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Theorized probable reincarnation, immortality, soul-spirit essence living

By George Chun Fat (San Diego, USA)


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Chapter 8  The Celestially Angelic

Other races of the universe have progressed to celestial status and they could assist you in furthering your living in the universe.

Soul-spirit electroweak transmigration into positive manifolds is probably dying into a transfinite mechanic.  The ontological continuums include positive manifold transfinite mechanics.  The celestially angelic probably assists you to reside in a positive manifold transfinite mechanic.  Try to use soul-spirit mechanics to pray to the celestially angelic for a positive afterlife.  The high order mathematics of the celestially angelic might reincarnate you somehow.  If you don’t pray to the celestially angelic you get an electroweak transmigration of a very tiny ghost; or your soul-spirit transmigrates to a small number of the material earth.  I’ve seen various people transmigrate to small numbers of the material earth.  I don’t know if they reincarnate or become very tiny electroweak ghosts.  Although a possibility exists because of high order mathematics.

Spirit mechanics multiplication with high order mathematical functions:  heart of spirit ontological mechanics

Try to learn about the celestially angelic and how to pray to them for a worthy afterlife.

If you are good, the celestially angelic adopts your spirit and let you reside in the spirit realm.

Practicing a hierarchy of happy beliefs that is productive and enjoyable; and praying to the celestially angelic—is the best possible of all human possibilities.  Praying to the celestially angelic will protect you from the Devil and Satan and from the celestial prisons.  Practicing a hierarchy of happy beliefs that is productive and enjoyable; and praying to the celestially angelic—is a better appreciation constant than worrying about being gone from life someday.

If you pray to the celestially angelic, they enter your consciousness and help you transmigrate.

If you pray to the celestially angelic and practice enjoyment for feeling neurotransmitters of bliss; for feeling the clarity of bliss—and then the celestially angelic enter your consciousness to transmigrate you to an afterlife—that is an ideal condition of the human condition.

The celestially angelic are experts at transition mechanics.  They could transmigrate you to an afterlife.

If you pray to the celestially angelic they might help you notice and access transfinite numbers and strong force energies.

If you pray to the celestially angelic they might help you access the variable vectors of up.


Note from author:  I have asked you to read the entire file at least 6 times.  That is because I add to various chapters randomly.  I hope you appreciate the improvements.  Slowly, but surely I am writing a book of immortality.  You should try to learn the new additions to the book as much as possible.  Soon this book is going to be 60 pages.  Then I’ll get my 60 seconds and 60 minutes.  You should have read the latest versions of my books Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Intuitive Happiness, Stress Management, Life and Living and How to Feel GoodHow to Feel Good is pretty good at describing the afterlife.  Of course, this book is more comprehensive.  You really should try to practice number mechanics of the spirit for your afterlife.  Thank you.  Until next time.  George


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