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The Mystery of Creation, Destruction,

and Natural Calamities:

an exposition in light of science and the Qur’an

By S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)

Part 1.5

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Table of  Contents




Summary of the Book


1. An Introduction to Creation, Destruction and Calamities


1.1. What do the sciences say about natural calamities?


1. 2. Whom God Does not Destroy


1. 3. The Philosophy of Natural Calamities in Light of Science


1. 4. The Causes of Poverty and Famine in Light of Economics


1. 5. The Causes of Natural Calamities in Light of the Qur’an


1. 6. Why We Cannot Learn to Be Wise Even after Losing a Lot


2. The Theory


3. Some Instances of Mass Destruction and their Causes






Mystery of Creation1. 5. The Causes of Natural Calamities in Light of the Qur’an:

In the very beginning, special attention must be paid to two points:

  1. The forces that underlie the dynamics of natural phenomena such as the change of seasons, thunderbolt, monsoon, etc. are the same forces that bring about calamities that become widely destructive.
  2. No natural event happens to be widely destructive unless it originates as a reward for what humans have done.

Most of the time we prove to be blind to our own faults and think that natural calamities are nothing but essential phenomena arising as a consequence of the dynamics of natural forces. Because of this naive notion of natural calamities, we fail to be wise even after we have had to taste the bitter fruit of the tree of our karma. Our judgment gets polluted.

43:37. And lo! they surely turn them from the way of Allah, and yet they deem that they are rightly guided;

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Author of:

Secret Knowledge of the Qur'an