice guy.” Ruth said and sipped the wine succulently.

“I don’t think I can make it.” Paul said.

“You are kidding, right? This is the second time I will be inviting you to a party that you be declining, Paul don t let me get angry.”

“Look Ruth, I can’t make it next week Saturday because I will be traveling to London for a Health conference.” Paul said, he checked his wrist-watch and stood up.

“Paul try and chang your mind, I really want you to meet Tony.”

“Look Ruth, I can’t lie to you, I won’t be able to make it.” Paul said and walked to the door but Ruth stopped him.

“Wait Paul. You can’t just leave me like that, you know.” Ruth said and fumbled with his tie, her behaviour stupefying Paul. She touched his face with her manicured finger nail. Paul removed her hand as she wanted to kiss him and he left the building.

      When Paul got out of the building, he saw a huge man, young and almost seven foot tall in his stocking feet. The man parked his car behind Paul’s car. Paul knew that the man was Tony; he saw the face in the invitation card that Maria gave him.

      Paul got into his car and drove to Maria’s house. He parked the car in front of a duplex that was beside the Catholic Church. He got out of the car and walked to the gate; he opened the gate and went into the compound. When he got to the front door, he pressed the ring. Maria opened the door and she was surprised to see him, Paul hadn’t informed Maria that she would be visiting her. Her happiness when she saw him submerged her former worries. They embraced and Paul kissed her on the lips.

“Good to see you, I am so happy I met you at home.” Paul said as Maria led him into the living room.

      Inside the living room, Paul couldn’t resist her beauty. He embraced her again. This time her perfumed distilled inside his nostril embers of unquenchable desire. They kissed until the shrill of the phone broke their passion. Maria went to the shelf and picked the phone, Paul looked at her as she spoke. After she received the call, Maria took Paul to her room upstairs. Paul fell on the bed as Maria went downstairs. Maria came back with five cans of soft drinks and cracker biscuits; she laid the cokes and the biscuit on the small table inside the room.

“I called your cell phone yesterday but you didn’t pick it up.” Paul said and opened the soft drink.

“I am sorry; we had an emergency meeting in the office, so I ran to the place.”

“I see, I was wondering.”
      They both ate the biscuits and drank the soft drinks together, and then Paul looked at Maria.

“Maria, I can’t just stop loving you.” Paul said and smiled.

“I love you too.” Maria whimpered she stood and came to sit on Paul’s lap.

“I love you Maria, I love you so much.” Paul said and kissed her on the neck.

      Maria stood from her lap; she went to the window and stared across the lawn. Paul went behind her and kissed her at the back of the neck as they both stood by the window.

“Paul I love you but promise me you will never break my heart.” Maria said, she turned around and faced him. Paul looked into her emotional eyes.

“I swear my love, I will never break your heart, I will always bring your dreams to life.” Paul said and carried her from the window and laid her on the bed.

“Paul you have broken down my love with the strengths of your love.” Maria whimpered tears of joy flooded her eyes.

      Love appeared in the room and the air became sweet like old wine. Their bodies melted together and he undressed her and she surrendered in his arms. Their mouths crossed and they kissed, a hot passionate kiss. The tension deep inside their bodies evaporated. He caught her suddenly as she went on the bed. She felt him; he was hard and strong, as he sliced into her like a hot knife inside butter, Maria moaned. She stopped him not; she needed him like the Arab needs a clandestine well in the desert. He moved inside her, each thrust a desire fulfilled. Maria couldn’t forsake him; their moans disappeared with the cool wind.
                                                   X   X   X   X     


      The phone rang five times before Maria picked it. It was Peter, the General Manager of island television. Maria worked at the station as a reporter. Long before he became the General Manager, Maria and Peter were course mates at the University. Peter worked in the television station long before he went to the University. It was Peter that helped Maria secure a job at the station. Peter was married with two beautiful kids.

“Hello Maria.” Peter said he called from the office.

“Good morning Peter.”

“Where are you?”

“I am still at home. I hope there is no problem?”

“There is an accident along Broad Street and I want you to run there. Our camera men are in the place; they are there waiting for you.”

“I can’t make it Peter, Angelina’s house is very close to Broad Street. She can quickly race there.” Maria said.

“I have called Angelina; I just want you to assist her.”

“Okay Peter, I will go there right now.” Maria said.

“The crew will be waiting for you.”

      Maria stood from the bed and went into the bedroom. Thirty minutes later she took her bag and left her room. Outside she saw a taxi; she got within the car and it left in a great deal of speed.

      When Maria came back from the office, she saw her mother and her friend Mrs. Rowland inside the living room. She greeted the two women and went upstairs. She didn’t take her bath for she was so tired that she just fell on the bed and slept off.

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