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Spring Festival Away from Home

By Lois Wang


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If not for some reason, I would still be staying in Singapore and spend my another Lunar New Year away from home.

I remember last time on the new year's eve, when we were sitting around the table, just nice of us waited silently for the opening of that traditional meal together.

We were working in a Japanese owned company located in Singapore, and there's not much time to arrange a vacation coming and going during those special days when most of my friends in China were thinking how I was supposed to handle such a situation.

It's my first time to spend Spring Festival without parents' wish and brother's jokes around me, though I'd been always working in other cities away.

I had thought I wouldn't be possibly sad since I got friends with me on the Eve. But still, I found something's missing, and I convinced myself it's the lack of "home" feeling.

I ever hated to go back home around the festivals: luggage's too heavy, train's too crowded, and so and forth. I couldn't understand why so many people were so eager to do this hassle. There were sure some good excuses to avoid it. Although I'd never let my parents be disappointed, I had always been thinking that reunion on Spring Festival was just a year's routine.

Anyway, we had a not-bad festival meal, and after that, everyone rushed out to call back home. I bet you can imagine how emotional we became when finally getting the line through and hearing the voice from our beloved.


I thank God for that special Spring Festival, for I get to know the Spring Festival still contains its charm to me, though candies and lucky money are already out of my "wanted" list.

Someone said no matter where you went, family was that string that tied you and kept you from going too far.

When I'm again holding a glass of champagne and preparing my toast, I wonder what any other excuses could be suggested to stop my urge to get back home on the following Spring Festivals.



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