An Exploit of the Templars

By Michelangelo


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I'm sure some of you have seen the movie Braveheart. You know the Scottish fight for Independence from Edward "Longshanks" king of England. Well the final battle fought by Robert the Bruce against the English after the execution of William Wallace was called Bannockburn. Now some may see this simply as a footnote of history, but I see it as a bloody glove an important clue that cannot be ignored like the one in the Simpson case.
The strange thing about the battle of Bannockburn is that the Scottish had almost no chance of winning. The English numbered some 20,000 to 50,000, the latter being a terrified first-hand account and the former being a modern day estimate by the museum of British antiquities. The best guess for the Scottish force would be 4,000 to 8,000 troops consisting of no heavy calvalry and NO William Wallace.
Now first and second hand accounts attest that at the critical moment of the battle a group of 500 knights bearing the rose croix symbol charged the battlefield in support of the Scotsmen. They were the enigmatic warrior monks of Europe "The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Jerusalem" of the Knights Templars. You may say what's the big deal this has no effect on me. But it does. 500 Knights don't just show up and scare off Edward Longshanks and his personal guard.
That is when you think what could have been there to scare the English. That answer may come in the fact that when the order was started in Jerusalem they built their barracks on the old temple mound. And sources say that they were up to some sort of digging. What was considered the greatest weapon, known or not known to men at the time, why it was the Hebrew God himself and the ultimate channel for this destructive force was the Ark of the Covenant (whether it was God or an ingenious device built by a people who carried the knowledge of the past is immaterial); it was feared.
I say that the ark of the covenant or an ark of any kind was brought out by this enigmatic order of knights and that is what scared away the English. I apologize for my thought process; my brain works too fast and I act more on feeling than I do on logic but I do mix both. Please send comment.

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