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Avoid Drama in Your Life, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)

Avoid Drama in Your Life / By Khaled Alnobani / Middle East Editor

The main element of drama is suspense. It is the driving force for continuity. Can anyone of us manage continuous suspense in his daily life?

Continuous open ends mean ultimate suspense. What a life when open end follows another open end. One should take conclusive decisions. If you know your target you will never miss it. If you scramble, then you aim nothing. Real life is not like movies - good people not always win, and goodness does not always dominate. Taking lives is not heroic.

We do not live in a two-color world, for there are always more colors than black and white and good people do make sins. We cannot do a setting and prepare the scene to setup the bad people like what the young boy did in "Home Alone". Other similar movies are over reacting.

In real life, thieves, willing for blood, would kill the young boy and steal the house without attracting attention. In compulsory regimes there is no hope, for people are imprisoned and hanged without any kind of just trial. Evil eventually wins, succeeds, and takes over.

One has choices between different results in real life, for you have choice of one consequence over another. You are the writer of your own destiny. This is very beautiful, charming and attracting. You do not choose the worst-case scenario where the worse ever could happen. This is a requirement for the suspense, but to reach an acceptable plot, certain things change during the story.

If you want to end as criminal, then go for it and search about drama. Dramatic events are results and conclusions are not a course of events in our life. Make appointments with the benevolent by following suitable choices.

Do you want to make the life of the people around you a chapter of drama? this is another way to make it miserable. They will not know what will happen or what to expect. The solution with those close to you is to communicate, so make discussion with them about your plans. Gaps and barriers should not keep us from not doing anything or not achieving any progress, so we must find our way.

Keep your horizons open to discover new things. In real life there is no goblin who will take the identity of your beloved and want to takeover and kill you, if you kill him you kill the beloved person, not someone else. What happens in movie fantasia is for the screen and not for you to adapt. If you stabbed the goblin in the heart, then you stabbed your beloved in the heart. Never ever act like in the movies.

Behavior often changes but identity never changes unless you put some fantasia drama in your life. Your father is not your father, your mother is not your mother, and your brothers are not them. Everything is bound and limited. We should know the normal course of a real story to avoid insanity crimes. This does not weaken us, it strengthens points of logical reasoning.

Criminals who hurt others’ lives are in some closed fantasy world, full of their own principles and regulations. If we are on the correct track, we can predict criminal activities of others.

If you concentrate on the real life of the Arabian countries, you will discover the drama and they somehow appear to you as insane. They are an example for a quality of life that never been mistaken. Sometimes they ask for bread and cheap food while they take drugs and smoke expensive tobacco. This is a formula understood within these communities.

No one among these communities deserves respect unless proving adherence to the ultimate God system their collective mind believes in. I personally got imprisoned because I do not know but only one God in existence and some others imprisoned for the same crime –if this is a correct description - for their own reasoning.

I hold a Master of engineering and got imprisoned for ridiculous cause, a few words. If you revile someone of the top rank ruling class you get a penalty from three months to three years in prison, while if someone reviles God or Prophet Mohammad, he will be almost always go unnoticed with no penalty because nobody cares. If the king was reviled in the open a tripe of intelligence personnel will deploy in the scene.

There are always ways, go and search for them, without Drama.


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