The Choice


By Susan Leslie


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We only have two choices in life; good and evil. There are no other choices. It is either God or Satan. If you are not fully committed to God then you are fully committed to Satan.

There are no other choices in any decision that you make. If you do everything you know to be good such as giving to your fellow man, being kind, being generous and loving, or any other good thing you may think of, it sounds so good but you are only exercising your own free will. None of these things count with God unless you give your life to Him first. He must come first. (Matt 6:33). You are really following Satan’s lead and this will make Satan smile. You may not think you have anything to do with the Satan or evil in any way, but Jesus said, "He who is not with me is against me." (Matt 12:30) Satan is certainly against you so you wouldn’t belong to God . When all is said and done, no matter how good you have been, you will be making a dream come true for Satan. God will not know you.

After Adam betrayed God, God gave us the discernment of good and evil, or right and wrong, whichever way you want to express it.

Satan is very wise. He is the god of the earth. He has control of everything you do unless you commit yourself entirely to God. In other words, you have to choose sides. If you choose Satan or refuse to choose at all by sitting on the fence then you will belong to Satan. You have to fully commit to Jehovah God to ever be able to find the pathway to heaven. There are no halfway measures to even consider. It is cut and dried. You are either for God or against God. Remember. Satan owns that fence.

God requires your commitment. You can stand before Him and tell Him all the good things you have done in your life time and He still will not know you. Satan will know you. He will know that He tricked you into believing that you were safe no matter what you have done. Is it wrong to be good? No! The point is that the good deeds just do not register with God unless you commit to Him, and then He will do good works through you. He wants to be responsible for your good works. If you do good works without the personal relationship with Jehovah God, then you are actually doing good works for Satan.

God is not interested in what good deeds you do. He is only interested in how you feel about Him. To inherit eternal life with God, you must love the Lord, your God, with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:25-27)

If you go to God through prayer and ask forgiveness and are sincere, then God will forgive you of any sin you have committed. Through more prayer a personal relationship develops a little at a time. The more you talk with God, the more your relationship grows. God may tell you to do certain things, such as giving, loving, caring, and sharing. He wants to be the director in your life.

You must give over control of your life to the Lord. He wants and expects this from you. Good works will follow after your relationship with God develops. It is God’s choice what good works you do, not yours. God has a specific plan for you and it may not necessarily be what you had in mind for your life. You may say, "I’m not giving over control of my life to anyone. I am in charge of my own life, no one else." You must remember that your life belongs to God or Satan. Each one has their own plan for you.

Wouldn’t you rather be on the winning side? Who wouldn’t? Those who are afraid to make a commitment to God think they will lose something from their earthly lives and maybe they will have to give up something or someone. This may be true but the price they will have to pay is zilch compared to what God offers in return. He offers us eternal life, an everlasting love, friendship that never dies, comfort in times of need, a place to lay your head and rest, and a place to go and ask for whatever you want or need. These are just a few of the benefits of having a personal relationship with God. The biggest of all is eternal life in a place that is beyond your imagination or mine. It will be a place of great wonderment, beauty, light, with no more tears, heartaches, or pains. A perfect place. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from asking God for a personal relationship. Jesus said, "I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell."(Luke 12:5)

God wants a personal relationship more than anything. He wanted it so badly that He sacrificed His perfect Son before the eyes of man, so they would know that He was creating a pathway for them to come before Him boldly and ask for this relationship. Jesus tells us in the Bible that those who believe without seeing will be far more blessed than those who had to have proof that Jesus was the Christ.

What does Satan offer for your loyalty to him? He only offers a place of everlasting life that is filled with terror and agony and burning fire. A dark burning pit. Satan wants to keep you away from God. He wants to show God how smart he is because he thinks he can still win the battle with the Lord and get all of God’s people to come to his side. God knows and tells us in the Bible that He will be the winner in the battle for His people, but Satan will keep fighting God until the last day. Do you think Satan is your friend? Satan is selfish, vile, and very evil and he is good at deception. He is truly an artist at all these things. You have to be careful not to fall into his traps. He loves to keep people away from God because once you commit to God then Satan can only aggravate you. He can come and try to make you doubt but as long as you keep your eyes on the Lord and trust in God then God will be there for you.

Don’t put this off until it is too late. We have no guarantee of tomorrow. If you die without a personal relationship with God, you belong to Satan. This would be the horror of all horrors. Don’t allow Satan to rule your life in any way.

Get yourself out of your easy chair. Get down on your knees and ask God to come into your life. Make your commitment to God right then and there and you will find that life is so much better. You will have a friend to talk to who always listens. He is never too busy to listen to what you say. He will listen when you are happy, sad, down in the dumps, out of your mind with worry, feeling alone, when you are feeling desperate, when you need to find the right answers, when you are angry, when you are afraid, when you think that you just can’t take it any longer, when you are friendless, penniless, or any other time you feel the need to talk, He is there. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. (Heb 13:5)

God answers your prayers in His time, which may not be yours, but if it is not your time, then He will give you the strength to stand firm until the proper time. You will never have any friend like the Lord. He is perfect. He is the perfect Father. He will wrap His arms around you and make you feel His love when no one else loves you. He will keep you safe through the night or any other dark hours. You will never be alone again.

After committing to God, it is not always easy to hold on and do everything that God expects. You have to develop your relationship with Him on an everyday basis, sometimes even an hourly basis. This should be a top priority. Nothing and no one should try to stand between you and God. To keep this relationship in good order, you have to work on it and not allow Satan to interfere. If you pray, read, and obey God’s Word then your relationship with Him will keep growing and the truth will be revealed to you but if you allow Satan to bring doubts into your mind then he has a foot in the door to try to destroy your relationship with God. Don’t let this happen.

You may think this sounds like a lot of work. You are right. You must keep your eyes on God and what the end results will be. God will show you ways to handle things if you just call out His name. (Parable Matt 14:29-31) He is always there. Remember. He always listens.

There are only two choices: God or Satan.

Remember the end results.



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