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Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance


By Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon)


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Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance is a Cameroonian founded Non Governmental organisation that saw the light of day after it was registered in Bamenda-Cameroon with its registration number being NW/GP/01/98/1940 with its main objective to fight for the rights of the elderly in Cameroon, Africa and the world which has often been neglected by legislation and abandoned by relatives badly shattered by poverty and hardship.

This organisation was happily and devotedly founded by Mr.Njuakom Francis Njii, who has a vision aimed at curbing poverty and ending misery. Today those values cherished and loved by Africans have ceased being practised because money has become so scarce and in between these days. Relatives have taken the path of apathy than sympathy as was the case before the economic crunch that has dealt such a blow on most of the Continents' economies. Most families today can barely feed themselves not to talk of giving assistance to other family members like the most vulnerable of the society; the old and elderly.

Poverty and hardship have become commonplace and are threatening the very fabric of our societies torn into shreds by hardship ushering in untold pain. The Community Development Volunteers For Technical Assistance (CDVTA )came so timely as over the years it has trained 285 elderly men with the keeping of bees and harvesting of honey. It has taught them how to process honey and market it so as to have enough money as to keep the body and soul going.The following gifts have been donated by Community Development Volunteers For Technical Assistance (CDVTA): one and forty-five goats, three hundred and seventy-nine cutlasses, four hundred and forty-five hoes, three hundred and twenty-five bush lamps, five hundred and five blankets, three hundred and eight sweaters, two hundred and forty gardening equipment/seedlings, seven Hundred and thirty medicinal plant seedlings, one thousand passion fruit seedlings and thirty-six benches donated to Catholic School, Eemighong Kom.

The North West Province, which functions like the Headquarters for the Community Development Volunteers For Technical Assistance, has embarked upon construction of roads so that the most affected persons such as the elderly and the infected persons suffering from Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS and HIV can be given assistance as required.The organisation has had its own fair share of troubles ranging from shortage of personnel to lack of enough transportation, bikes or any good vehicle that can pick up people who visit the organisation. This organisation, at the spur of the moment, only has three bikes with a staff strength of sixteen, thus making its work too challenging and laborious . It equally drains the finances of the organisation which could have been used for other praising purposes improving upon the track records of the organisation in the eyes of the world and donor organisation. In ten years, the Vision of Mr.Njuakom Francis has born fruits and satisfaction that has brought plenty of satisfaction in the faces of benefactors who are only giggling with gladness.

The organisation is still to be felt nationally and why not internationally though it has bagged an international award for the defence of the elderly and the abandoned disabled. This award came exactly on its tenth year. It is code named the Shella Mckehnie Foundation Award granted to selected organisations out of the United Kingdom. The competition for this award was as usual stiff and because of the fantastic work done on behalf of the elderly persons in Cameroon, it was grabbed by the Director of Community Development Volunteers For Technical Assistance. The jury doing the selection had a lot of work selecting organisations across Lower Index Countries of Latin America,Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Mr. Njuakom Francis Njii made me to know that it was so dreamy to him when it dawned on him that he had won the award on behalf of his organisation, Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance.

His baby has now gotten international recognition for the award which was granted to him by the British Prime Minister Goddon Brown on the The 10 Downing Street London in July of 2008. It was the biggest moment in the history of the organisation and brought fame to Cameroon. Today, the Community Development Volunteers For Technical Assistance are more determined to improve on their efforts and usher in better living conditions for all.After the award proper, the staff and well-wishers rallied together at the Dream Land Restaurant at the Commercial Avenue of Bamenda, the Capital of the North West Province. Mr. Njuakom Francis was given a Portrait showing hills and droplets of water, all indicating the blessings and the many other milestones to be achieved in the near future.

He is a very busy man who shuttles and globe throttles on a monthly basis in between Cameroon and Switzerland or Belgium where he has an office with the International Office in Charge of the Elderly, an affiliate of the United Nations Organisation. Please keep supporting this dream and its vision bearer.

Ndim Bernard Ngouche
Poet and writer
Poet and writer