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R - Chapter Two

By Khaled Alnobani

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R - A Novel

Chapter Two

By Khaled Alnobani

Psalm 137:5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill. ... Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand go limp. ... If I forget ...

In a frontier base of the central intelligence, in the holy land, the situation was calm.

The confessions of an ISIS militant. “Put it online." This means putting the recordings on YouTube.

"It is top secret sir.”

"I decide, not you.”

"Yes, sir.”

“Your bullet is in my gun.” The central agency officer heard some thing saying.

“What, what you said.”

“What, I said nothing.”

“I heard you saying, your bullet in my gun.”

“You should see a doctor. Nobody said anything in this place”.

“But I am sure I heard that.”

“Yes, you did hear but nobody said, and if not, I know what psychiatrists are. I would advise you to see one.”

“This is too bad to be true. Illusions with me.”

"You should report this as near miss.”

“Yes, I am going to do that.”

“Why you hate them?”

" I hate what they symbolize. They are great losers. They lose intentionally.”

“What you see?”

“What you mean?”

“I mean from bird’s-eye, what you see? 

“A question for a question, this is what I get from you.”

“I see that we are dealing with comedians. We can do what ever we want.”

"When they capture ISIS militants they start laughing and mocking.“

“Something new, sir.”


“The magician prince invited a magician from Morocco.“

“And what?”

“The invited magician is specialised in black magic sir.”

“Who is the target? “


“Oh, Jesus’ crisis. Let us see new legend from the MASTER. They are not only comedians they are also idiots.”

“Of all what he does this might be his end as a politician. This idiot “

“You can use magic for many things but not for political purposes.”

“The most important I want to know what he is up to. If a new treasure, then OK.”

The Price was talking with the black magic magician “I want this boy to be destroyed, anyhow.”

"But that will cost you very much.“

"Ask for any amount of money.”

"Why you don’t do it yourself. You know the rituals.”

"I need the work of an expert.”

The prince didn’t tell the magician that he tried many times to setup the MASTER and he failed. He was afraid that the magician will ask for more money.

“What’s going on?”

"This file contains all information about the boy.”

“I worked very much, and nothing is working," the magician told the prince.

“Why?” The price asked.

“I don't  know. This boy is resisting black magic like a monster. Everything he says turn into a ritual, and it is instantly executed. I don’t know how to respond.”

“The magician had a call from Morocco.  What the hill you are doing?”

“What you mean?”

The reply came affirmative “The stars are moving.”

“What stars. The movie’s stars are always moving.”

“Nonsense, idiots. The stars in the sky are moving." 

“But who can move a star?" 

“Allah, you are working against Allah.”

“No... No, he is a boy and I am already destroying him. I am about to.”

“Stop everything and runaway, you have no chance to succeed.

“Who knows other than you about the motion of stars?”

“Some in Morocco and no one else. You know there is a lag time to reach the observers on earth.  If the events kept going on like this, he will enter us into a black hole.”

“But we are more than a million years from a black hole.”

“He’s the black hole you poor magician. You should not work against him from the outset. You don’t know the basics of black magic.”

“I know it, but I didn’t imagine that there is someone on earth who can do this. I am drowned.”

“This means you will lose your choices. All of us will loose our choices except him and we will forget the chronological order.”

“You should have studied the target and the purpose before you began with black magic.”

“This means that this boy is using higher magic which was written in the boards of prophet Mosa.”

“But how this could be? No  one knows where the boards are. And all humanity is ignorant about that kind of magic.”

“We are against ALLAH.”

“I didn’t pay you three million for this. This boy must get insane,” the prince said.

“This will happen for sure. I am sure of this.” He repeated the last sentence asif he was not believing what was happening.

The magician was in deep thinking that he lost the battle, and he must leave the prince on his own.

“This kind of black magic renews itself constantly. It is related with stars. It never ends." the magician told the prince.

“Who is the cursed, us or him?" the officer asked one of his colleagues.

“Who you see peaceful and who is attacking the other “

“If the magic didn’t work, then it is the end of one side “

“Surely something will happen to make us forget about everything.“

“What you have done is extremely foolish. Instead of connecting him to a star you connected all of us, Now we are all under his mercy.”

“This is really a dead end.”

“Tell yourself, how could you begin this kind of a thing?”

“I will eat you alive.”

“What you want?”

“To destroy you.”

This was the last dialogue between the two sides of black magic wars. One of the boys and the other side was the great wizards of the universe. The boy depended on unpredictable revenge from his family against all evil. The black magic wizards didn’t imagine that everything he said was a secret weapon of ritualistic intent. He did not leave anything for chance. This war against evil is not for losing, it should be won .

When the boy distinguished a pattern in the surroundings, he turned it into randomized existence. They should have no way of surviving even if they used verses of Quran. For that the only verse which worked was “(26) And those who disbelieve say, "Do not listen to this Qur’an and speak noisily during [the recitation of] it that perhaps you will overcome." Fussilat, and the boy overcome.

On the other side the boy was frustrating. He was in deep pain, He was not afraid of losing because that was not a choice or an option. Everything which happen is a choice. If God can do it, then I can. No matter what, he will win. This what he promised God. He even declared WAR against the United States, even though he owns nothing but himself.

This whole war is for the survival of humanity, and this country war machine puts everything on the edge. He sent an e-mail to the state’s embassy Amman, declaring Jehad over everything and anything related to the United States.

“There’s an alternative B plan for the CIA your highness.”


“Direct contact, your highness.”

“Nuclear weapon “

“Unfortunately, we used this as a strategic weapon, and it didn’t work.”

“Oh... God.”

“Put him aside.”


“Mental illness, your highness. If black magician didn’t work, then Mental illness will. It is for sure.”

“Why have they remained silent all this time “

“They were watching.”

“Did they know about the motion of the stars.”

“They didn’t believe that. They said NASA didn’t detect the motion of any star.”

“Thanks. They are that idiots. That thing is told and not detected.”

“Your highness, let me send a guard to kill this boy. Nobody will ask about him.”

“We arranged that with Americans. It was a total failure. This boy is a God of Martial Arts. He is immune of death.”

“Everything ended before the beginning.”

“Let us begin with the Mental illness hospital in Fhase.”

“He will instantly get insane. He will see the impossible.”

“No way he will survive with his mind.”

On the other side, the boy was in great pain. The mental hospital was a disaster. A group of patients were standing in a line to f--- one of them. The hospital was full of criminals who were spending their sentences. Very much unusual crimes.

“How much time will his family let him be there?”

“I don’t know but everything happening is wrong, I feel it deeply in my mind.”

“This boy is not God; he must be defeated somehow.”

“This is the only way. Medications.”

“Psychiatrists of this country will diagnose his case in no time.”

“Those ignorants do not follow any verifiable procedure for diagnosis. He feels that someone is watching him. They will diagnose that as schizophrenia.”

On the other side of the universe there was a waiting civilisation which was contacting the MASTER through TV programs. For them there were no way of capturing earth except through him. He was against any kind of their rule.

The other civilisations were waiting for something to happen. This could never end in peace. The MASTER will control everything.

“Is there any fear for him from earthens?”

“No. Not a part of a billion.”


“They are all toys." 

“There is a symmetry over interface.”

“Their source of knowledge is an interface”.

“What is his source of knowledge?”


All the civilisations of the universe were standing to see what will happen with them.

The MASTER sent a message to a civilisation in the Andromeda galaxy that a comprehensive war is declared. An instant reply received. Saying “JUST.”

The MASTER in deep self was well prepared. He will not send a single Palestinian for death, but the wars need management.

“You are in the valley of toys.”

After one of them was burned alive they told him: “You are not a God.”

The situation with questions were different. For a question “Who are you” the answers were something very strange that I cannot tell.

“Who can tell about what happened?”

“Nobody except him. Despite everythin,  we do know nothing.”

“We are constantly trying to kill this boy, but he proves that he is impenetrable. We are afraid that something leaks about our endeavours. This boy is Devine.”

“Those people are not dirty; they are the dirt itself.” Those words came to the mind of the boy when he realized the role of his people in what was going on.

“Palestinians asked him to turn them all into suicide bombers, but he refused. He  said the blood shed would be huge.”

“I think that there is no alternative for HAMAS armoury. It is our last resort.”

"But suicidal bombers are rejected choice .”

“A decision has been taken. War against everything. Even against any signs of Islamic stat, the boy thought deeply.

"Sir, Mental illness is not working.”

"How come, it is not imagined.”

"Spears don’t die.”

"If he came to life after all what we have done to him, then what is his retaliation?”

"Will he continue sending us messages.”

"The Ghandian Harmony approach will not work. The power of spherons is organized,” The MASTER thought after reading about GGHA.

"We must be armed and use our weapons when needed.”

"We don’t rely on anything to defend Masjed Alaqsa or Palestine. We are the Guardians of the Holy Land,” a Palestinian woman said on TV.

"The enemy should be defined explicitly. It is not Israel, it is USA, and as Jordanian regime has a defence treaty with USA, the  enemy is also Jordan and anything in peace with America. Either you are with us or against us.” Those were the thoughts of the MASTER.

"It’s unusual to consider Jordan an enemy.”

"Don’t be silly, can Jordan stop Americans from attacking us using bases inside it. There is no compromise. Any source of aggression against us is an enemy, be it Jordan or any other country or nation and we shall fight it unconditionally.”

"Don’t do the expected .”

"Sir, the prince sent us a voucher with ten million.”

"He thinks that he will steal us like he usually does. We are not his sheep.”

A monologue started in the MASTER mind:

I will bring you whatever you are.

I will bring you wherever you are.

I will bring you whenever you are.

Under the sea

Under the deep oceans

Behind the farthest nebula

What ever it takes

You are mine

My dreams grow wild.

My dreams grow silent.

Let you be an enemy.

Let you be a friend.

I will bring you like the wind.

"Whatever the enemy is it doesn’t matter. What will be affected is the target bank. This war I began but I will not end until all targets fulfilled.”

"Don't think that I am alone. All Islamic civilisations of the universe are with me. If not obliged to Allah not to kill, the whole earth will be a bloody storm.”

"What will happen is a choice. My choice. I will make earth an example told over generations. What will happen is a piece of art.”

“I move with a changing plan. All goals might change within a fracture of a second.”

"Your attitude reminds me of ISIS; you must be extremely careful. Things must be done properly.”

"Yes, this point must be clearly identified. The Israeli intelligence created ISIS, using some real basis.”

"ISIS is a big lie that depends upon some true basis.”

"I must watch myself very closely. ISIS shall not be copied.”

"I am not related or interested in any event coming from heaven, I see myself alone and should perform on that basis.”

"Peace is not the final goal if the enemy choses to fight.”

“Earth was on the edge of a devastating invasion that could tear it apart. Now everything is on track.”

"I am not the chosen. Rather I am sure that I am the supported “

"Everything is going well, even when I am asleep." 

"Americans insist on being the enemy despite all warnings. They neglect direct warnings. They think they are all mighty as they are writing on a piece of paper “in God we trust” they represent Justice. For me they are the ultimate serial killer in the world “

"In America the crime is institutionalized using Pentagon and CIA."

"Their crimes against Islam shall come to an end, anyhow, and whatever it takes.”

"If I am to make peace treaty with Israel, I will include in it to kill two Israeli soldiers for each Palestinian killed by Israel until we are equal in the past, after we are equal one for one.”

"With this kind of treaty I can face the Palestinian mothers.”

“No need for unnecessary violence. Everything is going fairly well. Even   if I die the targets will be achieved without any delay or failure.”

“Your choices are my ambush, my setup. Keep going. I am in front of you.”

“Stay like what you are, half of you actors and the rest are audiences. Merely all of you are toys. The most you can do is pushing a button.”

“Your choice is my weapon. Precisely speaking you will destroy yourself.”

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