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Literature Discussion -


Theorized probable reincarnation, immortality, soul-spirit essence living

By George Chun Fat (San Diego, USA)


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Chapter 9 Reality Acceptance of Goodness

I’ve seen some soul-spirit meta-mathematical functions in small numbers.  That seemed like electroweak manifold ghost functions.

High order soul-spirit meta-mathematics might transmigrate into ontological fancies or transfinite mechanics.  I’ve seen examples of this occurring in the clouds.  It was probably the celestially angelic that used the high order soul-spirit meta-mathematics for causing an afterlife existence.

You got a chance of positive transmigration to an electroweak manifold because of soul-spirit mechanics.  Pray about positive manifolds.  Pray about soul-spirit mechanics.

Small number mathematical lattices could transmigrate to small positive electroweak manifolds because of soul-spirit meta-mathematics.  Small number mathematical lattices don’t necessarily have to be the final state of the soul-spirit.  Small number mathematical lattices could possibly transmigrate to surreal electroweak ghost living.  Surreal physics positive electroweak manifolds.

Positive transmigration is best done with soul-spirit mechanics into a transfinite mechanic.  You got a possibility of such transmigration because of the celestially angelic.  Positive transmigration into an electroweak manifold is an acceptable afterlife.  Pray about positive electroweak manifolds.

I have seen electroweak manifold ghosts that had universal set theory command.  They seemed happy.

The non-thought of death could possibly think at the surreal level.

The probability of dying into a positive number is chapter 2 of this book.  I believe you got a fair chance of dying into a positive number because of soul-spirit meta-mathematics.  Even those who die into small number mathematical lattices could transmigrate to positive surreal numbers.  Many electroweak ghosts that I have seen were in positive surreal numbers.  Some seemed happy; some seemed bored, but good.

Soul-spirit dynamic meta functions include transmigration, soul-spirit mechanics, soul-spirit meta-mathematics, some high order mathematics, prayer.

I have seen a positive grid of small number mathematical lattices that seemed alive on the sidewalk.  I have seen a positive grid of small number mathematical lattices within my vision with my eyes shut.  They both seemed slightly larger than surreal numbers.  They probably had a positive small number transmigration.  Maybe small number transmigration to the material earth also has such a possibility.  If you practice learning about small numbers you could transmigrate to a positive grid.  Pray about numbers.

Use the definition of the nonlife significances of death in chapter 11 of Life and Living for a positive number transmigration.  Such a definition allows a positive number transmigration.

Use the definitions of the afterlife in How to Feel Good.

The afterlife definitions in How to Feel Good and Intuitive Happiness and this book are probably the best anyone has even done concerning the afterlife.  Include the definition of the nonlife significances of death in Life and Living and you got a comprehensive description of the afterlife.  Those of you that believe in God now know what God uses for your afterlife.  It is my belief that God could let you live in outer space and travel the galaxy or universe.  One day I saw thousands of cloud people that might have been visiting from other worlds.

Afterlife mechanics of a positive number transmigration is doable at death because of soul-spirit mechanics and ordinal number psychometrics.  Your afterlife mechanic exists with the diffractive mathematical notation of your soul-spirit into a positive manifold.  The diffractive mathematical notation is probably the afterlife function for transmigrating into a positive manifold.  You get to use ordinal numbers because of the diffractive mathematical notation.  Pray about numbers.

You need a positive psychometric for a good afterlife.  Use the negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation as a positive psychometric while you die.  If you let entropy determine your dying you transmigrate to a small number of the material earth.  The negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation lets you transmigrate to a positive manifold.  Then you could use ordinal number psychometrics.  Ordinal number psychometrics could let you use ontological fancies and transfinite mechanics.  Use negentropy instead of entropy.  The negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation is a good possibility for afterlife psychometrics.  Use the negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation for afterlife nodes.

The advanced use of the pineal gland and the neocortical brain might keep your heart strong.

Practice soul-spirit mechanics for positive transmigration to a manifold of positive ordinal numbers; for practicing ontological fancies for strong force immortality.  Use dimensions of negentropy for positive transmigration of positive ordinal numbers.—Use soul-spirit meta-mathematics.  Practice soul-spirit mechanics of soul-spirit meta-mathematics.  Pray about dimensions.

Use soul-spirit meta-mathematics to initiate using the negentropy of the black part of light and then the negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation and then the psychometrics of cardinal numbers and then the psychometrics of ordinal numbers.  Use soul-spirit mechanics to practice soul-spirit meta-mathematics.

Use soul-spirit meta-mathematics to use the heart of the spirit for a good afterlife of ordinal psychometrics.

Use negentropy and diffractive mathematical notation and the heart of the spirit for an afterlife.

As your consciousness fades you must use soul-spirit mechanics to find the set of real numbers or to find the heart of the spirit.  Practice real number reality functions.  Practice soul-spirit transcendence.

There exist matrices of logarithmic numbers, complex numbers, surreal numbers, small numbers, real numbers and transfinite numbers.  You must use the potentials of negentropy, diffractive mathematical notation, meta-mathematics and the spirit to add positive numbers to your fading consciousness for a useable afterlife.  Try to add transfinite numbers of the heart of the spirit.

Practice soul-spirit mechanics of positive numbers for a good afterlife.

Try to learn about and practice the positive potentials of your spirit.

The spirit sometimes gets to transfinite numbers while dying.  Maybe your soul transitions to a transmortal spirit.  Your afterlife functions could possibly be spirit functions of a dying soul.  A dying soul could be moving to the potentials of the spirit as a natural function.  If this is true, you want to practice soul functions of counting transfinite numbers for practicing spirit potentials.  I’ve seen some people in afterlife mechanics of the soul and the spirit.  I recommend trying to keep intact soul mechanics while dying.  How?  Keep your soul intact by transmigrating to medium or large numbers.  Transmigration is probably an afterlife potential of the soul.  Maybe the intact soul travels the spirit realm.

Practice Stress Management for developing your soul and for practicing methods of real truths.

You should practice sufficient soul-spirit mechanics so that you could manage transitioning to the set of positive real numbers.  Practice learning spirit potentials for transitioning to positive numbers.  You could manage existence as a spirit being by practicing spirit potentials.  Useful spirit potentials are the set of positive real numbers—so practicing beliefs of the set of positive numbers is good for you.  Accepting positive numbers is the method for transitioning you soul to live as a spirit being is reasonable.  Practice chapter 1 of Life and Living.

Any practical use of the potential of the spirit is probably an afterlife mechanic.  You could manage spirit potentials with usage of positive numbers.  The method of positive numbers is praying to the celestially angelic for good spirit potentials.  The set of positive numbers is a good spirit potential.  Practice chapter 1 of Life and Living.

You could practice spirit potentials for learning number mechanics of the spirit.  Then you could transition your mind to live as a spirit being.  Practice chapter 1 of Life and Living.

Internal factors of life and death:  the internal factors of life and death let you survive death.  Because they let you access transition mechanics.  The internal factors of life and death are number bandwave continuum,  Planck constant, soul chakras, spirit chakras, meta-mathematics, various continuums, various spaces such as mathematical space, various algorithms, various equations, various lines and points, various symmetries, various constants, various cosmology, various dimensions, various time, various truths, various transition mechanics, various out-of-body factors, various internal significances, various external significances, various reals, various numbers, various vectors, various mechanics, various dynamics, various potentials, various development, various connectors, various operators, various forces, various planes, mathematics, some various energies, various possibilities, high order operators and equations, line connectedness, math connectedness, higher time, transcendence, completeness theorems, existentialism, determinants, possibilities of realms, various light physics, plasma physics.

How your life gets perpetuity of who you are after death:  The factors that give you perpetuity of who you are after death are transition mechanics, number bandwave continuum, Planck constant, lines, constants, algorithms, equations, numbers, forces, dimensions, variables, planes, soul chakras, spirit chakras, out-of-body chakras, mathematical space algorithms, connectors, operators, reals, transfinite numbers, infinity, cosmology, space, mathematics, meta-mathematics, vectors, energies, potentials, possibilities, significances, truths, line connectedness, math connectedness, transcendence, higher time, high order operators and equations, symmetries, external significances, internal reals, variable vectors of up, completeness theorems, existentialism, all the continuums, determinants, possibilities of realms, various light physics, plasma physics, heart of the spirit.

How to travel the traps for managing afterlife functions:  The traps seem to be negative numbers, logarithmic numbers, and many zero numbers.   These are the continuum traps.  You want constant Planck constant physics and smooth continuum physics for useable transition mechanics for any number.  This should let you manage traps and afterlife functions.

How to travel that that scares you on the ground for managing afterlife functions:  The ground is a various-number plane that has various possibilities of transition mechanics.  So then if you could manage plane physics of any plane because of this book the ground shouldn’t scare you.

There is no difference of the truth segments of airspace and ground space because of continuum space.  Except for continuum traps.  Learn this book.

Description of continuum structures:   universal physics, number continuums, high-order number chakras, numbers, math…

How to travel the various continuum structures:  learn number and math and the physics of this book.

How to avoid any traps in continuum structures:  constant Planck constant physics or constant number bandwave continuum physics…

How to manage the motion of internal chakras to out-of-body chakras:

The probability of the afterlife is some exist that won’t let you transition to a trap.  You probably have to be good worth.

Use super high frequencies of high-order math to travel low-order algorithms.  If you are already caught in a low-order algorithm you have to wait for a phase function or for the celestially angelic.  Some acceptable low-order algorithm realms might exist.

Possible phase functions out of low-order algorithms:  if a transfinite number out-of-body chakra passes through the low-order algorithm it seems possible that you could transition to a large number.  If a high-order number realm passes through the low-order algorithm it seems possible that you could transition to the high-order number realm.   If super high frequencies of the electroweak force or strong force passes through the low-order algorithm it seems possible that you could transition to the super high frequencies.  I do not know to the probabilities.  Other possibilities probably exist.  Pray to the celestially angelic.  Practice transition mechanics.


Note from author:  I have asked you to read the entire file at least 6 times.  That is because I add to various chapters randomly.  I hope you appreciate the improvements.  Slowly, but surely I am writing a book of immortality.  You should try to learn the new additions to the book as much as possible.  Soon this book is going to be 60 pages.  Then I’ll get my 60 seconds and 60 minutes.  You should have read the latest versions of my books Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Intuitive Happiness, Stress Management, Life and Living and How to Feel GoodHow to Feel Good is pretty good at describing the afterlife.  Of course, this book is more comprehensive.  You really should try to practice number mechanics of the spirit for your afterlife.  Thank you.  Until next time.  George


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