AuthorMe.Com Guidelines




This website endeavors to encourage and nurture Emerging Writers in their craft. The guidelines published here are similar to those followed by most publications.

Genre Categories and Ratings

We welcome submissions in the following nonfiction areas: human interest stories, creative non-fiction, poetry, articles, essays, book reviews. We accept the following fiction genres: humor, mainstream, literary, mystery, science fiction, fantasies, Western, and romance. Other genres will also be considered. Novels may be serialized and run as excerpts. The top right corner of the first page of each manuscript should list the submission type (fiction - include genre -, specific type of non-fiction or poetry). Following the genre, the manuscript should include a self-rating: G if appropriate for adults and children of all ages, PG if parents should review with their children, or PG-13 if the content is not appropriate for children under 13. The top left of your the manuscript should list your name, date of submission, and e-mail address. We will not accept manuscripts with explicit sex, harsh language, unnecessary violence, or satanic themes. We accept simultaneous and multiple submissions. All manuscripts should be typed in 12-point font. No bold caps please.

Upon receipt of your manuscript, our Managing Editor will assign your manuscript to one of our editors. With a few weeks, the editor will forward any recommended revisions to you via the Managing Editor. After your manuscript is revised, it is posted on the website.

Food for thought

The “Food for Thought” category allows the sharing of thoughts that do not fall into the categories stated above. Please note that these articles will not be edited. As with other manuscripts, this category should be listed as “Food for Thought” at the upper left corner, and no explicit sex, harsh language or unnecessary violence will be accepted.

Poetry Guidelines

 (Submitting Poetry? Unless you are quite accomplished in poetry, we recommend you post your works in our poetry workshop area.)

Preliminary Screening

A preliminary screening process selects manuscripts appropriate for publication.


Due to state and national laws, we are able to accept submissions from writers ages 14 and over.


All manuscripts should be edited for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors before submission.


Submit your manuscript as a word processing file attached to e-mail or as text in the e-mail message itself. While we prefer to work in Microsoft Word, we can convert other formats, including PageMaker, InDesign, and Quark Xpress. (Mac users - please include a filename extension so we know what program you used.) While we make an effort to preserve special fonts or backgrounds, frequently these cannot be used – especially with e-mail message backgrounds. We do not publish in Courier fonts. Standard format is block text with extra spacing between paragraphs.  When using dialogue, please include quotation marks and tell us who is speaking. Use this format, without any extra spaces:  “Hello,” she said. “Oh yes. Hello,” he replied.