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Literature Discussion -


Theorized probable reincarnation, immortality, soul-spirit essence living

By George Chun Fat (San Diego, USA)


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Chapter 12  Estimated Afterlife of Past People

I have noticed very tiny electroweak ghosts, small electroweak ghosts, medium sized electroweak ghosts and very large electroweak ghosts.  If you are very good at the finite processing of transfinite mechanics you get to make yourself appreciate the universal standards of existence.

Imaginary number existence:  existence in the imaginary set of numbers at the least.

Death as another mathematical range of consciousness:  The afterlife might be another range of cardinal or ordinal numbers.  That is why you usually don’t see the dead in the afterlife.  If you try real hard, you might see some people in other mathematical ranges—that some of them might be dead.  Really, the possibility of afterlife mathematical ranges really is quite real.

I’ve seen tiny electroweak ghosts that might have died into black small numbers.  Probably because of soul-spirit meta-mathematics.

If you don’t pray to the celestially angelic your afterlife is a small number mathematical lattice for at least a while.  If you pray to the celestially angelic your afterlife is a transfinite mechanic.  If you use high order soul-spirit meta-mathematics you might use the strong force to be immortal.  I’ve seen as many people in electroweak manifolds as I have seen in small number mathematical lattices.  I have seen a few immortals.

The possibilities of the afterlife are a small number mathematical lattice, electroweak manifolds, transfinite mechanics, ontological fancies, strong force immortality.

The probability of an afterlife is soul-spirit mechanics/meta-mathematics into a positive number.  The number could be finite or transfinite.  You might become a surreal electroweak ghost of various sizes or you could become a cloud being or you could become an immortal.  The trick is dying into a positive number.  Pray about positive numbers.

It is my estimation that people that transmigrate to small numbers of the material earth eventually transmigrate to an electroweak manifold because of soul-spirit meta-mathematics AND high order mathematics.  These people become surreal ghosts.  Because surreal numbers are smaller than small mathematical lattices.  Also, some might become very tiny electroweak ghosts.  It all depends how much of the soul-spirit goes through the logarithmic function of small numbers.  I’ve seen surreal ghosts of heads that were approx. 10 inches by 10 inches.  You might become this kind of surreal ghosts.

I have seen some people use large number spirit mechanics that lived in the clouds.  You want to practice afterlife functions of large number spirit mechanics.  I have also seen some people in medium numbers that lived like ghosts.

Try to use your potentials of your soul and your spirit while you die.  Study this book.

All the places of the afterlife:  logarithmic numbers (that might become very tiny electroweak ghosts), very tiny electroweak ghosts in various places, small to medium sized electroweak ghosts in various places, large electroweak ghosts in the sky, cloud being in the sky, strong force immortal in the sky, spirit being in various places, spirit being in outer space, surreal electroweak ghost in various places, transmigrated spirit being in various places, imaginary number transmigration, spirit beings in other dimensions, light being in various places, zero numbers, fractal numbers, transfinite number spirit being, surreal number spirit being in various places, strong force immortal in outer space, spirit being in ordinal numbers, electroweak ghost in cardinal numbers, reincarnated, universal prisons, cardinal number ghost in small dimensions.

Try to define a proof for very tiny electroweak ghosts:

Totality algorithms determine all time functions.  Including after death time.  Your after death time is within totality algorithms.


You fear the after death is nothing time or painful time for a very, very long time.  Try to believe the after death is universal physics time; such as electroweak force time and strong force time and many variable equations time and some completeness theorems time.

Your fading consciousness probably has the Planck constant as a bottom limit of consciousness.  Of course, the out-of-body chakras that you are a part of could traverse the Planck constant for transitioning to positive vectors of universal physics.

All the after death humans had the possibility of totality algorithms, surreal number algorithms, math algorithms, physics algorithms, number continuum algorithms, and mathematical space algorithms.  For existing in the space theory of space—capable of some universal functions.   All this has much more detail than imagined zero number space.

Some algorithm equations do not have enough sophistication to function independently.  These are you soul and spirit that got caught in low-order algorithms.  If a sophisticated equation passes through the low-order algorithm you could conceivably transition to the sophisticated equation and become sufficiently sophisticated yourself to function independently.  By now you should know that all kinds of sophisticated equations exist.  Of course, you also have the inherent possibility of initial sufficiently sophisticated transition mechanics for an afterlife as an electroweak mathematical space algorithm or strong force immortal.


Note from author:  I have asked you to read the entire file at least 6 times.  That is because I add to various chapters randomly.  I hope you appreciate the improvements.  Slowly, but surely I am writing a book of immortality.  You should try to learn the new additions to the book as much as possible.  Soon this book is going to be 60 pages.  Then I’ll get my 60 seconds and 60 minutes.  You should have read the latest versions of my books Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Intuitive Happiness, Stress Management, Life and Living and How to Feel GoodHow to Feel Good is pretty good at describing the afterlife.  Of course, this book is more comprehensive.  You really should try to practice number mechanics of the spirit for your afterlife.  Thank you.  Until next time.  George


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