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Our Struggle against Corruption

By Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)


 by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)


We lost our battle against corruption.

We know that corruption is everywhere.

Those might be an accepted conclusions but definitely refused premises because they need clues to approve them. Corruption has reached the folds of our clothes. The problem is that an average person cannot change or face it. We can face this kind of a mass problem with a similar phenomenon, which is corruption itself, but the results leave us nowhere. Two wrongs dont make a right.

It is too dangerous, we have totally lost this battle. That means that our system is under deep questioning. With no doubt, we are afraid of facing a defendant because we cannot stand in a court of law against anything; it is costly and humiliating.

A major problem is transparency. How can a person find clues. It is not the mission of an average person. It is the mission of the public prosecution, case by case. We have in Jordan that kind of authority, but why it is not working properly. Why is that wound is always bleeding.

It is very strange why corruption is always there watching and laughing at us. It seems as if it was meant like that, to be and not to be, only like that. What happens if we ignore it or even deny it. The universe will collapse upon some people, yes, and they will not know where to go with their thefts. Its not money laundering, it is only theft; why chase a thief?

I asked AI (Artificial Intelligence ) about writing an article about corruption and it gave me a plan which I cannot use because I will find myself behind bars. It talked about case studies, where to find case studies in our society. If we were in a transparent community, the problem would be simple and obvious, but what to do in opaque surroundings. We face it every time and everywhere. We can see nothing, and sometimes the documents are disposed of in legal ways. There is nobody to defend the commonwealth.

And AI sees that all of us should work to end corruption, not only on a national basis but also on an international basis too, especially that it cross borders. I cannot say that common corruption here crosses borders because that needs clues. The concerned people here find a way to go through. Believe it or not, the dictionary on the screen gives me choices for coming words.

Next time I will ask Artificial Intelligence how to benefit from corruption money and transfer it globally without interruption from western watch dogs!



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