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Literature Discussion -


Theorized probable reincarnation, immortality, soul-spirit essence living

By George Chun Fat (San Diego, USA)


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Table of Contents (scheduled for weekly release on

  1. Introduction
  2. Ontological Fancies
  3. Totality Mechanics
  4. Complexity Theory
  5. Physics
  6. Math
  7. Philosophy
  8. The Celestially Angelic
  9. Reality Acceptance of Goodness
  10. Psychological Psychometrics
  11. Cardinal Psychometrics
  12. Estimated Afterlife of Past People
  13. Evidence


Chapter 1 - Introduction

This book teaches you immortality.  It teaches you how to practice living after dying.  It is 60 pages so far.  The best chapters are chapters 5, 6, 7, and 11.  The book mentions all the good of the universe and the human condition.  Its goods are very true and real.  The goods might be different or varied but still good.  In fact the goods  might be so comprehensive that the only danger is someone or something bad.  You probably have some values of an infinite lifespan.  Varied, different, more or less significant.  Truly, most of reality science is quite real.
This book attempts to give you faith of the human soul and spirit.  That you really usually don’t suffer after bodily death.  That you are someone of possible advanced soul/spirit science that allows transmigration of your life to another good.  Usually, after some bodily pain you’ve got possibilities of a variety of electroweak force and strong force afterlives.  Including soul/spirit high order transmigration to high order goods.  Also, electroweak ghost soul/spirit essence living as a natural transmigration of the human mind.  Some excess soul/spirit essences are paid into reality before soul/spirit transmigration.  For soul/spirit dynamics.  Your soul/spirit pays where you go for your essence living.—Remember that!  The goods after bodily consciousness include a soul/spirit metaconsciousness that is advanced science transmigrated by angels or various metamathematics to various good living.  Including reincarnation.  Spirit metamathematics is usually your hope for a good future.  My recommendation is that you practice willful conscious strengths of positives, tolerance, and psychological immunities.  Really hope for your pureness.  Expect this book true.
These days it is my belief that the good usually get a good afterlife.  I recommend praying to the celestially angelic all your life.  If you notice soul/spirit diamonds meditate that you get a positive transmigration.  Do not fear the afterlife of good angels or good spirit metamathematics.  Pray, instead of worry.  Additionally, strong, very strong, potentiation of your soul and spirit and metabolism could give you a very long life.  The celestially angelic are much more scientifically advanced than humans.  Pray to them.
The question of death is pain.  Does the soul or spirit feel pain after bodily death?  The significance of pain is transmigration of the soul and spirit into another “body” for pain.  Since extra pain-sensitive “bodies” do not exist for transmigration; a more likelier probability is reincarnation.  Reincarnation does not necessarily imply pain.  If you reference the pains of your life, how much pain has your soul or spirit felt?  Maybe the soul or spirit doesn’t feel too much pain.  The variousness of good is that the afterlife is probably some happiness and some boredom.  Unless you get transmigrated to high order goods.  If you get the electroweak ghost essence soul/spirit living it probably is as real life is.  Maybe some happiness, maybe some dangers.  It is also possible that the electroweak ghost essence soul/spirit living could also be transmigrated to high order goods someday.  Natural afterlife processes or transmigration depend on how good you feel of truth itself.  You could try spirit metamathematics for transmigration for reincarnation on another world.
Spirit metamathematics for the soul is probably easy for electroweak ghost soul/spirit living.  You should have a time period of natural death of a few minutes for transmigration (of spirit metamathematics diamonds) to another good.   Books exist that teach you spirit metamathematics skills.  Books also exist that teach you transmigration.  I had a diagram of mathematical diamond shine that is very powerful metamathematics.  This diagram allows soul existence in ANY mathematical space.  If you want to make this skill for yourself practice information theory and number theory and set theory.  Usually the transmigration soul/spirit diamonds exist for anyone.  Also, an imaginary number set of afterlife existence is real.  You really should try for transmigration to other worlds.  Anyway, paining the soul/spirit is still an unknown definition.  Most people probably manage very tiny electroweak ghost living or more probably imaginary number living.  Try to practice contemplating soul/spirit possibilities.
Use chapter 1 of Life and Living for soul-spirit mechanics.
The secret of immortality is transitioning to high order algorithms.
This book solves the problem that death seems so final.



Note from author:  I have asked you to read the entire file at least 6 times.  That is because I add to various chapters randomly.  I hope you appreciate the improvements.  Slowly, but surely I am writing a book of immortality.  You should try to learn the new additions to the book as much as possible.  Soon this book is going to be 60 pages.  Then I’ll get my 60 seconds and 60 minutes.  You should have read the latest versions of my books Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Intuitive Happiness, Stress Management, Life and Living and How to Feel GoodHow to Feel Good is pretty good at describing the afterlife.  Of course, this book is more comprehensive.  You really should try to practice number mechanics of the spirit for your afterlife.  Thank you.  Until next time.  George


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