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R - Chapter One

By Khaled Alnobani

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R - A Novel

Chapter One

By Khaled Alnobani

A hero doesn't survive in this war. A positive action person cannot be a protagonist in a novel written by local people because eventually he will act as a hero and die or actually be killed. We can’t stand losing a man of our own. We need a prig and hypocrite, someone who is deeply soaked in these values and morals. Such a person would dissolve and disappear in this society.

A group of an Islamic organization was sitting in a restaurant, talking.

“But he will drag much attention,” an officer said.

“Yes, positive attention, people will come to him seeking his services the “officer in charge of the operation” said.

“This level of people always needs an information source.”

“And he is the best fit.”

“Planning is not so easy. Details are more complicated, for a single word can change his position.”

“He should go through discussions, Training, to know what to and what not to say.”

“Give attention to details; it is not important to be a liar or honest. The most important is to be coherent. To give a tailored story to the size of the target.”

These were the ideas of a foreign intelligence officer searching for a spy to be planted in the Islamic Arabian community.

“The term is (place) or (put), not (plant), sir.”

"The term used in Arabic is (plant); it reveals more about the process and the environment. You should acknowledge the insights of the Arabic language.”

"Do we need him Arabian?”

"No, you cannot depend on an Arabian. I want one of my boys.”

"We have Arabians in the force sir. The language is very important.”

"This is a quality of our nation, diversity, but no, not of those also.”

"But why?”

"You can take words out of their mouths. But not actions."

"But, it is a process, sir."

“We can have who’s accent matches.”

“The purpose of this one is different, why and where. Also, his analytical skills. He will be our frontiers.”

“Why we need such a person. Everything is reported to us on time.”

“We need more knowledge and understanding of the process. We need someone to tell us what happens in the streets.”

"I mean why we manage them directly, they are in the open. We know about everything they do.”

"What we know is garbage. There are different levels. The most important is the lowest. Even their leaders don't know about this level.”

"They are classic.”

"They breathe planning, don’t ever underestimate them.”

"When looking at this from some level, we search for creativity. We don't want to discover suddenly that they are as or beyond our level, we want to know things before happening, not after.”

"Our Arabian citizens are in SAC/SOG.”

"We didn't depend on them in the Iraq war. We depended on Russia; they reprogrammed the Iraqis air defense war machine to catch flies, not airplanes.”

“But Arabs worked with spies on the ground sir.”

“Yes, they diverted most of Saddam’s staff.”

“I don’t want those who work for money.”

“They prefer living in America rather than Iraq. There was not much offered for them except a better life.”

“We took all their fortune and returned back a little. They lacked the fewest qualities of accounting.”

"I will not depend only on ideals to protect myself and my country’s interests.”

"Don't try to be smart, you will find in the war field someone to shoot you in the head. Back or front, it doesn't matter” he said, trying to impress the other man.

“This is tearful, does it happen often?”

"No,…no. It is not like that. They don't do that by themselves inside the country. I will not send you to dangerous places,” the officer said to his spy.

“But there are soldiers killed.”

"What does it take out of me to be in this community?” The other man said, surprisingly.

"It takes to kill a boy without any sign of mercy and to cry of fear of God.”

"But why?"

"Those terrorists feel they determine fate and destiny. It is found in Quran. Killing a boy and fearing God.”

"They want to resemble God.”

"This is sacred.”

"The problem is how they see God.”

“Actually, they are different from us. God is a different identity. They don’t decide him, but he decides them.”

"Each house another God.”

"We call this kind of person with these qualities, a serial killer, these days.”

“Some countries legalize crime for certain reasons.”

"Thank you, Peter, for this training and being with us. You should explain that thing about killing the boy in Quran next time.”

"You said killing and not murdering, that is the difference.”

"What is the difference?”

"Mosa the prophet killed a person. These things just happen.”

"Yes just like us. Who gives the license for killing?”

"When will we train for the dirty stuff?”

"That crap is everywhere. I think sometime to come.”

"Your desire of sex will never be fulfilled, for we want you always running.”

"You will dissolve in the community.”

"Humans keep curling about their biological desires.”

These chaotic conversations happen during intelligence training programs. Someone can imagine anything he dreamed of.”

"You should know they are not like us. You are in charge, but you are not responsible.”

"How come?”

"You will know that when you reach the subject of corruption.”

"They have the morals to steal anything.”

"Typically anything.”

"How come boy?”

"I understand, thank you sir.”

"One could order the action but he could not be blamed for any mistake. There are always others to be blamed, or just forget about everything.”

"Our subject could not be a paramilitary officer, isn’t it?”


"I mean the age issues.”

"Those people whose slogan is “let lies be the sunshine of your everyday life”. If they want to drink water, they will invest a lie. It is their life suspense.”

"You must learn chaotic patterns; they will lead you to a butterfly effect. You may need miracles in your mission. You should tie this to black, white, and grey propaganda. Your tools should be cheap.”

“A tiny knowledge of dynamics can cause huge destruction to our civilization. We can’t even link it to anything.”

"In Jordan, the Islamic political organization began big, it began high. This was with the regime and the elite in the forties of the twentieth century."

"They don't join it because they are convinced with it. They join because it is high class, a family Inheritance, like father like son.”

"The internal solid part of the organization has well established institutions.”

"When you see someone dismissed from the movement, you should know that there are bigger ones behind.”

"They treat their leaders holistically.”

"We are not interested in the covert operations of the leaders, the intelligence tells us about that.”

"Then why are they not relying totally on intelligence?”

"We are professionals. We can’t rely on kids. They aren’t yet grown up. If they find a tiny stress they will collapse.”

"But they are perfect interrogators.”

"This is because they are on the wrong side of the interrogating table. They get confessions from the weak who have no other choice.”

"Are they tough officers?”

"They are taken from the wombs of their mothers to become officers. They had no time to become tough men. It is our creativity, not their efforts.”

"Because of this structure What brings the organization together is not love, rather it is hate.”

"There are disposable individuals who can be disposed of any time.”

"Many resign from the organization when they see the hippocratic nature of it.”

"It is not about religion. It is about power and money. This organization is a reservoir for personnel who will do anything for their interests.”

"When some leaders see a glance of opportunities outside the organization, they don't wait to take it.”

"This organization is when chores becomes pleasing.”

"When you take the drink of water from the hands of a thirsty man you will be saturated. When you take the bit from the hands of a hungry man you will be satiated. When you dislocate a person from his position you will be satisfied. When you trip the person who is running, then that is relieving. When you convert a believer from his religion then that is heroic. Think of anything, but not honesty.”

"Don't trust any one of them; they inhale and exhale lies.”

"They breathe lies.”

"You have the values of toys.”

"As you are a tool you will remain a toy.”

At sometime ago there was no public water cycle anywhere in the city streets. When can someone visualize this fact? Samir never thought about it. What worse could happen more than what is already happening?”

For a long time, I thought that twilight resides in the horizon, but I was wrong, it never was there. We try to convince ourselves that there is no end of the view. In the horizon, when earth ends, there is the sky. But can we be wrong? Flat earth or a sphere. Experience never failed us, for when we asked there was always a response. These days we know exactly what the problem is. It is us. We don't deserve a positive response. We are not competent for better. Competency means qualified, skilled, trained and experienced.”

Another group of an Islamic organization remains sitting in a restaurant, talking."

"However you say it, it is the same.”

"What you mean?” the other person said fearfully. He opened his eyes wide open and added "there is no crime.”

"Look around you What do you see,” he said, closing his eyes.

"What do you see?” the other person stressed the word you.

"Crime, corruption, abuse of everything, adultery, fraud, sodomy, monopoly, smuggling.”

"These things could happen in any society.”

"But they are not protected.”

"What is your feeling if someone came to you with a map and started convincing you with discovering new islands, countries and cities?” Samir said smoothly.

"You asked about feelings. I think my mind would explode of such a waste of time,” the unknown person said.

Until this time Sami was talking to himself. Practicing brainstorming, but he never knew the theory of many things he practiced.

At some other location…

He stands firmly in front of his home door, trying to pause his shit a little. In just a moment he is almost there. He couldn't control his anus; he couldn't hold it tight enough. But, oh, no, it slipped away gently. Dirt on his pants, deep inside. It happened to him once since he was baby. Shit was like everything around, pushing it out. It was not funny, and his sister was blamed for his shit, because she didn't open the door on time.

Although he was a university graduate, he noticed that he was not aware of many things around him. He realized that when he trained in a factory, he couldn't follow up the industrial process. He tried but he failed, and small tasks busted him.

"You want me to write an article about the king?” He didn't want to tell the magazine editor that he never was in line with the regime. He was so famous, that fact was known. Yet it was ignored. The editor ignored it. So, he began to write hypocritical articles.

"Plan in advance.” This was the kind of quality he was not aware of, although it accompanied him for a long time in his life. He had a strange behavior. In planning the job, he divided it into several tasks, each task simple and to some extent short. This was his daily life, complete the short-listed task and move to another.

He went to the Capital city to search for work. His Muslim brothers didn't help him at all, although they were able to.

"There is no past or future. There is only the present; win it and you win all.”

A discussion about an activity was happening in a house in a village. The activity was preaching after Alasr prayer.

“If we distributed one thousand invitations for this ceremony, how many people will respond and attend it?”

"If this is the number of invitations, then I think not less than one hundred will attend.”

"I asked you this question and I tell you. I can't answer without some research. I will distribute the invitations myself.”

"It will depend on the reputation of the speaker, but we will put that parameter aside.”

"Lack of trust in ourselves, this is our primary problem. We are prepared to accuse our brothers of espionage for the intelligence despite the fact that he is born, grown and raised among and between us, as if we know him for the first time.”

"We are not brokers in a stock market. We are an organization.”

A dialogue was repeated in himself as a rhythm.

"You are not watching B.J. and the monkey anymore. You are not a truck driver against the police. Although the general intelligence department is one of your enemies, you are not a child. Grow not a little but to your true age. Look to yourself; now you are not more than a joke.”

"Oh, Allah, the first before all things, and the last after all things, I ask you by all names you named your self by, and I ask you by all your descriptions you described your self. To forgive and help me.”

"I never retreated, always on the tip of the sword or spear. If someone is to be injured, he will not be me. If someone is to be killed, he will not be me. I am always there to act on time.” He thought that he could ignore the fact that he was never involved in a real struggle, like most organization members around him.

"You know something? How many times have you asked yourself why you are doing this or that?”

"Is that important? Obeying without question is a must.”

"No, this is important, obeying for the children, not for adults.”

"You know one suspension and it is a bad record," he added. “Shit for this organization and its methods.”

"Don't make your ambitions high. Make it just enough.”

He added "make your targets money and you will end where you should be.”

"You will discover that everything is about money first and power second. The ideas and ideals are bullshit.”

His mind was shattered, only one idea. How to achieve it? He couldn't withstand what he was told. It wasn't a small information leak. It was a whole archive.

He attended all the camps possible except one in Ajlune, the city in the north. That was just merely luck because the head of the intelligence department in that city investigated the camp and the names of those who attended was already documented. The intelligence officer was disguised as a hunter with all required tools. It wasn't a coincidence, for he had bullets in case. But why did that fear of children have a camp to have fun.

"Isn't it all about Islam? Nobody cares about it.”

"Even, sodomy was there in summer camps?”

Can the intelligence information be false? A whole picture was falling. What words are available to describe this. I will not be sorry for the crap stunning beauty. For these ill-minded brilliant geniuses.

In some office in the big city, this what was happening.

"My final decision is Yes, I can and accept working with you.”

This was not a rare case for the intelligence officer. He was happy that certain results had been obtained, and they must celebrate.

The accident in the CIA's forward operating base, Camp Chapman attack, by Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi on December, 30, 2009 in Afghanistan was obscuring the vision in the department. Nine intelligence personnel were killed by a double agent. How could this disaster happen? It was totally unbelievable. It was too bad to be true. Can they tell the Americans that it is not imagined? If they were free, not regime slaves, they would throw these words in American’s faces.

In the restaurant the members continued their conversation.

"Tell him I don't buy your story.”

"The boy tore them apart.”

"No, he was slurring in speech in his last recording on his way to the base.”

"We know who works for whom now.”

"Do you believe that story? It's Americans' movies!” He looked to the ceiling, blowing cigarette smoke.

"The base gate guard killed the genius double agent and the Pakistani General.”

"And our officer.”

"How come he is ours?”

"They're our enemy. We hate them and everything they symbolize,” the organization member said violently.

"When you hear the American story after some years you will regret your memory.”

"What is your story?”

"The Doctor was honest with his manager. And he did his best job right. He transferred information and locations he could, but they became carte blanche after recording about a suicide attack against the Americans. He was no longer usable, so they disposed him and everything related to him. They were not in a hurry to kill but there were those cooperating with them. It was an opportunity and they had it.”

"Why you are so skeptical? Look and see around us,” the other man continued.

"See the news well. First that idiot who believed in a false cause and was not able to talk. He was reading from a paper. In the following records he collected his strength and talked from his mind.”

"Look to the situation here. Don't adapt illusions.”

"No, you look and see, but in Pakistan insane raids using drones happen every day. It isn't an issue with Pakistan and the American army. It is surely because three persons are killed, Pakistanis General Ali Ben Zaid and the defendant. The seven American soldiers were never touched.”

"The attack reason, given by the attacker on the news, was a joke. All the civilians’ deaths went unnoticed, and the revenge was for Taliban leaders.”

"The power of being an informant.”

"Yes, the power of an informant.” All the men around the table felt the same.

"But the reason was different.”

"What reason?”

"The reason for what? “

"The reason for the killing. Haven’t you asked yourself or asked me as the owner of this theory, why Americans would kill their informant and the cooperator who administrated him.”

"Are there details?”

"Let me build for you the events as I imagine and as the culture exists here in the country.”

He added “we know that Americans are serious and professional, but we are not. The informant went into the tribal area of Pakistan and, despite all the directions and poor training he had, he didn’t find any way to reach some of his aims except to convince them that he is a double agent and they convinced him to go on a suicide mission.”

"Then what?”

"Then nothing. The Americans got insane about the results, and the informant returned to them as a suicide bomber. All the efforts and resources. Reports to the American political administration about the expectations. Anyone would take serious action nonetheless as an American intelligence officer. You heard the rest on the news.”

"You drive me mad. End this discussion. We don’t care whatever happened.”

In an isolated room in the same restaurant the following conversation began.

"This Msakhan meal is a disaster. I can't distinguish anything but onions. The chicken must be wrapped with thin bread. Everything here seems wrong. Who led us to this restaurant in the first place? Where is the sumac?”

"Don't you want to eat it?”

"No, I don't.”

"Who gave the idea of blocking the gathering areas of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations with barriers”” he added after a look to the table. “For decades we could not think of that.”

"His name is confidential. The written report was circulated but without a name.”

"Who can theorize something like that? It is completely suitable for our case.”

"Can't we find loyal people, completely safe and intelligent for our purposes?”

"Loyal to whom? People stopped watching the national TV. They even don't want to hear about the country’s symbols.”

The following ideas were forbidden to appear by the control room.

"We're a model of pests simulated by Americans, all these bases and operations centers in the country. We cannot even ask about a POLITICAL ACTION GROUP. We don't work with the CIA. We are the enemy, their enemy.”

"We can't defeat Americans, but there is a similarity we can use. We all sacrifice ourselves for a medal, a piece of junk metal.”

"Americans don't want to end this war against terrorism. They like it. It is their feature film. It is a source of heroes’ medals and passions.”

"There are two levels for the Muslim Brotherhood organization, the core organization level and the missionary level.”

"Weakness and strength of the organization lie upon the existence of these two levels.”

"It is a tribal matter.”


"It is that why the Jordanian intelligence is not serious about banning them? They all are protected by tribal laws.”

"You can find within the core organization individuals who doesn't pray or go to Masjid.”

"The praying carpet is stolen; the ablution water is stolen; the Holy Quran copy is stolen from the Masjed.”

"This whole society is a conspiracy against Islam. They curse the religion, Allah, prophet Muhammad and Quran.”

"This isn't our issue.”

"We get appointed by patronage, get promoted by patronage and have the position we want by patronage.”

"This is our traditional civilized culture.”

"What intelligence people do these days.”

"As usual, they are busy entering bedrooms.”

"Fulfilling biological needs, that is the privilege,” one of the intelligence officers said.

"It is not about religion or politics. Those people are not serious about involvement in the society life. They are used to objection and fond of secret work. Although they are totally deceived about this war.”

"Secret life is a fever.”

"Children and students like it because they haven't yet been mature and have not gotten married and involved in the duties of life.”

"When they be aware of that, they either quit or familiarize themselves with the situation. But they don't expect much.”

"They are mentally retarded.”

"Don't exaggerate.”

"No, I am sure. Look at how they treat their leaders and how they apply organizational principles. They are ill minded.”

"They are gossipers and circulators. It is a living quality in this organization.”

"Killing for money and for merely criminal reasons is not terrorism. That means its consequences are only statistics. This is the American view of the subject.

In a Masjed a person was talking to another about Islamic songs, not a usual subject for conversation.

“It is our fault. We are taken by microphones and loudspeakers to the degree we don't give attention to the lyrics.”

"What you mean?”

"I feel that who wrote these songs are watching us, not involving with us. How can I imagine a person on the edge of life and society can write a positive poem?”

"Then you write for us.”

"I don’t have alternatives for creativity.”

"I mean a proverb could kill. An idiom could kill.”


"These songs tear emotions apart. Leaders and first level of executors should not listen to or sing them.”

"You are ill. It is a thrill for continuity.”

"We are not magicians. Or I think I am totally wrong, for we use magic.”

"What is this conversation?”

"Why you think the Palestinians lost their cause and failed.”

"I don’t know.”

“They are not asked to win. They’re only asked to declare comprehensive war.”

“Then what?”

“This is the right course of action, to declare JEHAD, if nobody followed. Then…”

“Again, then what?”

“ALLAH will deploy his forces.”

“This is insanity and ridiculous.”

“Angles deployment mentioned in Quran in Alanfal is ridiculous and insanity?”


“Quran is not your book. Your book is the faces of those leaders who will pee in their pants if a policeman puts handcuffs on their hands.”

“If the process is initiated, nobody can stop it. Its driving force is choices, choices will keep pushing mechanically until the deadline, and the result is completely assured.”

“Hamas is doing well and enough.”

“Hamas isn’t a national organization. It is international and that part of it is more court than to hurt a fly on their dishes and its presence is giving feelings of relaxation to all Muslim.”

“Leaders will handle everything.”

“This is not the age of leaders. If a soldier initiated JEHAD, then it is it. He will have God well.”

“What a poor person you are.”

“Yes, I am poor, and you chased me for months to join your ridiculous organization, your leaders are your God. Get lost!”

At another location, the relationship between the past two persons was evaluated by two organization members.

“What happened?”

“We don’t want this person. He will spread extremism. Imagine that he wants to declare Jehad over everything.”

“Oh, stop. That is enough. I don’t want to hear more. We can live without him, with this kind of mentality.”

“He doesn’t respect leaders.”

“This is a lesson to you. Be aware of your choices.”

“I gave him the book of Abdallah Azzam and he was convinced with the idea.”

“Did you tell him that the book was written by Abdallah Azzam?”

“Of course not.”

“This is wisdom. You are a wise person.”

In an intelligence office, the following conversation occurs.

“Do you want a report?”

“No, I don’t have time for that.”

"I brought to you a gift, a marvelous hunting sir.”

"What is it?”

"An extremist.”

"Are you sure? This should be recorded.”

"Yes sir, it is completely recorded. I spent a month with him, and I am sure of the result.”

"Is he organized?”

"No sir, you can do whatever you want. Nobody will ask about him, for he is from a refugees camp.”

"O.K. I will listen to the recording and decide over it.”

"Sir, you can use him. Send him anywhere.”

"This is not of your business. Take your money and get lost.”

The following conversation happened between two intelligence officers.

“We have a new potential, recruit here.

"He believes in Jehad and wants to fight Americans.”

"I don’t want classical work and procedures, I want a piece of art. I will listen to his recording.”

"The orders are a piece of art. Take him in, from his bed.”

"His family must witness his humiliation. There is nothing to be afraid of. He is from a refugees camp and he is teenager.”

"When we go to his two-room house we will find a CDs recording, about Jehad, I know who gave them to him. From there we start.”

"We will bring him in for interrogating.”

“Who will interrogate him?”

“The bloody man.”

“What are your intentions?”

"He will tame him like a dog.”

"Yes, he can.”

“We will sell him to the Americans. And there is some opportunity in it.”

“Will he accept working with them?”

“This teen is not organized, has no past experience in Jehad, he is clean with no records.”

“Can I supervise his torture? He seems a good hunt and, if Americans accept the work, I will have the opportunity to earn a lot of money, not mentioning the travel.”

“He is a fortune, many officers will ask that role and, you know, the strongest will win.”

In a dark room a teen began to hear voices.

“What is your name?”

"Do you know why we brought you here?”

For the second question, the boy answered “no”.

"We brought you here because you are a terrorist.”

"No, I beg you, I am not.”

"We have recordings for you.”

"You planned to attack American soldiers here in the country. Our reporters never lie.”

"But…” the interrogator didn’t let him finish.

"The whole population of the country cooperates with us.”

Two Palestinians had the following conversation:

"Abu Masen had words. A bunch-of-garbage PhD thesis made him a Palestinian leader.”

“There are others.”

“Israel killed every single person who can force a fair solution with it. Whoever continues to live is nothing.”

"They didn’t kill Arafat.”

"He was not a soldier; soldiers force solutions, not leaders.”

“What is the problem with you?”

“Betrradors should have been killed without hesitation. This is the mistake of Abu eyad.”

"Who is Abu eyad?”

"The witness who saw the Palestinians slaughtered everywhere and remained calm until he was killed by the hands of his own guards.”

“We were talking about lyrics. What are these subjects we are getting in.”?

“You should be able to discuss any subject.”

“Yes, after preparation.”

“There are levels. You should spend more time in this organization.”

“Do you listen to those songs?”

“Of course. I want to cope with the boys.”

"Get out of your mood, look around, and you will see different ideas.”

"Many times, we work against each other, each one trying to defend his benefits and belongings, if we just understand each other.”

"You know that organizing wisdom is not acceptable. You should have a forcing authority for your wisdom to be accepted.”

"This age is the age of ironic leaders.”

“Intelligence saves the pride of the nation but ours is busy interrogating and annoying us.”

"You are blind to see their benefits.”

"What did you say?”

"No nothing, I am sorry.”

"Those people don’t have benefits. They are all sins.”"

"One day to come we will rule over everything.”

In one of America’s frontier bases there was a lot of work to be done.


"This is a typical work. They invented the accusation. The whole thing is a setup.”

"Can we use him as informant. We need many informants in Pakistan.”

"Why not the other way around. I mean Afghanistan.”

"It is the same.”

"We are blind; he will be our eyes.”

"There are no innocent people. They all are our enemy, even those informants.”

"I wish he will succeed and don’t force us at the end to kill him.”

"Who will manage this informant?”

"Formally us, but the interface will be the person who recruited him.”

"This will cost more money.”

"At least we are sure where the money goes.”

"We must be aware of every step we take.”

"From now on.”

"Yes, from now on.”

"First we must prepare this person in his current spot.”

"Send the file to planning.”

"Yes sir.”

"There are many details to be accounted for.”

"The internet is the beginning point as usual.”

“No, this time is different.”

"We will go directly to the source.”

"What source?”

"It is not obvious now in my mind, but sooner or later it will come.”

"We cannot begin with Muslim Brotherhood, for he was already there.”

"It is the spring where everything evolves.”

"It is a maze; we cannot manage him there.”

"Do not worry about management.”

"Everything is simple and easy.”

“Usually, we need small number of persons to run an operation, but we see challenges here.”

"One day we will declare victory.”

"This war will never end. We are spending much and much money but with no results.”

"Where to send this boy?”

"To the way without return.”

"There are many options.”

"Every option an opportunity.”

"Let us analyze our options.”

"ISIS is everywhere.”

"Is this true.”

"This is not a fact. This is an assumption.”

"Assumptions don’t help. We must be sure.”

"He will end as suicide bomber. This is for sure.”

" At that stage we must continue controlling him.”

"Then it will not be a peaceful mission.”

"No it will not be.”

"He will be alone, working for us. He needs a driving potential.”


"What if he doesn’t have time or place to spend it?”

"Let us convince him that he works for the glory of his country.”

"After the insult he has seen from his country, that will be a disaster.”

"What is the solution of this dilemma? Those idiots who brought him didn’t leave us many working choices.”

"If he accepted working for a foreign country, what is the thrill to continue working?”

"There is no other choice, money and women.”

"Women will be new for him. He is still young for that.”

"Let us start it.”

"Good option.”

"Let us make a good story.”

"If he gets access to a woman’s body he will never stop.”

"A point to start.”

"He will search for women. It is a thrill, and we will build his dreams.”

"Are you satisfied with this plan?”

"No, not yet.”

"The beginning must be something artistic.”

"He is not the first person; we have long experience.”

"Yes we have, but every man is a different case.”

"Why you are worried this time?”

"Circumstances, I don’t want to be deceived.”

"It is a long way.”

"If mistakes happen, it will not be a long way.”

"Send a message. Tell them we accept this as informant, but they should convince him to work with us, using our own plan.”

"I will tell them that we need an officer from their side to control him.”

"Do not forget the money transaction.”

"Yes this is the most important.”

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