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About... God Created You: A Guide to Temperament Therapy

By Dr. Rick Martin

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 About Dr. Rick Martin & God Created You: A Guide To Temperament Therapy


Dr. Rick is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advanced Certified with the National Christian Counselors Association. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Doctor of Divinity degree. Dr. Rick is an ordained minister with Calvary Ministries International. He has been in the ministry since 1974, as a Pastor, Evangelist, Teen Challenge Director, Prison Chaplain for the State of Michigan D.O.C. and Pastoral Counselor.


In 1993 Dr. Rick became acquainted with Temperament Theology and the National Christian Counselors Association. Intrigued with Temperament Therapy as a Bible based, Christ-centered therapeutic counseling disciple that provided actual answers and help for people in need of Christian/Pastoral counseling, Rick went on to finish his Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling. Seeing the need for professional Christian counseling in the Charlotte, Michigan area where he was a pastor at the time, he left the pastorate and in 1997 opened Jesus Is Lord Ministries. He has been devoting his full time to providing professional Christian counseling using Temperament Therapy for marriage counseling, families counseling, individual counseling, addiction counseling, parent/teen/children counseling, work related counseling and other areas of Pastoral and Christian counseling. He also provides Temperament seminars for churches, businesses and other organizations.


Temperament is the God-given, inborn nature of each person determining how he or she interacts and reacts with people, circumstances, environments, situations, and the world. Temperament is who we are on the inside, what the Bible calls “the inner man” (or woman, God is not talking gender here). The National Christian Counselors Association, in the early 1980s, conducted seven years of research involving 5,000 people in regards to temperament. The research is still continuing. It is now possible, through the use of the Temperament Analysis Profile Report (renamed the Arno Profile System in honor of Drs. Arno who were intimately involved in this research), to determine a person’s temperament and their temperament needs accurately and scientifically. When a person’s temperament needs are being met by healthy and godly means, stress, anxiety and the problems related to stress and anxiety are greatly reduced. Some of the problems directly connected to stress and anxiety are: depression, dissatisfaction, loneliness, fear, frustration, anger, marriage and family problems, poor work performance, exhaustion and inter/intra personal conflicts. Even the American Medical Association has stated that 80% of physical ailment is stress related. Dr. Rick is convinced Temperament Therapy is God’s gift to the church to help people in the area of counseling. Temperament Therapy is Bible based and Christ-centered. He is also convinced that relationship problems are all temperament rooted and has yet to find a problem, great or small, that cannot be solved with Temperament Therapy.


Dr. Rick wrote God Created You: A Guide To Temperament Therapy to provide information in a fun, easy to understand, non-clinical format so people could understand who God created them to be, how God created others and how to have happy, healthy relationships with the rest of God’s creatures (people; yes, God created them the way they are also, just as He did you). He is convinced this book will help anyone who has any relationship (at work or home or play) to be the person God intended them to be and to enjoy happier, healthier relationships.


Click here to purchase this ebook