The Dome


By Corey Hudler


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The best experience I have ever had is being with the football team

while playing at the dome in Minneapolis. We played there for the two games

that led to a state championship and a 3-peat to top that.

There was an incredible feeling surrounding those two weeks of

playoff mayhem. The hotel was lots of fun, even though the older guys took

our bed sheets before we went to sleep. The high we felt at the locker room

was as great as it will ever be. Feelings of triumph and victory exhaled

from my body as I left the tunnel onto the main field barking and clapping.

As I left the tunnel, it was like the whole world opened up in front of me

and we all jogged into the madness. After the game started, things settled

down for us on the sidelines. We watched as the Vikings led our town to yet

another championship game. But of course, there is nothing without a price.

The clapping and cheering of both crowds died at the end of the first game

as a star player of ours, Matt Gwash, threw his heart and soul into the

game and broke his leg.

The locker room after that game was a morgue as we knelt down and

prayed for a great friend and athlete. The next game, the championship

game, was played for Matt Gwash. We all wore his number, 69, on our helmets

as we sprinted into another victory, which gave us three state

championships in a row.

I can't help but feel really fortunate now. I have gone through one

of the greatest emotional tests. The loss of Matt Gwash, the state

championship victory, and the fame we received were all parts of this test.

Many adults or kids will never even come close to the feelings of what

we've been through, yet I'm only 15 and I think this has made me more ready

than most people will ever be for the rocky road of life.



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