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Literature Discussion -


A Patriot's Song

By Chika Onyenezi (Nigeria)


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You came alive only to die
Now live again
As I sing a patriots song


Imagine a thousand days made one, and then you will never weep again of what you have lost. But days continued to move slowly, slashed all your effort in a dreamless night. You sprang like the war song in the mouth of angry warrior – ready to sing a patriot’s song.  Your mind only burn with the spirit of commitment: to your nation and the world. For me, you are citizen of the world, although you withered unsung, untapped and in pains.  When the day smelled of dreams you called me beside you to feel your zeal,
“I want to read hard and follow the next scientist that would lunch Nigerian SAT11 in the space”, I believed you. I saw the future of Nigeria in you – it burns in you to make a change.

You came back one day after rusty days of struggling to tell me that you have gained admission into Abia State University, to study Industrial Physics. Almost the whole Akwari Ohakwe Street rejoiced with you. The only thing I saw in you was the burning zeal to change the world. Then from the pit of hell came this strange illness that visited, you carried this burden for years like a wounded soldier who would not lie down, for fear of dieing you kept on marching, not ready to forfeit your education to anything – even through death you kept dreaming of healing. I remembered when I sat on that old bench at your backyard looking at a sick friend – more like a sister to me, a girl that I grew up with; looking very sick and puny. Yet, you wore your smile; you kept on having hope
“Chika, I want to be great in the society, I want to be remembered for one thing in this world – I want to change Nigeria to a better society” you said. With your illness you marched on towards success, traveling a far distance for education, you kept saying: I will get better, stronger and shining. The pains can’t ruin my future.

You gave me a great tool which would be with me forever – then you asked me for one thing; to tell the world of a patriot like you. You swore to gain.

 Then on October 2007, you journeyed into the world of the dead in pains and finally accepting death. The news of your demise came to me like sudden wind blowing off a candle in a dark night. I received it with pains – the death of a citizen, a patriot, unsung hero. I kept me wondering if one a music I had listened was right, it sings:

When I was younger I believe
 Dreams come through
Now I wonder
I keep praying for the good times
I keep on thinking of the good things
Would they ever come again?
Now I wonder, now I wonder.


The population of dead dreams is more than human beings themselves. I pray that your dream live in the heart of many Nigerians, dream of a peaceful nation, dream of breakthrough in technology, dream of converting millions of Nigerians youths into a productive machine, dream of building a stronger nation, and dream of indigenous participation in all our affairs – Most of your dream of going into the space to explore.


Today you live, today you sink into immortality, let your zeal serve the cross of our nation – of our society. When ever we look upon the life of people like you we get inspired. As for me, I would say today your dream sank into the world. This is a clarion call to Nigerians – let’s do something great for our nation.

Rest in peace Oluchi Nwachukwu, let your dreams live.

Then lived the vibes of hope
The tentacles of change
Shall tire our heart