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Do They Know?

By Annette Walker


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Have you ever wondered what our children think we do all day at work? Do

they know that while they learn to read we read to learn the latest

technical data processing tool? While they add and subtract we review the

accountant's books trying to decide which product will be the most

cost-effective product to apply.

Recess and social interaction among the play ground is just as crucial in a

child's education. During this time children learn to play two square,

kickball, and cartoon freeze tag while we manage water color discussions of

the latest movie. We learn that our vice president is retiring leaving

several promotions unfilled.

When our children gather around the carpet piece for story time of Corduroy

we sit in our black leather captain chairs and worry about making the best

impression we can to the new client who just flew in from Corporate


Do our children know that everything they do at school is a part of life; a

part of life that many adults wish they could live again? A child's school

day is filled with innocence. Seeing young teenagers at work in the

classroom gives hope for a future of prepared adults. As they work through

writing essays we write laws to ensure they will continue to get the best

our society can offer.

After school sports and competitions begin the transition from learning the

rules of the game to playing the game. Children learn that playing the game

means someone has to win and someone has to lose. This is true in all


Do they know that the reason mom and dad can not be at the after school game

is because someone will get the promotion with higher pay and someone will

not? Is it worth it really? Watching children grow up should be what life

is all about.

Do teenagers know that while the person sitting across from them smiles back

that we use our charm to close the deal on the table?

Do our children know what we do all day at work? Often times the thought of

teenage girls with fashion matching purse and shoes makes me smile as I

think of matching wallpaper and paint to remodel my bathroom. That will

have to be a weekend job though and only if the deal closes soon to ensure a

fat healthy bonus.

When teenagers study world history are they aware of what happens in the

world around them? Do they see that history repeats itself and we should

learn from what happened in past wars so it does not repeat itself in the

present? Our political realm is filled with those who understand historical

truths of war and with those who do not. It is up to us to elect the most

capable politicians for office. It is up to us to keep up with current


Do our teenagers know that while they study basic biology we diagnose

patients and offer them a better way of living healthy? So much of our

everyday life is lived without thinking twice about how it will affect

tomorrow. But that is life. We should live each day the best we can and

not worry about tomorrow.

Do our children know that while they work at school we miss them? Do they

know that jobs in the work force are just a much larger scale of what they

do in school? If a child can learn reading, writing, speech, social skills,

and how to calculate formulas they will be educationally sound. The thought

of what they will do with that knowledge in the future keeps me going,

wondering, and guessing what our children will turn out in the world of


For today, though, I am going to hold my daughter tight in my arms and

assure her that I love her and tell her that she can become anything she

wants in life. She looks back into my eyes and tells me, "I want to be a

teacher just like you."