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Literature Discussion -


Africa the Rising Sun

By Karin Ezeakor (UK)

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When the continent Africa is mentioned, people visualise poverty-stricken people, war-torn homes, and a dirty environment due to the constant images and view the western media has chosen to portray to the world. Most of the time when they show Africa on FOX, CNN or SKY news, it is about war, poverty, fraudster, corruption etc, and even in the mini series LAW AND ORDER, many times they have portrayed Africa in a negative way. There is more to Africa than what is being said and shown to the western world.

However most the things they publish and about Africa are true to an extent, but it’s sometime over-generalised and inaccurately documented. Africa's inhabitants are normal people with a happy life and living the good life as well as enjoying it. There are so many beautiful things about Africa, its landscape, people and breathtaking wilds. It has so much to share besides the pure blackness you've seen in the images on TV about Africa: the huts, the famine, disease, wars and suffering, but they seldom show you that Africa is beautiful, has happy people and that not every part and person in Africa is poor.

Yes, Africa is a land of wars, poverty and corruption. The situation in places like Darfur and Sudan desperately cry out for more media attention and international action. But Africa is also a land of stock markets, high rises, Internet cafes and a growing middle class.
This is the part of Africa that functions. And this Africa also needs media attention, if it's to have any chance of fully joining the global economy. Africa's media image comes at a high cost, even, at the extreme, the cost of lives. Stories about hardship and tragedy aim to tug at our heartstrings, getting us to dig into our pockets or urge Congress to send more aid. But no country or region ever developed thanks to aid alone. Investment, and the job and wealth creation it generates is the only road to lasting development. The images the media portrays do not always necessarily mean that Africa is a bad continent or the people from the continent are pathetic. Due to the instability of the African background and scar marred deep into the continent, there are still many issues the African nations are fighting, like bad government, poverty etc. Poverty cannot be erased but it is getting reduced.

You have seen the images on TV about Africa: the huts, the famine, disease, war but they never show the Africa which is so beautiful and not every part of Africa and people are poor.
An African woman with her child, doing her trade and very happy about it.
The beautiful east coast of Unguja, Zanzibar
The amazing Mifi Falls in Cameroon
The breath-taking Seimen Mountains in Ethiopia

Cairo - the capital city of Egypt - at night

The longest river in the world, river Nile in jinja, in Uganda, which runs through Egypt and Tanzania.

The legendary mountain Sinai in Egypt...where it was recorded in the bible Moses received the ten commandment.

The highest mountain in Africa mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
The great city of Dar es salaam in Tanzania

Kids bathing in the sea, outskirts of bosaso, Somalia. Beautiful

The stunning pyramids of Egypt

An  African queen displaying her fashion from Estella couture in Nigeria

A church in Abuja Nigeria

Kasubi tombs...Four Buganda Kings are buried inside this building....Kla Uganda
University of Khartoum in Sudan

These are places in Africa, there are loads of them which if continued will never end; if Western society has but a little knowledge of  great things about Africa and it’s a wonderful and beautiful place  to be.  Africa has really and amazingly changed, its sun has come like after the rain comes the sun and it is still rising high in the sky maybe this the moment young generation will do something to change the AFRICA THEY ALWAYS whenever anyone shows Africa, we can be PROUD and CONFIDENT. And tell our kids that it was my generation that made the change and i was a part of that change.