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Mouse in a Cage

By Jenny Wren


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One of the kids asked me about a little pet mouse in a cage. " Does it get lonely? Does it  want to leave.?" he was wondering, and I gave him my reply.......


As I sit looking around in my room, I smile. I have all of my needs met...
just as that mouse does.

* have many friends who visit with me. I may be dying ...( but isn't everybody?)


These four walls do not a prison make. I am like old Paul and Silas in the jail of their own making. They chose to serve the Lord.  Imprisoned ,still they sang songs of praise. Suddenly the doors flew open, their chains fell off, but did they escape ?!


When one is confined inside a prison, the mind and spirit is free to roam into the memory cushion of our minds. We find treasure there, ahhh precious memories to recall and relive and enjoy, again and again. They seem to grow sweeter with each viewing it.


You stop and close your eyes and now (keeping them closed) you look out into all of that empty space, that blackness out there. It is humongous, scary looking.


I picture it as God and how he must have first seen it and I shout "Light ,let there be light!" and the light comes and it is good. Thank God we can 'see'.  We can read , travel the world over and never leave the four walls. TV can take us into outer space.  We can witness many celestial sights, planets erupting, the sun in all of its burning, and we have to wonder why it has never burnt up, from the beginning of time. A big fire for thousands of years  Wow, what a fire!


There are people sitting right here thinking that there is no hell. Even when God speaks so often of hell ... even warns of it  ... oh my!  What does it take to awaken these 'few day-dreamers'?


I have had people come, when I lived alone, and they would get all fidgety and say, " Boy , it sure is quiet here! Don’t you get lonely here all alone?


"Why child I am never alone. I have my Father here with me. He is just a prayer away.  I can even whisper, or simply think of Him and he is right here inside of me. He hears me. Naw. I am never alone day or night … never."


We talk. He teaches me. I write. Why child, I love to write of my Lord, and I love him better than 'honey with butter on hot biscuits!’


“Naw, I am never lonely ," I warn them (I have to laugh at their nervousness.) "Now, don't you go feeling sorry for this old Jenny Wren..." She is never alone. No, never!"


Then as they are leaving I wish them to "return and talk some time, if they have time and a need to" or "if they just need me to help them to pray. I am ready," I reassure them. I was still here at 210 Green... same way as I am now at my daughter’s house.)


No,Phil, your Mouse is not lonely or wishing to escape from the safety of his cage. The mouse feels safe there with you as his 'master'. I just feel he is content.


It is 'you' doing all of this thinking of escaping, sir.


But that is the way it is with a master and his charge. While you, as the 'master of the house, do all of the worrying,  that mouse has done come to totally depended upon you. Do not ever let it down, son. That mouse knows a good thing when it has it. 


God would not ever let me down, you see? I trust him just as that little mouse trusts you. If it ever needs cleaning or feeding, if he steps in the dung of his own discharge he might reprimand, but he still loves you anyhow.


I trust my faith in God just as that tiny mouse, is trusting you , kiddo."


When the mouse dies, that is the end of the mouse!  Ahhh but not so with me and God,


God will release me and I shall sail away to his home,
which he has prepared for me.


Away from 210 Green................................high!