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An Open Letter to President Obama About Renewable Fuel

February 15, 2009

By Warren Turner, Farmers Growing Fuel (USA)

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Mr. President:

Both the farmers of America, and the nonprofit organization that represents their renewable fuels interests, Farmers Growing Fuel, congratulate you on your election as the 44th President of the United States.

Both farmers, and Farmers Growing Fuel, applaud you as the first serious proponent of renewable energy, and specifically, renewable fuels, who has ever campaigned for and achieved the Presidency of the United States.  We will do everything in our power to facilitate your renewable fuels goals, if you will proceed in a manner that offers each and every farmer involved in the renewable fuels chain, the same advantages and rewards that are offered  every other participant.

Let me assure you that all farmers will embrace the concept and goals of growing feedstock crops and producing renewable fuels if they are designated qualified recipients of the same awards, grants, and incentives offered to all other producers and entities, and if they are allowed to participate in every phase of the renewable fuels chain, from feedstock crop cultivation to production and sales of the renewable fuels they have produced and blended, as well as sales of  bioderivatives obtained from these production processes.

Farmers Growing Fuel believes the way to achieve our renewable fuels goals in the United States is to begin a grassroots movement that encourages every farmer to participate in the creation and continuation of our nationwide renewable fuels programs. We further believe that we forfeit the brainpower and manpower of 2 ½ million intelligent, intuitive, patriotic and dedicated individuals if we proceed in any other manner.

Equal opportunity—a level playing field--is what we seek for all those   engaged in the cultivation of crops and the development, production, distribution, blending and sales of biofuels. and the sale of bioderivatives, including the sale of energy derived from the co-generation of electricity. 

It is our opinion that the success or failure of renewable fuels programs in America is totally contingent upon the equal opportunity—or lack of it—afforded every American farmer involved in the production of renewable fuels.

Warren Turner