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Looking Back

By Jenny Wren

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I was talking with some children on the net who are all 'gloom and doom 'over the affairs of this day. Children of today seem to not have any trust in God for anything.


They are the most negative children I have ever encountered, they have no faith in the future, it is hard to show them improvements ,but I shall try.


It’s like locking the barn door after all of the livestock has been stolen.


Have you kept a close watch over all the things that have been happening for the past three hundred years? Never have there been more 'smart people' in the whole world than today, bar none, I mean really smart dudes. Then there are us peons who are afraid to venture out a mite.


Just look at that map of future roadways...?  Wow, and know that this little peon named Jenny Wren remembers when Knoxville Tennessee was a town without one really good paved street through it.


Everyone I knew was poor as dirt, but someone forgot to inform us.


So we grew up happy and ignorant. We were supposed to be wringing our hands. You see, we trusted God to take care of us and our nation and he did … now isn’t that a hoot?


My brother Bill was born in 1903 (yes of course he is dead now but he lived to be 89). From 1918 to 1920 (after running away with a circus that had come near Knoxville with his buddy "tarbaby") he worked in Miami, Florida, when there was not even one paved road. He also helped to make 1A1 highway, going into the city there, connecting the railroad. There was a railroad track from Knoxville to Florida - he helped to lay that.


Miami was one hotel with three or four other stores, a few houses and several tent-cities. Brother Bill saw this with his own eyes.


When he had 'hopped a train' and continued to the end of the line, he went to Miami and worked on the railroad for a couple years and then worked himself back to Tennessee. Look at the improvement since then. He laughed when he was telling me this and said "I guess it has improved by now!" lol


We only had a gas line and water line out in our area in Tennessee this past four years. We had a dirt road. Hardly anyone had a telephone,.


Did you know that we even had no electricity until the TVA (Tennessee Valley Association) constructed a dam near here? TVA settled the place and gave jobs to the idle people around here.


Things started to improve and communities became an active thing.  We have even owned shares in our own system since 1930.


Can you imagine this in today's time? Why child, I have seen TV come into being, then color TV, electricity, cars. I have watched man 'land on the moon'.


Yep it is a hard world for you children to live in right now, but it was even harder, and you now enjoy the benefits that we strived so hard for. What are you giving to your nation, to help to improve it?


Did you know that once a noted man said "What on earth is going to happen to our youth tomorrow, they are so terrible today.  (That man was Thomas Jefferson.)


The above is what happened, and why do you not trust God to rearrange people into the different nations and simply trust in him for things and trust him for a change. It is 'easy to talk' of faith.


But living your faith is a mite harder.


We all live in heaven, compared to a hellish type of existence, and compared to the 1900’s back then.


But we did not know any better. Oh, I guess it is hard to explain to those who don’t want to know that to trust God is the only way to fly… or to live life.


When my daughter was in school she wanted to know' "If I ever met Abe Lincoln?... "


Do you have such little faith in your Lord that you think he is not in control of 'all' of this shifting around in the different nations.. ?

Do you actually fathom the notion that God has lost control?  Every person, when God has confirmed that He knows all about us, even knows how many hairs we each have on our heads.

We are his creation, Made in His own image, God has warned us to trust him with it all. W

Is your God not big enough that; he can control all things for 'our' Good?


We (you and I) are his children' ...


Jenny wren