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In This issue... Profound Fiction - by Bruce L. Cook


Bruce L. Cook

Profound Fiction 

In fiction writing, profundity is our goal. .... (continued below)
Profound Fiction
by Bruce L. Cook

In fiction writing, profundity is our goal. Even with humor, violence, sex, and crime, the writer's responsibility is to make a statement that is socially responsible

New authors may protest, claiming their purpose is to become well-known, to entertain, to excite, to stimulate. Or maybe to inform, entertain, or persuade. Or, better yet, to convey an idea, to convey a history, or to tell a story. But none of these purposes are incompatible with social responsibility.

Am I saying that every story must have a moral? Well, that would be compatible with social purpose. But, again, social purpose includes more than just a moral statement.

Think of your favorite novel. You may well remember its adventure, humor, or emotion. More likely, the story had a deeper meaning for you.

In recent fiction, as just one example, think of the whimsical story of a woman who makes an unwise commitment to a dark spirit. (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab.) The agreement brings immortality to the character, but anyone who meets her immediately forgets her. (Even her family.)

While this idea and this story plot are admirable, the author wisely makes a profound statement that the character who made this error. "But ideas are so much wilder than memories, so much faster to take root... And she can plant (ideas) too."

Writer, when you take up the quill, think of at least one profound truth a reader can take from your story. If you find this, press on. Your writing is surely worthwhile.

--Bruce Cook, Publisher, Reservebooks.com


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