By Susan Leslie


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Do you know why you were born?

Do you know what your purpose is on this earth? I used to ask people, "Why do you think we are born?" No one seemed to have the answer. I would think about this a lot and I couldn’t see any purpose in my life. I would get up, go to work, do my job, get paid, take care of my kids, and do all the normal things most people do. It is a daily routine that we all seem to get into. Why go to school for twelve years or more and then work, make a few bucks, spend it all on items you want or need for survival and then die? Why do you think you are here? Is it to see how big a house you can buy? Or maybe, it is to see how many cars you can own or how many credit cards you can juggle back and forth? Are you keeping up? Do you own it all? Was there something you needed that you haven’t acquired? Did you raise a family? How many times did you mow your grass this year? Did you make so much money and were you so busy that you had to hire it done? What’s the purpose? You die, but the grass still grows. Why are you here? Have you come up with the answer yet?

I found out why I was born and what my purpose was. Maybe you are among the lucky people and you know why you are here. Is it the right answer? In laymen’s terms the answer is simple. You don’t have to go through life wondering why you were born.

Here is the answer.

When Adam took a bite out of that fruit in the garden of Eden, he committed high treason. God had given him everything except the knowledge of right and wrong. For his punishment, God made every man, woman, and child born on this earth to have this knowledge which makes us born with a sinful nature. The devil was given the earth to rule and man was his subject. That’s when man learned to kill, cheat, steal, etc. and do all of the other evil things that happen around the world. We have the knowledge of right as well as wrong, but it is our choice which one we choose. Sometimes WRONG seems like more fun or we get more gratification by doing wrong. The devil makes wrongs seem right to us, unless we believe that God is with us.

God gave us Jesus, his perfect Son, as a blood sacrifice for our sinful nature. Even if you never committed an actual sin, in reality, you inherited from Adam the sinful nature. God gave us Jesus as our Savior and Jesus had to literally die and to be able to take our sins with Him.

Think about this. We have God, our supreme being. He has a perfect Son. God loves His Son more than anyone can imagine. Think about the love you feel for your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew. Would you hang any one of them on a tree so the rest of the world could be forgiven? This would take a gigantic amount of love for your fellow human beings, now wouldn’t it? Could you do it? It is more than we can comprehend. God did it out of love for all of us, so we would have a way to come back to him.

Then think about Jesus and put yourself in His shoes. I guarantee they won’t fit, but let’s just pretend. Would you be willing to allow yourself to be called names, treated as a traitor, be beat on, spat on, humiliated, made fun of, drag a cross on your own back (knowing that is your death bed) and then be subjected to nails being driven through your hands and feet? After that, your cross would be lifted up and dropped into a hole, which would cause the nails to literally rip gashes into your hands and feet.

Think of the pain. Think of the blood running down His face, His hands, His feet, and the whip marks that were put upon His back. Think about that. Think what it would be like then for every sin, every filthy thing in the entire world to be dumped upon you. We are talking about a pile of sin. All kinds of sin donated by every person that ever lived on earth. Would you be prepared to die for the same people who were killing you? We’re not done yet. Once you have all the worlds’ filth on you, your Father cannot stand to look upon you, because He is God and His eyes will not look upon sin. You have been forsaken. You are totally alone.

Are you dead yet? No, you have to hang there and every breath you take is pure torture. Every time you breathe in, your own weight pulls on the nails in your feet and every time you exhale, your own weight pulls the nails in your hands. Now, finally, at last you die. Your physical body dies. Now, you have to rise from the dead and go to hell and live there for three days. Do you keep your faith in your Father? Will He help you out of this? Jesus preached while He was there. What would you do? Would you preach or cry, whine, and beg for mercy? What would you do?

You have to remember that Jesus was human like you and me. How much could we stand? He was able to keep His faith in God and God brought Him out of the pit of hell and eventually into heaven. Jesus sits at the right hand of God. Well, none of us could do it and God knew this. That is why He sent Jesus in our place. Jesus paid the price for all our souls. We all have the chance to have a personal relationship with God and go to heaven, all because Jesus was willing to shed His blood on the cross in our place.

Jesus had the choice that anytime He wanted, He could have come down off the cross and said, "I am God’s Son and you are not worthy of all the pain that I am going through." He didn’t do that. He obeyed God to the fullest degree. I can’t remind you enough to think about the pain Jesus went through for us. How horrible it must have been. Doesn’t it make your bones ache just to think about it? Try using your imagination to feel what it must have been like for Jesus.

By giving His perfect Son as a blood sacrifice, God created a new path for man to come back to Him. He wants His people back. They were all His to begin with. He doesn’t want to lose one person to the evil enemy Satan. He wants to gather His people like a shepherd would gather his sheep and protect them. While He is protecting His flock nothing can destroy His sheep. He is the keeper of the sheep. We are God’s sheep. He wants to watch over us and protect us from all the evils of the world.

There is a plan that God made that we all must remember: We have to come back to Him First. We need to give our lives back to God, so He can have control of us and direct our way. We have to follow Him, just as the sheep follow the shepherd.

Oh, you don’t want to follow anybody around and be told what to do all of the time, right?

Well, don’t forget you still have the ability to decide for yourself what you think is right and what you think is wrong. You can go your own way and not bother with God. He won’t beg you. It is your choice. You must come to Him and seek Him out of your own free will.

What is your reason for being born? There is no other reason for you to live unless your aim is to head back to God, the Father. In the beginning, you were His. Adam messed that up for us. So, our aim should be to get back to God. He made the path with Jesus as a blood sacrifice, so we could come boldly back to Him. When Jesus left this earth, He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit. Once you commit yourself to God, you have the Holy Spirit as a replacement of Jesus on this earth, because Jesus went to be with God. Your guidance will come through the Holy Spirit of God. He will be your counselor, comforter, and your guide.

If you can’t relate to what God is like, then think of this: He is perfect. You think nobody is perfect. Oh, but yes, God is perfect. He sent His perfect Son to earth as an example. If we could do and live like Jesus we would be perfect, too. You think that isn’t possible. You are right, but when Jesus died on the cross, God gave us a thing called Grace. By the Grace of God, we can all be cleansed of our sins, become children of God, and have the advantages of being that child.

As soon as we commit ourselves to God, and are forgiven of our sins, we become a child of God. This also means that all our sins are gone. We become a new person on the inside. We are born again. We have a new chance in life to become the way that God wanted us to be in the first place, before Adam spoiled things.

As a born again Christian, we have the responsibility to read the Word of God. We need to learn what His plans are for us and try our best to live the kind of life He expects us to live. God also teaches in the Bible what to expect when we die. If we are God-fearing Christians, and love Him with all our hearts, then we have a place reserved for us in heaven. Things that you read about in the Bible will have new meaning. It will seem as if a light has been turned on, because as a child of God, He will reveal more of the meaning of His Word. The more faith you develop in Him, the more will be revealed to you.

So, be prepared. Go to God, seek Him, ask Him if He will accept you as His child. Tell Him you want this more than anything. You have to mean it. Ask Him to forgive you of your sinful nature and any sins you have committed since the day you were born. If you are sincere, He will take you in His arms right there and from then on you will be His.

Just think what that means: Once you give yourself over to God and you fully put your trust in Him then He will find ways to show you what He can do. This will make your faith in Him grow stronger every day. If you make a mistake, you will know because the Holy Spirit will quicken your conscience. The choice is yours but you should always go back to God, confess what you did, and tell Him sincerely that you are sorry. Guess what? He not only forgives you, He forgets what you did wrong. Now isn’t that something? He never remembers after you have been forgiven. He wipes it out of His mind. That means that you have a clean slate.

You are supposed to live as close to the way Jesus did that you can. Jesus was perfect. We are not. When we are born again, God gives us His nature. When the devil temps us or we make mistakes, each time you should return to God for forgiveness so the slate will be clean again. This isn’t always an easy thing to do because the devil wants you back.

It is so amazing! Amazing grace, have you heard that somewhere? God will show you mercy and give you grace and keep right on loving you.

Do you think the devil would do that for you? I think not.

We have no plan for death and it comes, like a thief in the night. It can be very sudden. Why not plan ahead? It is going to come. There is no way to stop it. Don’t waste your life on earth or your eternal life by being unprepared.

Wouldn’t you prefer to live your earthly life with the power of God on your side? No matter what you go through in life, God will be there to protect you or show you the way through.

You will never find yourself alone. As long as you believe and love God, you have a trusting friend forever. You will know that at all times, you are loved for just being you, and He is the best listener around.

When time runs out on earth wouldn’t you prefer your eternal life to be spent in a heavenly place with serenity, calmness, no pain, no tears, and love to the level of overflowing, than in a place that is dark and full of torture?

Why were you born? Answer: To find your way back to God and to glorify Him. There is no other reason to be on this earth.

You cannot leave God out of your life or out of the lives of your children. He keeps you living and breathing. He is the sole comfort that you can find on this earth. Nothing else matters. Saturate yourself with God and His Word.

Start seeking God!!!


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