Intuitive Happiness


By George Chun Fat

Copyright 2001 George Chun Fat

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Updated 5/11/02






This text began with the intention of providing to human beings the capacity of living happily.  It has the methods of learning happiness, being happy, repairing happiness, remaining happy, forgetting unhappiness, providing happiness, securing happiness, maintaining happiness and healing happiness.


This book intends for you to learn your natural and normal psychology and how it develops.  You could and should try to correctly interpret these passages for attaining responsible attitudes and naturally developed attitudes for your human fulfillment.  This book teaches self fulfillment of human existence.


Like this:


Methods to exist with all human capacities.

Methods to repair stress.

Methods to repair emotional pain.

Methods to repair psychological pain.

Methods to repair angst.

Methods to repair bad emotions (including visciousness and malice).

Methods to repair neurosis and psychosis.



Specifically, by existing as an individual fully confident of its self control and vitality.  Thereby having the capacity to exist as someone fully alive.--And capable of enjoying its humanity.  Such capacities would allow attainable mental health at all times.


I recommend that you believe that this book when learned as intended can teach you how to be anything you want to be concerning good human attributes.  This book teaches how to live ecologically natural.  To allow the natural positive imperative of good values.


Also, it explains to you what was the basic causes of your pains and how to live healthy again.  Furthermore providing wisdom concerning pain and immunities.


This book contains the axioms of natural good.  To have adequate belief and strength in good.  Many of you are aware of these axioms of natural good.  People who are insecure, pained, hurt or traumatized need retraining to repair their belief and strength in good.  They will feel that good dominates them, not pain, hurt, insecurity or trauma.  They will no longer insist that pain, hurt, insecurity or trauma dominate social interaction.  They will participate with good interactions instead.


Please read this book with the belief that you want to be as healthy as possible.






1/11/02:  I would like to sincerely thank Andrew S. Lambert for his editing contributions, suggestions, comments and advice.   I have gotten permission from the author’s referenced in this book.  Andrew’s comments:  The book is effective to repair yourself.  Drink water every 3 hours.  Eat fruit at least once a day.  Try to nap once a day.  Take tub baths as often as possible.


Dedicated to the human belief in faith, innate goodness, and to each other.



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