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Base Six and the Astronomical Merry-Go-Round

By James Nienhuis


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Note from the author:

I published Old Earth? Why Not! at (see Article #11).

I have determined the methodology for the math which prescribed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Please enjoy, and note that it relates to the 72 virgins of Islam, to a 72 Aubrey hole count at Stonehenge, to the 432,000 years of pre-Flood Babylonian kings' reigns, to the Hindu yugas of time that are multiples of 432,000 years, to the 3,600 year Babylonian period of time called the sari, and to astrology.



The ancient Sumerians (Babylon) used a Base Six number system because they knew that the length of one side of a six-sided polygon (that is a hexagon) is the same length as is the radius of the circle that circumscribes this hexagon.


They also knew that the constellations of the zodiac seem to rotate along the horizon like a merry-go-round at a rate of 72 years per degree (per one degree of 360 degrees) of rotation which is known as the precession of the stars.  This precession results from the slow wobble of the earth's axis (like a gyroscope) which would wobble once through one full 360 degree precession in 25,920 years (as 72 years x 360 degrees equals 25,920 years/360 degrees of precession).


The determination that the constellations of the zodiac "move" along the horizon at the rate of 72 years/degree was achieved through the utilization of the Celtic Cross, which was a 360 degree-scaled circular hub that was affixed to a cross which was orientated by a plumb-bob.  A facsimile of this device was discovered beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza, and modern versions of it have proven to be superb navigational devices.


Because the radius-length of a circle is the same length as is the length of one side of the hexagon that is circumscribed by this circle, the determination of the length of one side of a hexagon that is circumscribed by the circle of the earth thereby determines the radius-length of the earth.  As the precession of the zodiac would complete in 25,920 years, the ancients knew that 1/6th of 25,920 years (that is 4,320 years) would represent the "movement" of the zodiac along the length of one side of the earth hexagon.  


The length of one side of the earth hexagon is therefore the distance traveled by the constellations of the zodiac along the horizon during 4,320 years, and through the use of the Celtic Cross, the ancients determined the locations on the earth's surface of the beginning and end of this side of the earth hexagon, they then subdivided this distance by 7,200 (based upon Base Six, and upon their desire for a practical unit of distance), which produced the "Toth mile" that is about half of the length our current mile, and that was subdivided into 1,760 "Toth cubits" which are 20.6 inches each.


Each side of the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza was designated 440 units of length (times 4 equals 1,760 units) because the whole number fraction of Pi (22/7) when multiplied by 40/40 gives unit lengths for 2 sides and for the height of the Pyramid (880 Toth cubits and 280 Toth cubits), and thereby, convenient whole numbers were established with which to efficiently construct the Pyramid.   


Since the 7,200 units of distance (which are Toth miles) of one side of the earth hexagon, after being multiplied by six (as there are six sides of a hexagon) results in the figure 43,200, which just happens to be the factor that the earth's circumference is to the one Toth mile perimeter-length (1,760 cubits) of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and that the earth's radius-length is to the height (280 cubits) of the Great Pyramid, it is obvious that the ancients could "measure the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth."  


In fact, the ancients accurately mapped most of the world around 2000 B.C., and the evidences of their astro-navigational capabilities are found with the stone-circles and astronomically-aligned pyramids (both on land and sea-floor) that are located at strategic Base-Six-denominated longitudinal locations around the world, which established these megalithic sites as geographical reference points for the astronomical measurements and resultant mapping by the ancient seafarers.      

                                                                                   James I. Nienhuis


I hope that you contact me for interview and please see related Article #11 at the website. 



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