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A Thorn in Her Life

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)

Chapter 3


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                                                       Chapter 3


     Ringo considered the situation carefully before he left his Master’s house in the evening. That morning he had thought about the whole thing; he knew that, before he rushed to something irrevocable, he needed to sit back and take stock of the situation carefully.

      Ringo was a gardener, a short, lean and witty Man. At fifty five, Ringo looked older than his age. He knew no other job but to plant, water and trimmed flowers. Whenever he became less busy and fagged out, he would sit in the shade with some of his friend and talk about old times. It was when he sat down under the tree that he met Alan, who came to visit Rebecca.

       Ringo knew that Alan was Rebecca’s lover the first time he came into the house. Alan had joined him under the tree and asked many questions. Later they became good pals. Alan gave Ringo tips whenever he visited Rebecca. Alan sometimes came to the house in the night. The little money that Alan tipped Ringo was two times bigger than his monthly salary, so Ringo became Alan’s obedient servant; Ringo always cleared the road for Alan when he would visit Rebecca. Alan even gave Ringo his business card and Ringo became more loyal to Alan than his employer. Ringo would never forget the day that Alan gave him a very expensive Sony Erickson phone. It was his prized possession and he guarded it jealously.
     The last time Alan brought Rebecca home from a night outing, Ringo saw them when they came down from the car. Later he saw Bath drive in a few hours later. That night he knew there would be trouble. Then, when he saw the two lovers kiss each other in front of the car and he watched Rebecca go into the compound, he knew there would be trouble, so he tiptoed up and entered Bath’s compound. He hid behind the flowers, knowing that Bath would never suppress his feeling of anger. No Man could help his anger if he found his wife in another Man’s arms.

        As Bath and Rebecca fought inside the living room, Ringo took out his phone and filmed the two lovers. He captured everything that happened that night inside his cell phone. Time and again while hiding behind the flowers he wanted to come into the room and help Rebecca, but much as he tried he couldn’t and there lay the cause of his pain. He knew that Bath would kill him if he dared come out, he was really afraid of him. Certainly. If Bath saw him there, he would ask why he came to his compound so late at night.

      As he hid behind the flowers very close to the window, he flicked the camera inside the cell phone opened and he took the pictures of Bath as he came out of the house with the sack that contained the body of his wife and dumped it into the back of the boot and sped off.

      Later, back at his quarters, Ringo checked one of his old shirts. Inside he found the business card that Alan had given him inside one of his old shirt, so he went into the bathroom and took a shower. He wore a blue striped shirt and black trousers. Closing the door he and went out of the building, walked down the street and disappeared round the corner like a streak of lightning. He saw a taxi and hailed it.

“Please take me to 303 Roads, Festac Town,” Ringo said. He could hardly suppress the smile that came to his face.

“No problem. Your cost is fifty dough,” the taxi driver said and looked Ringo in the face.

“That is too ridiculous; I will pay thirty.”

“Okay that is our agreement; here we go,” the taxi driver said.

      As they went along the road the taxi driver drove into the petrol station.

“Excuse me sir, I want to refill the car at the petrol station.” the driver said and parked the car at the station.

“No problem Mister.” Ringo said. Bringing out his cell phone, he watched the video of how Bath and his wife fought and how he killed her. In his heart he knew he needed to convince Alan that Bath was the one that killed Rebecca. He sighed; he closing the phone as the driver came back got inside the car.

      As the driver drove toward Festac Town he driver tried to engage Ringo in a conversation, but unknown to him Ringo’s mind was far away.

“Did you watch the football Match yesterday?” the driver said and changed gears.

“I watched no football,” Ringo said. He hated football like a plague ever since he lost his money in a pool bet some years ago.

“The national team fumbled and wobbled; they were beaten mercilessly.”

“What a pity,” Ringo said and spat out through the window of the car.
 The driver drove for some minutes, trying to engage Ringo in more conversation but Ringo just looked at the scenery outside as it car sped along.

“Sir I heard that there were many babes in Kalakuta,” the taxi driver said and smiled.

“I am no babe freak; I hated them with a passion,” Ringo said with severity and the driver shook his head and looked at his face. Ringo turned his face to the window.

      When the driver noticed that Ringo won’t talk to him, he pressed the throttle and the car accelerated fast to Festac Town. Ringo got to 33 Festac Town; he paid the taxi driver, who shook his head when he collected the money. Ringo didn’t look at him; he got down and walked toward a yellow gate. When he got to the gate he pressed the ring.


                                                X   X   X   X


The rain was heavy in the night, for in the morning the sun comes out daringly. Maria was in Peter’s office. Her cell phone rang and she dropped the Magazine on Peter’s table, picking up the phone. As she received the call, she saw that Peter was disturbed. When she cut the phone she looked at Peter and asked what troubled him.

“What is troubling you Peter?” Maria said and went to his side.

“Look Maria, the police stopped their investigation. They are no longer investigating the death of Rebecca Benson,” Peter said.

“Maybe they are dead stuck,” Maria said and smiled.

“There is something fishy in the whole case,” Peter said and tried to print out the police report from inside the computer.

      Maria was surprised by Peter’s statement.

“So what is in your mind Peter?”

“I think the police knew the killer of the young woman.”

“Why did you say that Peter; it is too early to reach a conclusion.”

“Look - the police always stop all the murder investigations in this city,” Peter said, Maria shook her head and wanted to leave the office, but as she held the knob of the door, she glanced back and spoke.

“Do you know your problem Peter?”

“What is it Maria?”

“Your heart is full of negative thoughts.”

“I am a journalist, remember, Maria. I need to ask questions and plenty of them.”

“You always s blame the police for everything that happens in Victoria Island.”

“I am just afraid of the police; they keep stopping investigations of all murder cases.”

‘Then go to the police station and tell them to continue with the case.”

“That is the last thing I will ever do.”

“Okay Peter, get a grip. I am off,” Maria said and left the office.

      When Maria left the office, Peter ran to her. As she walked along the corridor and toward her office he called her name. Maria glanced back and saw him and she turned around and went to meet him.

“Angelina called from the hospital; she said she would like to see you in the evening.”

“How is she doing now?”

“The sickness really affected her but she is getting better.”

“Please do me a favour.”

“What favour, May I ask, Maria?”

“Yeah, tell her I won’t be around,” Maria said and went into her office.

      When Maria left work, she went into her car and drove to Paul’s house; one hour later she got to the house and parked her car at the gate. She removed her sunglasses and put them into her handbag. Going to the gate then opening it, she went into the compound. When she got to the front door she saw a bird inside a cage beside the door; she stared at the beautiful bird.

      Later she knocked on the Mahogany door and a Male voice answered her from inside the house. Maria felt totally relieved; she thought in her mind she would never meet him at home. When he opened the door and saw her, Paul was very happy; he kissed her and lifted her off her feet. He carried her into the living room. Paul’s living room was tastefully furnished with beautiful curtains and a bird-imprisoned rug in the middle of the room. Maria was tired, a streak of sweat formed on her face.

“Maria, you don’t want to use the alarm.”

“Have you repaired it?”

“I repaired it a long time ago.”

“Okay, I don’t know.”

“You are really tired Maria,” Paul said and held her to himself.

“I want to take a shower; I was busy at the office throughout today,” Maria said and yanked off her clothes inside the living room. Paul went into the bathroom upstairs and came back to meet her.

“I have run a bath for you.”

 “Thank you my love.” Maria said. Paul carried her, climbing the staircase. When he got upstairs, he carried her to the bathroom and dropped her gently into the bathtub.
     Paul went back but later came to meet her inside the bathroom.

“Look Maria, I have no food in the house. Let me get something from the supermarket,” Paul said.

“What are you going to buy for me?” Maria asked.

“What did you want, Maria?”

“Get me cream biscuits and some cans of soft drink.”

“There are cans of soft drink inside the refrigerator; you can help yourself to one.”

“Okay I will get them. Run along and be fast.”

“Okay, let me be on my way then.”

‘Don’t keep me waiting here for long,” Maria shouted as Paul descended the staircase.

     When Maria left the bathroom, she went to the room and stared at herself in the mirror. She went downstairs and took a can of coke from inside the fridge.

An hour later, as she was putting on her makeup, Paul came into the room, went behind her and held her tightly to himself.

“I am tired Paul, I need some rest,” Maria said gently.

“I know my love. Come, let me do something for you,” Paul said.

 He carried her to the bed and worked on her muscles with his palms, pressing the muscles at the back of her neck so sensations flowed into her veins. She looked at him as he touched the narrow cleavage of her breasts. Maria was Mad for it; he kissed her on the lips and the exposed parts of her body. He was starved, so they kissed for a long time and she fell on her back to the bed. Maria wanted Paul. She encircled her long legs around his waist as Paul entered her. She moaned softly as he touched her, crushed her to the bed with her body yearning for more, each thrust bringing excitement to her heart. Their moans became warm and tender as they both came together. It was quick, sweet and fantastic.

      One hour later they ate in the dining room, talked and then they both sat in the living room. Maria saw the daily news and read the story of Rebecca Benson and how she was murdered by an unknown assailant.

“Have they found Rebecca’s killer?” Paul said and dropped the Magazine in his hand on the table.

“Not in this world; the police have stopped their investigation.”

“Maybe they have no clue.”

“I guess you are right.”

“Her husband would be devastated.”

“Yeah, they loved each other so much.”

“Come to think of it, the last time we met, you told me that you knew her personally.”

“Yeah, it was a long time ago, but I have not seen her for ages now.”

“It is so sad.”

      Later they watched films together and late in the evening they went upstairs to sleep. As they snuggled together on the bed and talked their past life, Paul told her about his relationship with Ada before she died in a plane crash and they discussed how Maria felt bad about the news.

“I couldn’t eat for days when she died.”

“It’s so sad; you must have felt terrible pains,” Maria said sorrowfully.

      The moon formed an arc in the sky and stared at the two lovers on the bed from the window, silent spreading the blanket over them, Paul held Maria‘s hand and rubbed it against his own. Paul looked at her in the eyes and spoke.

“Maria, it is so sad; you don’t want to talk about your past relationship, right?”

“I have only one relationship in the past. It‘s gone and I don’t want to remember it again, please.”

“Why are you afraid to talk about it?” Paul asked, surprised by her statement.

“I just don’t want to remember it again,” Maria said and stood up from the bed. She got agitated and Paul saw it on her face.

“It is okay Maria, if you think so; I will not dwell on it again.”

      Maria came to the bed and slept on Paul’s chest. Paul touched her face, Paul opened the safe inside the bed and brought out a silver case, opened a small case and brought out two golden rings, Maria wanted to complain but Paul slipped one of the engagement rings onto her finger.

“What is this supposed to mean, Paul?” Maria said she looked at the ring and sat on the bed.

“I want you to marry me Maria,” Paul said and held her hand. Maria couldn’t believe it; she thought it was a dream. She didn’t expect it but it came to her.

      Tears of joy cascaded down her face. That moment she became the happiest girl in the world. She embraced Paul on the bed and they rolled together.

“Paul I love you, I will marry you,” Maria shouted and looked at the golden ring on her finger.

      In the morning, Maria woke up very late. She couldn’t see Paul on the bed, so she went to look for him downstairs. Still she couldn’t find him. She opened the front door and went out of the compound, going to the street then she staring down the road where she saw him in the distance, jogging toward the end of the street. She knew that Paul loved to jog early in the morning; it had become one of his idiosyncrasies. Maria ran after him and she caught up with him and tried to force him back to the house.

“Let go back into the house. I am pretty hungry,” Maria said Paul nodded his head in agreement and they both walked back into the house.

      They ate together and made love again. In the evening Maria went home. As she drove along the road she was so happy that she drove very fast. She pressed the throttle and the car accelerated but suddenly, unknown to her, some police officers had stopped a car on the road and because she was so excited and happy, she didn’t see the car. The police flashed down on the road, but it was too late when she pressed the brake. Her car slammed into a Cadillac. The policemen scampered to safety as the Cadillac fell into a ditch beside the road. Maria was in shock as she stayed glued within the car, where the widescreen was broken and the bonnet was crushed.

      Bath came out within the Cadillac badly scared and unhurt. When Maria Managed to come down within her car she ran to the Cadillac inside the ditch, afraid, as the driver came out within the car. The policemen pulled Bath from the wrecked Cadillac. There was broken glass on his body but he was unhurt. Bath removed his glasses and wanted to lambaste Maria when he saw her face. Maria cried and apologized to him when he suddenly gazed into her eyes.

“I am deeply sorry, sir,” Maria pleaded.

      Bath looked into her eyes again and he was convinced that she was Maria, his former girlfriend. The policemen came to her side and wanted to arrest her but when they saw her with Bath, they went back to their car and stood at a distance and waited to lay their hands on her.

“Maria Anderson if I am right,” Bath said as he looked into her eyes; Maria was shocked when Bath called her name.

“Yes of course, I am Maria.”

“Maria, don’t you recognize me again?” Bath shouted and Maria looked into his face. She was shocked; Bath was the last person she hoped to ever see again.

“Oh, you are Bath Benson, right?” she gasped.

“Yes Maria. It’s been long.”

“You have really changed.” Bath said and they shook hands.

      The police towing vehicle came and brought out the car from inside the ditch. Maria and Bath talked together as the police brought out the car from inside the ditch.

“I was sad when I heard about the death of Rebecca,” Maria said in an emotion-laden voice.

“That is how we see it; she was killed by an assassin.” Bath said.

“So where are you going, Maria?”

“I am going home. I just got excited. I couldn’t concentrate and I lost control of the car.”

“What is the cause of the excitement?” Bath said as one of the policemen came to meet him. He excused himself and followed the police officer to the car.

“Sir, we have to arrest the lady,” one of the police officers said when Bath got to their car.

“No you can’t possibly do that. She is my friend and we are going to settle the case between ourselves.” Bath said, bringing some wads of cash from his pocket and giving some to the police officers before and went back to Maria.

“So, how much am I going to pay for the damaged car?” Maria said.

“Forget about it. My insurance company will take care of it.”

“Thank you very much Bath. I am most grateful.”

“You don’t worry about it.”

“I almost ran into debt today,” Maria said.

Later they stopped in front of Maria’s car and they both tried to close the bonnet.

“Maria, when shall I see you again?” Bath asked as they both exchanged their business cards. Maria perused his business card for some minutes and dipped it into the pocket of her jeans.

“I am pretty busy right now but I will give you a call.”

 “Okay, I will be expecting your car very soon,” Bath said the police had brought out the damaged car from inside the ditch and parked it beside the road.

      Maria followed Bath to the damaged car. She examined it and Bath told her not to worry. Bath got into the drivers’ seat and turned the engine, which sprang to life.

“Maria, I will be expecting your call unfailingly,” Bath said and held her hand.

“I will definitely call you,” he said and drove off.

      Inside the car, Bath thought about Maria and what had transpired. He discovered that Maria was more beautiful, Mature and attractive than when he first met her. He tried to compare Rebecca and Maria in terms of beauty and brain; he discovered that Maria was more intelligent and beautiful than Rebecca. He believed that Maria belonged to him and destiny made their path cross once again. He vowed he would never allow her to slip out of his fingers. He read her business card and he was impressed. He pressed the throttle and the car accelerated.

      Later in the night, Bath dialed her phone number. The phone rang and Maria picked the call. They talked for some minutes. In the night just before she slept Bath called her phone again, and when Maria picked the call and saw it was Bath, she cut the phone and slept. Two hours later, a message came to her cell phone. She read it. It was a love message also from Bath. Before going back to sleep she deleted the text message.





                                                  X   X   X   X


 Ringo got to the gate and pressed the bell, but nobody answered him. It was too late before he knew that Alan was not at home. There was a tree in front of the building, and Ringo sat in the shade and waited for Alan patiently like a farmer waits for the first rain. Ringo looked like a solitary bird on the lonely shore as he sat there.

      Alan, in his early forties, was a tall, handsome Man, the director of the defunct Apex shipping company, and he was now employed by Mr. Benson to manage his shipping company. Alan didn’t know that Benson used his vessels for illegal activities until one of his own vessels was impounded by customs officials. Alan didn’t recover the vessel and later he heard that Benson had purchased the vessel back from customs. Later Mr. Benson bent Alan five million dollar to purchase another vessel, but Alan didn’t know that it was Mr. Benson that had purchased this vessel.

      When Mr. Benson learnt that Rebecca and Alan were lovers, he got angry and tried to stop him but Alan was adamant. He loved Rebecca and refused to leave her. Benson tried to cajole him with no avail. Mr. Benson became Mad that Alan won’t leave Rebecca alone; so he made sure that the Customs impounded the new ship that Alan had bought. Benson told three of his men to implicate Alan in the night when some men loaded bags of cocaine into the ship. The police later declared him wanted. Mr. Benson vowed to teach him a lesson because he had refused to leave Rebecca alone.

      Now Alan sat in a restaurant and thought about Rebecca. Her sudden death had shocked him and sent cold shivers down his throat. When he leant that she died he wept all day long. He was inconsolable. He couldn’t sleep and when he managed to rest his back, he saw her in his dream. Never in his wildest imagination did he have the thought that Rebecca would ever die; she was young and full of life. He loved her so much even though she belonged to another Man.

      He could remember vividly how they met each other and every word of their conversation at Benson’s birthday party. At the party Bath had left her alone and went after other women, so she sat alone at the table and when Alan looked at her across the table, he got up from his seat and walked to her, as if she expected him. She stood up and greeted him and they exchanged pleasantries. As they talked together in the party Alan knew she was hungry for love, and they talked together as if they had known each other forever.

      When the moon emerged from a cloud, she touched his hand and took him to one of the room inside the house. Rebecca was high as a kite, and they kissed for so long. They kissed as if their lives depended on each other. Alan was surprised to discover that Rebecca was sex starved. She tore his clothes. Alan responded and held her to the bed. When he entered her, Rebecca moaned and pushed her hip toward him. She was hungry like a starved prisoner. She held onto Alan, moaning in ecstasy and climbing on top of him, Alan didn’t starve her. He loved her in a hot passionate way. That night Rebecca followed Alan to his house.

      A night before her death Alan had packed all the pictures of Rebecca inside one bag. He had only left one on the television. He cried at his stupidity, knowing that if he had forced Rebecca to leave the country, she wouldn’t have died. Rebecca had told him how she wanted to leave Bath, divorce or no divorce, but he had pleaded with her to wait till the court granted her prayer and together they would get Married and traveled out of the country.
Alan had one asset; he would sell all his properties. He used part of the money to pay the debt that he owned Benson and his associates. He wanted to sell his building and travel out of the country. That was the reason he had come to the restaurant. One of his friends had promised to buy the building, and he expected his friend eagerly like a groom expecting a bride. Alan knew that Bath was responsible for Rebecca’s death. Rebecca had warned him how Bath threatened to kill her Many times, but he didn’t take her seriously.

      As Alan sat in the restaurant and waited for the arrival of his friend, the day seemed to flash by like desert wind. Alan lost his exuberance, and he couldn’t even order beer. After he waited in the restaurant for so long and when he couldn’t see his friend again, he got fed up he stood up and went into his car and drove off.

      Meanwhile Ringo was tired of waiting for Alan under the tree, so he laid his back on the tree and slept. He snored. Then, suddenly the noise from Alan’s car woke him up. Alan saw him when he stopped in front of the gate, and stopped the car and came down, he looking at Ringo and wondering who he was. Later, when he got closer to him, he discovered he was Ringo. In his heart he wondered why Ringo had come to his house. He was the last person he hoped to see in his sad state.

“Good afternoon sir,” Ringo said and bowed his head t. He could hardly suppress a smile.

“Long time Ringo, good to see you.” Alan said and told Ringo to enter the compound. When Alan opened the gate, Ringo went to assist him. Alan went into the car and drove inside the compound.

      When they got inside the living room, Alan gave Ringo a bottle of soft drink; Ringo looked excited, his face scanning the beautiful living room. Alan went upstairs, he wondering why Ringo had come to in his house. When he came downstairs, he dropped some money on the table.

“Here take this, Ringo; I think this money will bring our relationship to a justifiable end,” Alan said and sat on the chair. He opened a bottle of Coke and wanted to gulp it down his throat when Ringo spoke.

“No Mr. Alan, I didn’t come for money. I don’t need your money. Take it away. I have more money than you are giving me.”

“Take it Ringo. I am sorry. I am not angry with you. Just take it for the service and help,” Alan pleaded with him to accept the money.

“I know how you felt sympathy for me,” Ringo said and looked at Alan in the face.

      Alan fixed his gazed on Ringo eyes he was shocked that he had rejected the money. When he looked at Ringo’s face again, he knew that he got something up his sleeve.

“I am sorry about Rebecca’s death.” Ringo said.

“It is okay, Ringo,” Alan said and stood up. He went to the window and came back to sit down again. Alan was sad; he took the bottle in his hand and flung it on the wall. The bottle didn’t break but it clashed on the floor.

“It is okay, Mr. Alan,” Ringo said and pleaded with him not to wound himself.

“It is alright Ringo. It’s just the pain of losing Rebecca. I couldn’t take it away from my mind,” Alan said with choke of bitterness in his voice. Ringo looked at his face and spoke.

“I have something to tell you, Mr. Alan.” Ringo said and Alan looked at his face and wondered what he wanted to say that he had not said.

“What, Ringo? What did you want to tell me?”

“I saw Bath when he killed Rebecca,” Ringo said. He dropped the words like a bomb. Alan stood up and went to the window; standing there and gazed outside. He thought that Ringo had come with a very important issue.

“Look, everyone - just like you - know that Bath killed Rebecca, but that is hearsay.”

      Alan thought that Ringo would have superficial evidence and just like himself, Ringo, the police and some of his friends, nobody had any concrete evidence with which to prosecute Bath. Alan knew he would need concrete evidence to nail Bath and send him to jail. Alan turned to Ringo.

“Look Ringo, I know that Bath murdered her and most people do. I know I have got a witness in you but there is something missing, something nobody knew about.”

      Ringo kept silent and allowed him to finish his speech. Then he breathed deeply as a ray of sunshine cut across the living room. He bowed his head and thought for few seconds.

“You look very thoughtful, Ringo.” Alan commented.

“Look, this is the evidence I have got,” Ringo said and displayed his phone.

“What is this?” Alan asked, smiling sheepishly.

“My phone, of course. It contains all the evidence that you could ever use to prosecute Bath.” Ringo said and opened the cell phone.

      The phone in the living room rang and Alan went to pick it up. It was his friend calling from the restaurant. He had arrived there and met Alan’s absence. Alan promised to see him the next day and came back to Ringo.

“Here, take a look at the phone,” Ringo said and Alan smiled. He sat down and looked at the phone.

      When Alan watched the video inside the cell phone, he became shocked. In the video, he saw Rebecca and Bath curse each other and fight inside the living room. Alan saw Bath hit Rebecca on the face just before she fell down.

“Look inside the camera, Mr. Alan,” Ringo said and Alan strolled to the camera section of the phone. When he opened it, he saw Bath carry Rebecca into a sack and drop her into the back of the car. He saw Bath’s vicious face in the camera. The video came to an end when Bath drove out of the compound. Alan watched the video Many times and cried. He fell on the chair and wept profusely inside the living room, Ringo saw his handkerchief on the floor and he gave it to him.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Alan,” Ringo said as Alan wiped the tears off his face. When Alan could look at Ringo, he thanked him.

“Ringo I am so happy, you are a friend indeed. I will forever be grateful to you.”

“Don’t mention it, Mr. Alan. You have been so kind to me,” he removed the memory card from inside the phone and gave it to Alan.

“I hope you save some inside your phone.”

“Everything is inside my phone.”

“Thank you Ringo,” Alan said and went to embrace Ringo.

“It is okay.”

“Please make sure you don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Cross my heart, Mr. Alan. No living soul will ever see this phone or hear about it.”

“I trust you Ringo. Now I have a big evidence to prosecute Bath and send him to jail. I promise you Ringo, he will never get out of it.”

“I think I will be on my way,” Ringo said and stood up.

 “Wait a minute, Ringo I am coming;” Alan said and climbed the staircase.

      When he came back, he gave Ringo thirty thousand grand. Ringo was flabbergasted by the huge amount of money that Alan gave him. He smiled and thanked Alan for his generosity.

“Mr. Alan, if the case ever gets to the court, I will stand to be your witness,” Ringo promised and vowed to stick with Alan through rain and sunshine.

      As he saw him outside, Alan thanked him again and promised to visit him.

“Once again, I am very grateful Ringo,” Alan said. When Ringo entered the taxi; he removed a wad of notes from his pocket and gave it to Ringo.

As he went back into the building, Alan was full of smiles. His pulse throbbed with excitement. He knew the end had come for Benson and his son. He vowed to deal with them. When he got to his room, he put Ringo’s memory card into his phone, rested on the bed and watched the video once again. He looked at Rebecca Many times and shook his head in pity because he would never see her again.

      Alan was mesmerized by Ringo’s intelligent. If someone had told him that Ringo could capture everything that Bath did that night on his phone, he wouldn’t have believed it. Alan was restless as he lay on the bed, knowing he now had heavy evidence in his hands to nail Bath and send him to the jail. He felt a curious mixture of pain and joy and thought on what to next with the phone. He felt pain because he lost his lover and felt happy because he had enough evidence to deal with Bath and his father. Alan knew he had to deal with Benson for what he had done to him. He could still remember vividly what Benson had done to him, how he had taken his vessel. He stood up from the bed and knew the time had come for him to deal with Benson and his son tooth for tooth.

      After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing he stood up from the bed and went to stay by the window. Later he came to a decision. He remembered that if used his head he could make millions of dollars with the evidence in his hand. He vowed to hold Benson and his son to ransom and spill the beans later, but first he knew he had to print some hard copies of the video. He would show that to the police and his friend even after he must have collected a lot of money from Benson.

      He checked his wrist-watch and the time was two in the afternoon. With a smile across his face; he went out of the building and drove to Lawrence photo studio.

      Ringo was happy. He counted the money that Alan had given him inside his small room. He had never expected such a large amount of money from Alan. Ringo counted the money and suddenly remembered his girlfriend. He planned in his heart to visit her. As he continued to count the money someone came and knocked on the door. When he opened it, it was Mrs. George, his Master’s wife. Ringo dropped some of the money in his hand inside the room as he stayed by the entrance.

“Where have you been since morning, Ringo?” Mrs. George said. There was a parcel in her hand.

“I went to visits one of my friends, Ma.” Ringo said and smiled

“Here, take this parcel. Go and give it to Mr. Bath in the Victoria Hotel.”

“Okay Ma,” Ringo said and collected the parcel from Mrs. George.

“It’s night already; you can go in the morning

      Ringo was happy when Mrs. George told him to go in the morning; he brought out the money from under the mattress and counted it all over again.

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