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Literature Discussion -


The Teacher as a Leader

By S. M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)


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Are you a teacher?
Then you are a leader.
Well, who are your followers?
This question is not important because it has a clear answer. So let’s ask the right question.
How will you lead?
Please take your time to think. The best use of time is using it by thinking about the right thing.
How about asking some FUNNY questions? No problem: you don’t need to answer.
Do you lead the learners’ hands? Legs? Tongue? Eyes? Imagination?
Now I believe you are beginning to feel the importance of the questions. Aren’t you? Then that will be enough for the time being. Just be confident that there is somebody else inside you – much greater than you can ever imagine.
Yes, in a sense you are leading the learners’ hands, Legs, Tongue, Eyes, Heads, etc. But …
But how are you doing that? Are you leading them by their
knowledge, ignorance, interest, ability, aptitude, belief, achievement, disliking, sense of belonging
… etc.?
One who is not doing so is not leading. Rather, he or she is simply FOLLOWING. Then that person is not a good learner. And a good teacher needs to be a good learner.
Most of all, are you leading them by their CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS?
Are you leading them while they are with you?
And are you also leading them while they are NOT with you?
Please don’t listen to me ! …
Just listen to yourself !
Are you leading them while they are AWAKE?
And are you also leading them while they are ASLEEP?
Please don’t answer ME !
Just answer YOURSELF !
Are you pulling them?
Or pushing them?
Because these are nice questions, you don’t need to have an answer. Just enjoy the questions?
Do you correct them always? Do you let them correct themselves?
Do you let them correct YOU?
Teaching and cheating may not be very different. So …
You must not forget that you are their best friend.
Now, another question. Please don’t answer.
Do you correct their PAST or PRESENT or FUTURE?
Please don’t think too much, because thought will only make the question more difficult.
Just have confidence that you only need to correct their concept of PAST and FUTURE. That will serve all the purposes.

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