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The Mystery of Creation, Destruction,

and Natural Calamities:

an exposition in light of science and the Qur’an

By S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)

Part 1.3

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Table of  Contents




Summary of the Book


1. An Introduction to Creation, Destruction and Calamities


1.1. What do the sciences say about natural calamities?


1. 2. Whom God Does not Destroy


1. 3. The Philosophy of Natural Calamities in Light of Science


1. 4. The Causes of Poverty and Famine in Light of Economics


1. 5. The Causes of Natural Calamities in Light of the Qur’an


1. 6. Why We Cannot Learn to Be Wise Even after Losing a Lot


2. The Theory


3. Some Instances of Mass Destruction and their Causes






Mystery of Creation1.3. The Philosophy of Natural Calamities in Light of Science:

Now is the age of Theory of Everything. Science has now got some reliable clues to the mystery of the beginning and  the end of the physical universe.
Although no  theory  has  yet been  able  to be  established regarding the origin of the universe, there is no doubt that it had a definite starting point and that at a certain point in time it will collapse or be destroyed too. And what is more interesting is that, scientists like Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose have mathematically shown that the universe will be destroyed in the same way as it originated. Scientists call the starting point the Big Bang and the ending point the Big Crunch.

Now, one thing is very clear: that the origination, end, and maintenance or sustenance of the universe – all such processes are essentially interconnected. In other words, it cannot be the case that the universe originated in one process and it is being maintained in another process and it will be destroyed in still another process. What we are saying implies that everything that has happened here has determine other events that have followed or will follow.

In this connection we can make mention of the Gaia Hypothesis, which states that, roughly, the world with its atmosphere influences and is influenced by the activities of living beings in the world. In other words, the natural systems of the world responds to he stimuli created by the animals – solely by humans, of course – in the systems.

In this age of science and scientific awareness, there is virtually not a single human being who is not informed of the fact that when we do activities such as cutting down trees, dumping wastage in an unplanned, etc., we destroy our environment by hampering the ecological balance. So it is very easy for us to be wiser.

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Secret Knowledge of the Qur'an