By George Chun Fat


Revised January 29, 2005

Copyright 2004 George Chun Fat

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The book Life and Living isn't boggled and bothered, isn't negative and hurt, isn't philosophically negative.  We all get some life and living.   Life and living for anyone.  Good times of livable values.  Living the goodness of practicing good yourself and with others.  Living real logic for real values for real happiness.  (As simple as natural beliefs).  Feeling that you are living your life significantly happy.


Only-negative-living doesn't exist because the significance of existing (living) has existent-variables-that-live-existently; for-significances-of-life , for feelings of life.  Read Intuitive Happiness and Stress Management for details.  Life and Living gives more details.  How to Feel Good gives positive living.  Life Mechanics:  How to Functionally Live gives skills.  Author’s note:  How to Feel Good is better feelings than regret.  Some positive living is skilled for anyone with this book.


That of your skills of good itself, practice developing the goods of my books for yourself.  You could truly skill any of your goods better with my books.  Accept that your skills of good are really good anyway—therefore refine your goods with my books.  Be good, do good, live good, feel good, enjoy good.  Feel your want of your good mechanics.


Being and doing good anyhow:  Any moments you accept as good for you, be and do a personal moment that’s good.  Practice your good anyhow.  Consider good your values.  Do good life values.  Manage your existence with beliefs of manageable significances.  Try to behave any good feelings with others anyway.  Be good, do good, live good.  Use the best possible averages of socializing behavior, thought, emotion, feeling.


The book teaches possibilities of extra abilities and possibly longer life.  Including many-variable equations/information symmetry dimensions values.  Also, high order yoga and soul/spirit potentiation.  You could live as you want.  You could live the feeling of the “realness” of reality as liked by you; at least some of the time.  Believing real feelings of healthy living.  Believing truths of any goods AND feeling the best values of any goods.  The factors of likable behavior, thought, emotion, feeling.


This book attempts to provide factors of human being; good, natural, real, complex, imaginary, simultaneous, random, many variabled, complete, perfect, imperfect, whole, conditional, theoretical, logical, significant, ordered, arrayed, pure, equationed, factual, intrinsic, simple, irrational, single, coupled, and particular.  Most factors of human potential are for good human being.  Only believe you are for your good being.  Behave your real good.  Practice vital behavior of human factors.  Live vital factors of the good.  Try to feel likes for your times.  Feel good feelings for yourself and with others.  You get to live your happiness and social happiness as the most doable of any circumstances.  Think that you could be nice with yourself and others.


This book attempts to make the variety of personalities compatible.  To allow anyone to be appreciative of human nature.  Providing schemas of human being and doing.  Also, providing the ability to participate with social contracts and good living.  To allow personal socially accepted life and living.  To live your life more often calm and happy by regularity of good healthy abilities.  Living the good of the good.  Live for good socialization that is good for you.  Feel the good mechanics that your learned of yourself.


Individual factors of social participation of living:  As a baby and child you get at least some good living.  You notice others living amongst your living.  Sometimes you consider what living is.  You participate in human living with various significances such as learning or questioning or socialization or needs or desires, etc.  Your schemas you usually prefer useful and participative.  Your development varies from some schemas simple to some schemas learned.  You participate with your feelings and thoughts of your social experience and development.  Statistically, there is a social factor of group dynamics that permits some good living.  Statistically, bad usage of social dynamics is difficulties.  You get to choose your social participation some of the time.  You live daily with various social significances.  You try to live good sometimes.  Others exist that live with you and your living.  You conceive that human living is your condition.—It is best for you to do some times of good conditionsAlso, practice reordering your emotional health regularly and calmlyDo the better values of others with them as good for you.  Live for good socialization that is good for youLive human good significances.


The significance of human existence is living vitality, vibrancy, soul, spirit in the physical realm.  Other significances probably exist.  The essence of human existence is feelings of living existence.  Other essences probably exist.  Usually significances and essences you conclude that you desire.  The human existence truths of vitality, vibrancy, soul, spirit.  For your doable behavior.  Appreciate your significances of living.  Good mechanic easily your vitality, vibrancy, soul, spirit with my books. 


Knowledge is descriptives of Nature Determinants.  (Including Numerical Descriptives of Diffractive Notation of Many Variable Equations.)—Essence of Being.—Feeling true actual facts.  You exist getting to value nature determinants (knowledge).—The lemma for live and let live; and the possibility for believing manageable significances.  Learn to practice your desires of living.  Try feelable good mechanics.  Behave good with yourself and others. 


You desire acceptable sophistication (useful abilities), calm lusciousness, zeal, exuberance, elation; and want to live your life with being and doing your life mechanics acceptable to you.  This book teaches sufficient sophistication (useful abilities), calm lusciousness, zeal, exuberance, elation; AND sufficient being and doing your life mechanics acceptable to you.  Usually, you become more capable for more living.—With factors of living themselves.—Of your living.—And of social participation.  Believe factors of living themselves of your living and of social participation.  Learn at least the easy skills of Stress Management.  Learn the personality truths of How to Feel Good and Life Mechanics:  How to Functionally Live.  You’ll live some goods and feel some happiness.


This book effectively explains everything about your life and how you live it; and everything about effectively living your life—all of the time.  How to easily value and appreciate life and living.  How to consider a good yourself for good for yourself.  How to live good for others.  How to live the good of reality.  Valuing your living.


This book is the 4th of 10.

1)      Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Autumn 2002 final edition.

2)      Intuitive Happiness, Spring 2003 final edition.

3)      Stress Management, Winter 2004/2005 final edition.

4)      Life and Living, Winter 2004/2005 final? edition.

5)      How to Feel Good, 2005 edition.

6)      Life Mechanics:  How to Functionally Live, 2005/2006 edition.

7)      Biophysics Vector Medicine, 2005/2006 edition.

8)      Desire, 2006/2007 edition.

9)   Satisfied Human Living, 2007/2008 edition.

10)  Theorized Probable Current Immortality, Reincarnation, Soul-Spirit Essence 

        Living.  (Is this book humanly possible?)


Be your own best friend.  Always be good to yourself.  Never be otherwise.  Let others be nice to you, because you maintain calmness for yourself and others.  Feel good at least sometimes.  Value the goodness that you live as best you can.  Practice your feelings of goodness for likable living.


I would like to thank those that live real.  Believe you are capable, for livable doable behavior.  Attempt good with others.  Practice to only associate good friendliness with anyone friendly.  Use real logic for real values for real happiness.


Consider truthful order.  The facts of usually preferring the true ordered living you do.  Conclude the efficiency of good significances as those livableConclude living as doing your desires as something preferable.  Do something nice with someone else anyway.  Live the good of human paradigms.


The chapter titles are an approximation of the human paradigm.  Honestly, the human paradigm is mostly you.  The book itself paradigms your most relevant humanity.  You live your life of good, fact, truth, love, energy, soul, spirit, imagination, and friends.


Synopsis of book:  Practice good, fact, truth, love, energy, soul, spirit, imagination, friends.  Recommendation:  calm your feelings regularly.


Try the good values of truly real significances of life itself.  Believe the truths of that that really exists.  Accept nature, life, time, space, truth, reality, existence, good(s), the naturalness of reality itself, the naturalness of existent life itself, the truth of the realness of reality itself, the truth of the realness of existence itself.  (I had a very similar paragraph in the book Intuitive Happiness but it got erased by someone.  Intuitive Happiness (Intuition for the Coexistence of Human Happiness) probably could have had as many as 25 extra paragraphs suited for it, that got erased by someone.


I also would like to thank anyone that really hopes for good feelings.  Trust your behavior of hope.  Practice your feelings of good possibilities for healthiness.


I like the life of kind innocence.


Life and Living has been refined for hopeful living (4 times).  You’ll feel very good for happy living.  Feel better as best you can.  Don’t feel bad for healthier living.


Note to those of you that like this book:  I recovered the text!  I’ll email you a much improved version by February 26, 2005.  I just got to type chapters 6 – 16 improvements.  Sometime before May 8, 2005, I’ll type the 152 page version text and my improvement printouts text and then you’ll get what the book should really be.  I also plan to improve chapters 17-30.  And place the bottom text into their respective chapters.  I hope to do all that by August 13, 2005.  Also, I plan to give you a VERY GOOD version of Life Mechanics February.  A VERY GOOD version of How to Feel Good March.


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