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Synopsis and

Note to Prospective Publishers

By Kurt Schuller



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Dear Sirs,

My name is Kurt Schuller. I am the Chef and owner of a small, casual fine

dining restaurant known as Wolfendales. I have been married for more than 25

years and am the father of two daughters. My e-mail address is

I have written a book that I can best categorize as Biblical fiction, Much

like that which Hollywood made epics such as The Robe or Ben Hur. It is

Titled Chosen Instrument: A Fictional Account of the Life Of Paul, an Apostle

The story Is just over 70,000 words, without forward or epilogue.

This book puts a very real human persona to one of Christianity's most

important figures after Jesus himself, as Paul was responsible for almost

half of the New Testament.

Based loosely upon the Book of Acts, Chosen Instrument tells the story pf

Saul/ Paul, who was chosen by his religious leaders to help crush the infant

Christian church, only to find himself convinced that he was chosen by God to

bring Christ's message to the world. And bring it to the world he did, at a

considerable personal cost.

The story centers itself around the life long friendship between Paul and

Marcus, a Roman Centurion. Though worlds apart in both religious beliefs and

attitudes, these men have a strong bond of love and friendship, which becomes

severely tested by Paul's conversion.

This book is both moving and inspirational to anyone, regardless of their

beliefs. It has romance and adventure, self-sacrifice and selfless

love, murder, attempted murder, a demon, corrupt politicians, a maniacal King,

miracles and a triumphant courtroom climax. We get to know Paul as a man, not

as the saint that we see him today. A man with all of our feelings and

desires, both heroic and flawed. A man, who with Jesus' direction and help,

changed the world. And that fact is indisputable. It is a story that has

waited a long time to be told.

I know that this kind of fiction is not mainstream, but perhaps, given the

terrible events of the September, now is the right time for it to be told.

There seems to be a spiritual awakening going on, rising like the phoenix out

of this horrible tragedy, and this might lead for a new interest in a work of

this type which gives some insight to the birth of the early Christian church

in a format that is both entertaining and exciting. Perhaps even Hollywood

will consider bringing back the religious epic, as they tend to recycle ideas

from the past, and Chosen Instrument would be an ideal vehicle.

I have the manuscript ready to send if interested. It is double spaced and

unbound with page number and title printed on every page (249) printed on one

side only

thank you for your consideration


Kurt Schuller


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